how to make a stamped pillow cover (a video tutorial)

As I’m slowly working towards my living room finish line, there are so many things left to do… including make pillows. I’m feeling a little brave today, so I’m going to share my first video tutorial. EEK!

The video shows how to create your own pattern for a pillow cover, and I share the finished result at the end. I also mention that you can use my zippered pillow cover tutorial to sew it all up. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Good job! The pillow is darling!

  2. The pillow is adorable! And now I have a voice to match with the face. You did a wonderful job!!

  3. That’s so cool, I didn’t realize you could paint with acrylic like that. The ironing is a really good tip. I have to try this now. :)

  4. FABULOUS!!!!!! : ) Lovin the video!!!! applause…move over Scorsese!!!!

  5. Great job Gina!! You were flawless!

  6. Cute…Gina! I really loved hearing your “southern drawl” :)
    I have been following you by e-mail for a while now and just noticed that I wasn’t on you list of blog follower’s….I am, now!

  7. Great job!! That is a cute stamp too – may have to check out Hobby Lobby! I am going to be posting a stamped Christmas pillow soon – I saw it at the store and thought “I can make that”! I don’t think I’ll do a video though – EEEK! is right! We’ll see! haha
    Love your pillow!! :) – Claire

  8. What a nice idea. I’m really drawn to graphic simple shapes like these. Very well done!

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