Farmhouse style DIY signs

farmhouse style DIY signs

Every now and then, I find myself simply bored with a space. I know you probably understand.... we all feel that way sometimes. So when I need to give a room a little pick me up, I usually create some sort of new artwork. And DIY signs are my very favorite way to go. With just a little wood and paint, you can create something that can change the … [Read more...]

Harry Potter Printables

Harry Potter Quotes Printables

Hello Shabby Creek Readers! It's Andrea from The Cottage Market. I am always thrilled to drop by and share some fun Free Printables with Gina's friends. Today we are sharing a collection of Free Printable Harry Potter Quotes to celebrate the Halloween Season and for all the Harry Potter Fans out there...these are great all year round! Each one … [Read more...]

Disney World: 50 tips to get the most from your vacation

Headed to Disney World? These 50 tips will help you make the most of your trip while saving frustration. Save money, skip lines, & have fun at Disney World!

So you're headed to Disney World. Congrats! It can be the happiest place on earth, or the most miserable. I've seen it both ways, both personally and from a parent's point of view. If this is your first trip, there may be a few things you overlook or you may overbook. Either way, I wanted to share my favorite tips for getting the most from your … [Read more...]

Stain Removal Chart + Laundry Organizing Ideas

laundry room ideas

We all have those areas in our homes that lack attention to detail. My laundry area is definitely one of those places. Although the laundry room itself is pretty organized, the cabinet where I keep all of our necessities for laundry wasn't quite so pretty. One day as I was going through a mountain of laundry, I finally got to the point where I just … [Read more...]

10 Fall Clean Up Essentials


When the fall season rolls around, where are you in the fall clean-up spectrum? It may not be fair, but the reality is, some of us have more yard and garden maintenance work to do than others. Depending on where you live of course, the raking, scooping, and transporting of leaves and gardening waste can take anywhere from a few hours to weekends … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Baked Apples

Easy and delicious slow cooker baked apples

Hi there Shabby Creek Cottage readers! It's Laura from Inspiration for Moms back with another fab dessert. I'm totally in love with this new season, aren't you?! The gorgeous colors, the coolness in the air and the welcoming of more warm, comfort food. Oh yes! My Slow Cooker Baked Apples recipe has sweet comfort written all over … [Read more...]

Easy Cake Mix Monster Cookies

Quick and easy cake mix monster cookies

We're at the end of Halloween in Jars week - and it's been pretty cool to get to do stuff for a holiday that, while I love, I don't really craft much for. So what would Halloween in Jars be without something to fill the cookie jar? So in honor of my favorite little monster (my grandson Brady), I made him a batch of these fun cake mix monster … [Read more...]

Make This: Spider Luminary (Halloween Craft)

Spider Luminary - a great craft idea for Halloween Parties

Making Halloween crafts seems to be a bit of a trend here this week, so let's go with it! Today's post is a cute spin on the Starry Night Luminaries I made back in the summer - but this one has a spooky twist. This one is perfect for Halloween parties - because it's made to look like a spider. It's a super simple craft project that could easily be … [Read more...]

Halloween Crafts: Easy Cheesecloth Ghosts

Halloween Crafts - Easy Cheesecloth Ghosts

Now that all my kiddos aren't so little any more, it's been quite a few years since we've made Halloween crafts that kids would normally enjoy. But this year my 4 year grandson decided that he wanted to make stuff. Lots of stuff. And my step-daughter helped him make lots of fun things to decorate with - but he knows that his GiGi has all sorts of … [Read more...]

Halloween cocktail : Black Widow Venom

Halloween Cocktail: Black Widow Venom

What's a party without a cocktail? I have no idea... because my parties always have them :) So it's appropriate that a Halloween party needs a Halloween cocktail. For parties, I either make pitchers of drink or serve shots - either is an easy way to entertain a crowd because either can be made before hand, so you can be enjoying the party and not … [Read more...]