Bathroom Before & After

Yesterday I shared my big bathroom reveal, and it makes me so happy to finally have a beautiful guest bath to share with all who enter my home. Before we gutted the space, it was a wreck. Like really, really, really bad. It was cramped and dark and just icky. I didn’t want to disgrace the beautiful bathroom tour with the ugly before pictures, but I did want to share the before and after.

This makes me really, really sad to share. A) The space was horrible. B) The photo is horrible. C) Well, A & B were plenty enough reasons to make me sad.
As you can see, the layout is completely different – but I swear it’s still the same space. We took out the bathtub, moved the sink and toilet, yet kept all the plumbing in line similar to where the lines were originally so that we didn’t have to work around joists, etc. I know that’s all technical junk that you probably don’t want to know. There is not one single thing from that photo that is still in the space today.
But I do want you to remember this…
No matter where you live – what your limitations are – how much money you have – There is NO reason why you can’t have a home you love. It may take a lot of time and a lot of work – but you can do it.
I’ve been embarrassed about this tiny bathroom for way too long. Like 4 years too long. Now I’m dragging folks in there to bask in the glory. It did take time, lots and lots of time. But we didn’t rush, we weren’t on a deadline, because life shouldn’t be lived according to squeaking in one more room before X date. I wanted this room to be finished last summer – but didn’t die over it. And it still got finished. Honestly, it’s much better now than it would have been if I would have rushed through it last year.
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  1. I love your new bathroom Gina. A great job by both you and your husband and also at a great price. I also love the industrial touched you addedd. Love the reno…

  2. PRETTY COLOR in the bathroom!

  3. So pretty!!!

  4. You did a gorgeous job on the bathroom! It really is beautiful!
    And you are so right, Gina! A) we don’t have to live with a home we don’t like – we can do something about it if we’re just patient and B) we don’t have to have it all done 5 minutes ago! The more I do house improvements, the more I’m learning to enjoy the journey and just let it evolve over time – and it usually turns out better if I just chip away at it instead of having to get it all done in a day!

  5. Removing that tub and changing the layout was definitely the best decision you could have made. It gave you so many more options for your renovation. Great job it looks fab!

  6. Beautiful and brave transformation! Congratulations!

  7. It looks beautiful!

  8. Your bathroom is beautiful! SOmeday ours will be finished too. After the kitchen, perhaps!

    Our new cabinets were delivered yesterday. Demolition of the itchen starts today!

  9. I love the new bathroom and would love to do the same (with a similar design/size bathroom), but then our house would be without a bathtub. I guess we just keep what we have.

  10. It is absolutely beautiful! You two did a marvelous job with the re-do.


  11. What a great idea. I pinned this for my future home in case I have a small bathroom that needs an update.

  12. I echo everybody else…it’s beautiful! But, did I miss it somewhere…what about the tub/shower? How are you making do without it?

  13. GREAT reno, Gina! Love the new bathroom!

  14. Gina, you and your husband did a wonderful job on the bathroom, congratulations. Now, on to the next project. Thanks for sharing.

  15. You both did a beautiful job.

  16. This is an AMAZING transformation! Wow! Love it!

  17. Fabulous! You never cease to amaze me! :)

  18. That is a beautiful after! Hmm… gives me some ideas :)

  19. dawn claus says:

    Really beautiful. Love those 12in (?) baseboards and crowns.

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