10 ways to make DIY signs

10 easy to make DIY signs

When I need a fresh look for my walls, DIY signs are always my go to solution. From small and easy to put anywhere, to large enough to fill a whole wall, DIY signs are such an easy way to customize your space on a tight budget. Want to make your own? Today's collection is full of projects to inspire you to get your DIY on! Love these projects? … [Read more...]

Bridesmaid Survival Kit in a Jar

bridesmaid survival kit in a jar

Need a fun and easy gift for the bridesmaids? This Bridesmaid Survival Kit in a Jar is super cute, fast to put together, and will come in really handy on the big day.   First you'll need the jar - I found this one at Walmart, but I've also seen this same style at Target and on Amazon (they're super easy to find.) You'll also need … [Read more...]

DIY wedding centerpiece: starry night luminaries

starry night luminaries (only takes a few minutes to make!)

Warm weather is calling my name... for BBQs and dinners on the deck and just outdoor entertaining all the way around. So, I thought these easy starry night luminaries might come in handy on those nights where we linger with friends for way too many hours on the porch just enjoying each other's company. But, they would also be a darling wedding … [Read more...]

Minibar in a Jar (a gift idea)

minibar in a jar (an easy gift idea)

The best part of making gifts in jars is that it usually goes together super quickly. This minibar in a jar idea definitely follows suit - in just a few minutes you can create a gift for those who enjoy the occasional drink. You could even create a themed minibar in a jar if you wanted to match your wedding or event.   This project is … [Read more...]

Easy Tiramisu in a Jar

quick and easy tiramisu in a jar

Contrast is one of my favorite ways to bring something to life, and this tiramisu recipe is the perfect example of that. Real deal tiramisu can be complicated and take forever, but my quick and easy version tastes seriously close to the original without all the fuss. So when you put such an esteemed food in a jar, the contrast of the dressed down … [Read more...]

Moonlight Margarita Recipe

Moonlight Margarita Recipe

An aqua lover such as myself should definitely have a signature aqua cocktail, and this is mine. Since we're in the middle of Wedding Week around here, I thought this might be the perfect time to share my Moonlight Margarita Recipe. It's a simple twist on the classic cocktail, and I've been making them for years and years. This drink is perfect … [Read more...]

Quick Kitchen Organizing Ideas

kitchen organization ideas

*This post is in partnership with Command™* I have a love/hate relationship with organizing: I love it once it's done, but the idea of organizing can be overwhelming. See, I'm all about quick and easy ideas (because, honestly, I'm lazy like that) - so spending hours meticulously organizing just isn't going to happen. Command™ Brand products are … [Read more...]

Free Printable Art: the coffee collection

coffee collection printables

Hi everyone, it's Andrea from The Cottage Market. Sure hope you are all doing fabulously. It's been pretty cold the last few weeks here in New Jersey so let's say the piping hot coffee has been flowing freely so I thought that a fun and fresh set of Free Coffee Art Printables were in order and perfect for the season. So I created a set of four … [Read more...]

10 sets of Free Printable Pantry Labels

10 different sets of free pantry labels

Getting organized just got a little easier with some of these free printable pantry labels. From chalkboard to more modern, there's something for every style of kitchen with this collection of free pantry labels. Of course, putting it all away is another story, but at least your crew will know where things belong... Find more Pantry Labels and … [Read more...]

Creamsicle Cocktail

Creamsicle Cocktail

Apparently I'm a big fan of tarnishing childhood treats, because it's my favorite way to create new cocktails - take a familiar flavor and bring it to life with a little splash of happy. I've done it before with my Kahlua Coke Float, and this time I'm doing it again with a Creamsicle Cocktail. If you love the flavor of orange and cream all at once, … [Read more...]