20 Best DIY Art ideas

DIY art is such a good way to bring personality to a space, while keeping an eye on the budget. These easy DIY art ideas showcase something for almost every room of the house. From painting to putting together collections, you’ll find DIY art ideas almost anyone can do.

20 best DIY wall art ideas

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20 of the best DIY wall art ideas for every room of the house

What’s your favorite DIY art ideas? I’d love to see yours!

DIY wall art

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  1. Great ideas! I have a bunch of my own paintings from art school, my daughter’s art (she’s 4), framed cards with pretty pics or quotes, homemade art from driftwood, and some others. I think the art is what makes a house unique and full of character.

  2. Gina, maybe you can explain this. I read quite a few blogs. A lot of the bloggers DIY “art” or some project or the other. The “art” (or project) goes viral and soon nearly every blogger on planet Earth is making/doing the same thing. Book page wreaths and coffee filter wreaths come mind as well as vinyl words and numbers on front doors. But when home tours are featured, you can’t find any of this “art” anywhere for love nor money. Can you help with this?

  3. In response to Sylvia’s question, my thought is that some bloggers crank out projects like no tomorrow, just to create blog content and/or traffic. They either never intended for those projects to stick around at their homes for long, or they do so many projects that one replaces another before too long.

  4. I love this ideas. My favorite is the wooden arrows. You can find my wall art with butterflies and the turorial here : http://www.littlered.fr/archives/2014/01/04/28849198.html


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