Hershey’s Chocolate Pie (an easy five minute recipe)

Who doesn't love chocolate? It's the ultimate comfort food when your sweet tooth is aching. I love a good candy bar, but this creamy Hershey's Chocolate Pie is so much better. And to make it in only five minutes? That makes it even better! With only five ingredients and in five minutes you can have a sweet treat that is perfect for a week night … [Read more...]

8 unique upcycling ideas

Is there anything better than taking something from trash to treasure? I hate the idea of waste, so taking broken or unwanted items and bringing them back to life is near and dear to my heart. Oh, and my wallet! Saving money is always a bonus, but creating something unique for your home is a great reward. All of these ideas take something old and … [Read more...]

How we erased teenage entitlement

This post could have alternately been titled "How I became the world's meanest mom." Seriously. Because the struggle with teenage entitlement is real. Let's start at the beginning. My teenage daughter wasn't always a selfish, spoiled, entitled brat. Yes, I just called her that. I know most of it was my making - and no matter how many … [Read more...]

101 Nutella Recipes

Nutella ... just the thought of them makes my mouth water. There's just something about all the chocolatey, hazelnut goodness that I can literally eat with just a spoon. But, even as much as I love it solo, it's even better in when highlighted in ooey, gooey, mouth-watering treats. And why stop at one or two... so I didn't. I found 101 of the BEST … [Read more...]

How to clean an ice maker on a refrigerator

When you buy your first home or move into your first apartment, someone should hand you a huge book of every little thing you should maintain and clean on a regular basis. I don't know why it never occurred to me, but for some odd reason I never realized that you should clean an ice maker. Like never. Of all the 99 billion things to clean and … [Read more...]

101 Free Adult Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are all the rage these days. Of course, those of us who have a life long love of coloring can attest to the fact that we don't need an adult version - but it sure is pretty! With all of the wonderful artists out there creating their works to share for free with the world, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the best (and … [Read more...]

The Best Peanut Butter Cookies

Hi there Shabby Cottage Creek readers, it's Laura from Inspiration for Moms. I'm back with a cookie recipe that will blow your mind! Why? Because they are made with absolutely NO flour. Yes, you read that correctly. But I promise you, one bite into these Peanut Butter cookies and you'll totally understand the title of this post! My husband … [Read more...]

Romantic Movie Quote Free Printable Package

Hi everyone, it's Andrea from The Cottage Market and I am back in this new wonderful year to share more fun printables with all of the fabulous readers of my dear friend Gina's beautiful blog! Today we have a Romantic Movie Quote Free Printable Collection for you! I am sure that there is something for everyone here... A touch of Gone with the Wind … [Read more...]

The Delicious Dozen: Potato Soup Recipes

Potato soup recipes are always welcomed in my kitchen. When the weather gets cold and the snow seems like it's ready to cover the world, potato soup is the only thing on my mind. And who wouldn't want a warm bowl of comfort food while snuggling up for a snow day. The pantry staple means you can be ready to whip up a batch with little time or … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Buffalo Wings

If you ask my husband, you can never get enough buffalo wings. Although he's a southern boy through and through, he's not a sports guy. Or a hunting guy. He's more of a tattooed, car lovin' kinda guy. And he loves buffalo wings. And I am pretty partial to using a slow cooker - so when both of our culinary worlds collide, you get slow cooker Buffalo … [Read more...]