Teen bedroom organizing ideas

teen room organizing #damagefreeDIY

*This post is sponsored by 3M* Do teenagers ever really have enough organizing? Especially girls. First there's the clothes, then the shoes, then the make-up, then the jewelry, and the list goes on and on and on.... My 16 year old daughter had some major clutter issues going on, so we decided to go through her things and find a few easy solutions … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Pencil Holder


This post is sponsored by American Crafts. With school starting back, and with both of my girls taking college classes this year (one in university and one in dual enrollment), creating good storage to help them be organized is pretty important to me right now. Simple items seem to go missing the easiest, so I’m working to find ways to help them … [Read more...]

Simple fall decorating ideas

easy and elegant fall decorating, farmhouse style

*thanks to Yankee Candle for partnering with me on this post* Fall decorating around my house has to be dead simple. Like plop a few pumpkins down, light a few candles, maybe some rescued branches from the yard and call it done. Halloween? I'm all over that one. I can decorate for Halloween with the best of them. But the fall decor that lasts … [Read more...]

25 affordable farmhouse light fixtures

farmhouse light fixture

Thanks to Cree Bulb for partnering with me on this post. Farmhouse style is hands down my go to my decorating style. I might dress it up a bit with some different influences, but at the root of it all my home is heavily influenced by my rural surrounding and it definitely feels like a farmhouse. One of the hardest parts for me has always been … [Read more...]

Strawberry Dream Pie

strawberry dream pie

Hi there Shabby Creek Cottage readers! It's Laura from Inspiration for Moms and today I have the perfect cool dessert for you. I think we can all agree, the summer heat is on high! Colorado in August can get extremely hot and uncomfortable. The last thing I want to do is turn on my oven. My Strawberry Dream Pie is a wonderful no-bake treat that … [Read more...]

DIY child’s step stool

DIY child's step stool - free building plans

Thanks to HomeRight for partnering with me on this post. Although my girls are definitely old enough to not need a step stool anymore, my little niece is just at that perfect age where she's ready to try to conquer the world on her terms. At 2 years old, it's not always easy, though. From brushing her teeth to helping mommy in the kitchen, this … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Pepperoni Pizza Bake

Slow Cooker Pepperoni Pizza Bake - An easy crockpot recipe inspired by one of our favorites

Hi Shabby Creek friends!  I hope summer has been treating you all well.  My kids are in denial that school starts in two weeks but, alas, it's true and it's time to start thinking about some easy back to school weeknight meals.  We tested this Slow Cooker Pepperoni Pizza Bake over the weekend and I have to say... HUGE hit with the kiddos. It's … [Read more...]

Cleaning Closet Organizing Ideas

cleaning closet organizing ideas

*This post is sponsored by 3M* Cleaning isn't my favorite thing in the world. Yeah, it's a necessity of life, but I find that if things are organized and easier to access then it isn't quite the chore. I'm not always the one who cleans the bathroom or vacuums the floors (because I'm not the only one who lives here) but I've found that it's easier … [Read more...]

10 small space bathroom hacks

bathroom hacks

This post is partnered by Decor Planet. If you live in a small home, you know the struggle of living with a small bathroom is all too real. Bathrooms hold a lot of the daily necessities of life, and if you have more than two people sharing the space then it gets even trickier. With a few tricks and tips, you can make the most of the space you have … [Read more...]

make this: wire basket side table

krylon 127 yard sale

thanks to Krylon for sponsoring this post Have you ever been to the 127 Yard Sale? It's a yard sale lovers dream - 690 miles of treasures and deals at over 5,000 different vendors. Starting today, August 6th, the Krylon Crew will take on the Highway 127 Yard Sale. A team of a furniture designer, television personality, producers, social media … [Read more...]