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Gina Luker is a writer, photographer and lover of all things quirky. She's usually found with a drill in one hand and a cocktail in the other while blogging along the way. She's addicted to coffee, polka dots, rock stars, Instagram, and everything aqua.

20 ways to use old windows

ways to use old windows

Want to make a DIYers heart go pitter patter faster than downing a case of Red Bull? Give them a stack of old windows. There's so many possibilities of things to make it will blow your mind! So, if you've got a window or two laying around and have been waiting for a great idea to use them, today I'm sharing 20 ways to use old windows that's sure to … [Read more...]

Free laundry art prints (monthly printable)

Hi everyone, it's Andrea from The Cottage Market. Gina and I are excited today to be sharing a brand new set of 8X10 Free Laundry Art Prints with you. The Laundry Room deserves some Wall Art Love too. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. We will be sharing two of the prints (Fold and Repeat) in chalkboard and 4 fabulous … [Read more...]

easy homemade marinara sauce

easy homemade marinara sauce

Maybe it's a southern thing, or a country living kinda thing, or maybe it's just a summer thing, but even though I don't have a single tomato plant (or a garden), I seem to have fresh tomatoes multiplying at my house. Neighbors, friends and even my mom always bring me "just a few" when they come over. A few here and a few there, and all of a sudden … [Read more...]

how to use Silhouette software to cut your own graphics

Fall Out Boy inspired pillow

I think I've made about 234,984 pillows with my Silhouette machine, and I've probably blogged about 234,981 of them. I make them a lot because I have this undescribable need to constantly have new pillows (probably blamed on my decorating ADD) and they're so easy to make that I can whip one up in just a few minutes. Instead of showing you *yet … [Read more...]

My biggest DIY secret


Let me share a little secret with you: I don't know everything about DIY. From the plethora of questions I get on Instagram or Facebook, you'd think I'm a DIY expert, but I'm really not. What I am is an expert seeker of answers to questions. So when I start a project and I'm not sure how to go about it, I ask the folks who know what I need to know, … [Read more...]

birthday cake-tini cocktail

birthday cake-tini

Do you know why I love sharing cocktail posts? Two words: recipe testing. Oh yes, my friends, I'm all about sipping on a delicious cocktail! I wish I could tell you that it was someone's birthday so I had a real reason to sample copious amounts of this amazing drink - but honestly I just love birthday cake! I mean, who doesn't? Because if you hate … [Read more...]

the easy way to paint furniture (like a pro)

paint furniture

When I'm doing a room makeover, the first thing that usually crosses my mind is to paint furniture. I mean, if you've got decent quality goods, why not reuse them? Unless you are so fed up with the overall style of your furniture that you absolutely hate it, giving everything a fresh coat of paint is usually a good solution. If budget makeovers are … [Read more...]

make this: DIY paint drip wall art

paint drip wall art

Want to make your own wall art, but are too intimidated by complicated ideas? Then this project is for you! Create your own modern style wall art in just a few minutes and for under $20 with this fun and easy way to create your own masterpiece. It's seriously easy to do and really only takes a canvas, regular wall paint (leftover paint from a wall … [Read more...]