2012 To-Do List

I’ve been living in construction so very long that I can barely remember what it feels like to live in a “finished” house. I love doing those room overhauls – but 8+ years of working on my house sometimes takes a toll.

But I think there is an end in sight. Don’t worry – there will still be tons to decorate… I just want the saws inside my home to be still for a moment. I’m hoping by the time the creek is warm enough to swim in, then we’ll be finished with the construction end of things.

So what do we have left?

sarah richardson bathroomvia Sarah Richardson

Remodel small bathroom. This is my guest bath & kids bath all rolled into one. Since my girls are older there won’t be a plea for rubber duckies or dinosaurs, but instead I’m dreaming of a Sarah Richardson inspired space. Clean, classic, in light sea glass shades. It’s a tiny little space, so it will only hold the essentials, but those tight spots can hold some beautiful design – I can’t wait to get to that part!

5 Finish my living room. First things first – I gotta take down the Christmas stuff! It’s coming down today, and there’s always that overwhelming need for simplicity right after the holidays. I crave clean surfaces and organized areas. You only ever see one direction of my living room, because there’s a big chunk of it unfinished. This year it will be finished. A few sheets of beadboard, some paint, a new light and curtains. I’ve also been asked to replace the stripe chair {not shown} with a comfy chair like the one above. I’m not sure the heavens will allow me to find two $2.50 chairs, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled! One additional dream for this room is to continue the hardwood flooring from the kitchen into this room.

We LOVE our kitchen floors. Even after well over a year of use, they are charming, durable and I still heart them. Since we need new bedroom carpet, we’re taking this relatively new piece out of the living room and moving it to the bedroom. It’s only about 4 years old {it’s 25 year carpet in great shape}, so why not get all the bang for our buck, huh?

And last, but most certainly not least is a room I’ve attempted to finish before, but was never really happy with:

Dragonfly blue green paint Refresh the Laundry. Since the floors are complete in here, all it needs is a little paint, some new cabinet doors and I’ve got a secret hiding in my barn for it, too. This space will most likely be finished first because we have everything on hand except new doors (which we’ll build, of course). I’m hoping we can mark this one off pretty quickly.

*If* we get all of this complete, I’d like to try some new kitchen counters – but I don’t know if I’ve got that much DIY juice in me right now…

What does your 2012 to-do list look like?


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  1. Gina I’m loving the color of that bathroom too! I think I might have to go buy some paint today, that’ll be on my New Years list too!!

  2. I love that bathroom inspiration! Can’t wait to see what you do!! We have plenty of on our list…buying a 1950s fixer upper means year 2 is still full of major projects. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. My husband and I are fairly new home owners, we haven’t done anything up until now but after blog surfing and dreaming this past year I’m hoping 2012 will be different. I’m new to decorating and DIY but I’m hoping for the courage to paint some rooms, stencil some walls, have doorless painted kitchen cupboards, and get an actual decorating style going in my house. I’ve had it plain, boring, and all over the place until now ( I love so many things i feel like “all over the place” may be my “style” and that scares me a little bit lol. I want a pretty home not a crazy weird one. Haha. I’m so excited for 2012 and hope to keep getting inspired by you and other bloggers. Happy New Year!! I hope its an amazing year for you. 🙂

  4. Wow, impressive list, and this is beside everything else you have on your plate…
    But I have no doubts you’ll get it done and it will be wonderful. Can’t wait.
    Have a wonderful and loving 2012.

  5. In a word? Nutty– but that’s why we make to do lists, right?
    Happy New Year and may all your Sarah Richardson spaces come true! 🙂

  6. “Clean surfaces and organized areas.” Amen!!! I’m in the middle of taking Christmas down now. Got all the ornaments off the tree and almost all into boxes, so T can haul the tree (dried to a crisp) out tonight. Decorations and garlands are next. 🙂

    I think you have a great list. I always look forward to seeing what you have accomplished. Happy New Year!

  7. Wow- Gina- You really have come a a long way, haven’t you? I love your list…and I need to make one up. I think we are going to be selling, and downsizing, so there are several things we need to do to accomplish THAT! I am happy/sad about it. Can’t wait to see all that you do in this new year! xo Diana

  8. I have just done a similar post, since I’m trying to motivate myself for all the work ahead! We have a full bathroom reno to do in 2012 (our first ever!) as well as two exterior doors to replace and finishing touches in our laundry room and kitchen. There is also lots of decorating to do too. Your to-do list sounds like fun, can’t wai to see how your bathroom turns out, we have a tiny one too! 🙂 xo Kirsty

  9. I just got the rest of my Christmas decorations put up! My big project for 2012 is to organize the chaos that is my craft room, but I plan to put some effort into the other rooms in the house, too. 🙂 Happy New Year, Gina!

  10. I love your bathroom… I can dream a little bit more, my boys are 18 but still home for… long time, i’m affraid !!!!
    For 2012, just want to do what I have to do, it’s mine : a lot !!! like lots of mums !
    Have a nice 2012 Gina and thank you for sharing your ideas !
    Mirevan from Chambéry


  11. I think it’s great you have such a clear idea of what you’d like to get done, you’re halfway there! Can’t wait to see it all, and your secret laundry treasure!

  12. I am also a Sarah fan and envy what she does with repurposed things, I have just started my to do list with painting an outdoor cane setting. Next to repurpose some furniture with hint. As supplied by carol at polka dot closet. Living down under I love looking at the blogs from the us as there are so many relative people.

  13. Oh I’m hoping you can get the saw horses out!! My to-dos or honey-dos are always on the list! Come on over to visit soon…have a gift-away going on!!


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