What the plank?

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Y’all have the patience of Job. My bedroom makeover has taken longer than any room in quite a while, but y’all are still patiently waiting for me to show it to you. This is why I love you! You understand that my crazy brain takes time to process every single item, spit out the idea, and then it takes even more time for me to bring those ideas to life. Like my plank walls. Have I told you that this is my favorite room yet? {Although I think I say that every single time.} This room is my new favorite. And it’s mine. Well mine and my sweet husband’s, but you get the point.

I’m still not completely finished, but I’ve been dying to show you this wall for weeks now, so today I’m gonna give it up!

Plank Walls

When I first dreamt up what I wanted to do in my bedroom, I knew I wanted a plank wall. Almost every other room has bead board in it, and the mister vetoed it in this room. Which was absolutely fine with me, because it gave me a chance to do something different.

I’m all about trying to do something different.

And so, after being inspired by Shelley and again by Mandi, I knew that this was the ticket. {By the way, this is not a tutorial. If you wanna learn how to do your own, visit them – that’s what I did :) }

Without very little convincing at all, we got our plank on. But it goes a little past that – see the sconces? Yeah….. I’m rather smitten with those. They’re outdoor lights that the mister installed while he was doing the plank wall. {Again, no tutorial – I’m a bad blogger. But Jen did a tutorial with the same lights – we just didn’t put a switch on them. We’re all old school like that.}

Plank Wall Vignette

We did our walls very similarly to Shelley, even using 1/4 ply wood for our planks. The only major differences are 1) we painted behind the planks a dark gray because we wanted the “cracks” to pop out more. And 2) we cut our planks into 12 inch wide pieces. This ceiling is only 7 ft. at that end, and the math was much easier if we just did 12 inch planks. I hate math – so whatever is easiest works for me.

It will be a few more weeks until everything is ready to be revealed – but the curtain tutorial is coming your way next week so be on the lookout for that. Tons of you have asked about them on Instagram, Facebook and on other posts – so I’m finally going to break it all down for you. I’m listening, I promise! It’s just a longggg tutorial so bring you coffee with you on Monday so we can chat about them.

In the mean time… are you loving the plank wall trend?



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Gina Luker is a writer, photographer and lover of all things quirky. She's usually found with a drill in one hand and a cocktail in the other while blogging along the way. She's addicted to coffee, polka dots, rock stars, Instagram, and everything aqua.


  1. I can’t wait to see this – yes – I AM really loving the plank wall trend!!!
    Looks beautiful from what I can see :)

  2. loving your new plank wall Gina! I like that you did the dark gray for the cracks to pop. :) makes a big statement. the lights are so fun!

    already tweeted, now pinning!

  3. Loving the plank wall and those lights! Can not wait until it is all done and you show the WHOLE room, but you know I can understand as we have to take our time to get things “just right”…. :-) Thanks for sharing so far…..

  4. I love the planks! We just moved into a home that had tongue-and-groove planks on 75% of the walls. The ones in the living room got a whitewash treatment that I LOOOOOOOVE, but I’m still trying to figure out how to do the ones in the bedroom…

  5. Gwen Simms says:

    Looks like you guys had a plankin good time!!! Just sayin, it looks GREAT! Love your ideas, a woman after my own style!

  6. I love the plank wall! It adds so much character. Looking forward to seeing more!

  7. Well, I’m not sure about plank walls. I do like them but wonder how long the infatuation will last in the decor world. The tutorials I have read use heavy duty glue (liquid nails) and brads to attach the planks and that will not be fun to remove. I do like that you painted to wall darker so the gaps are more visible. After all, isn’t that the point?

    • I change my mind so much that I was kinda worried about that, too. We used pin nails to put it all together, so if I hate it in 3 years it can all come out pretty easily :)

  8. The plank wall looks fabulous Gail! I so am doing this somewhere, sometime in my house. It just might be our bedroom too. Can’t wait to see your finished room…but I will…wait that is. I know what it is like, because I’m the same way, but worse. I bounce around to different projects when I get stuck. It seems like nothing ever gets finished, then suddenly it all comes together and I get a bunch of stuff finished! Have a great weekend :)


  9. So pretty! Love the curtains too!!!

  10. Oh, your bedroom walls look wonderful. Y’all are just the smartest ones.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  11. Looking good Gina … anxious to see it finished. Mister Z. had said when we retired and moved “home” he wanted a diagonal planked wall. Happy that he forgot about it. That would really be a headache to install. Love what you did.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasrues

  12. Love this look Gina! Oh how I would love to do this too! Beautiful photos!

  13. Oh so very beachy! Plank walls a little to rustic for me, but you coordinate everything so well! Can’t wait to see the rest of the story!
    Blessings, Theresa

  14. love the colors! where are the curtains from? i’m looking for something like that for my bedroom!

  15. I am in love with plank walls!!! They can make the worst room beautyful.

  16. I love the plank wall trend! I love the texture they add to your walls!

  17. Love the room! Where did you get the curtains?

  18. So lovely! I just love your home! So bright and fantastic! I wonder though..how do these walls look without the gap between the planks? I have a room in my mobile home I long to redo but I envision it with sturdy solid walls with no seams. (I am obsessed with no seams thanks to living in a trailer my entire life) How well have your walls held up to holding the weight of the planks?

    • I’m not sure how they’d look without the gaps, but we do love the way ours turned out. They’ve held up really well, and we’ve never had any issues with the walls we’ve done, whether it’s a metal wall, beadboard walls or plank walls.

      I hear ya on the seams… those drive me nuts, too!

  19. dawn claus says:

    I like the 12in widith that you did vs. the narrower. I’ll file this in my brain for later.

    I’m buying a used trailer for my teenage boys for a “bunk house,” making your ideas a little more masculine for a “industrial/ farm” vibe.


  1. […] we started by adding a plank wall behind the bed. Before putting up the planks, we installed the scones and ran the wires down to the outlets below […]

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