Bathroom Makeover Reveal

 After months and months of slowing working on the bathroom, it’s finally done! It’s amazing how much work goes into getting such a tiny interior space designed. This bathroom is just under 25 sq. ft. and was completely gutted, including the sub-floors and walls. It’s taken a long time to get it all back together, but that’s always to be expected when you remodel without credit and do everything yourselves. So, without further ado, let’s see all that we accomplished with a $600 budget.

 First we put down subflooring, then we replaced the walls, using tongue and groove bead board on the bottom and drywall on the top. We used plain 1×4 pine for the crown and chair rail, and used 1x6s for our baseboards. We also used 1x6s for the flooring and to build the counter top.

Notice the artwork? The metal signs were an easy makeover that you saw a couple of months ago.

 Mitch built the vanity out of scrap wood {’cause he’s crafty like that!} He used the green cabinet from our living room that I love as a template and made a bigger version to be the vanity. The sink is a $5 Restore find and we found a clearance rack faucet that’s actually meant for a bar sink.

 The farmhouse style sconces were a great deal at only $15 each from Home Depot. {You can find them online, however the price has gone up just a tad to $20}

The ceiling light fixture was also replaced with an industrial cage light found at Home Depot for about $25.

 Since this is technically the girl’s bathroom, there’s gotta be room for makeup. An Ikea mirror was the first thing we purchased, way back last year. Bre fell in love with it, so we bought it for her since we knew that the bathroom would be coming up. She loves that she can use it while Lala uses the big mirror and they can get ready at the same time.

A couple of former flower pots, found at Lowe’s for only $1 each on clearance, holds all the daily necessities kinda stuff like cotton balls and swabs. 

The towel hook & toilet paper holder both match, and my sweet friend Lisa sent the girls a monogrammed towel from her shop as a finishing touch. They always love gifts from Lisa because they think anything monogrammed is special {and I have to agree!}

So that’s the tiniest bathroom! The pics aren’t as great as I’d like, since there aren’t any windows in the space and so there is no natural light at all.

Paint Colors:
Vanity: Grizzle Gray by Sherwin Williams
Beadboard & Trim: Ultra White by Dutch Boy
Upper Wall: Marina Isle by Behr

Rug: Ballard Designs
Wood caddy on counter: Hobby Lobby
Photography Print: Urban Loft Art

For more sources see: Bathroom Moodboard

Hope you enjoy the reveal! Next up is the office makeover – but before we get into that I’ve got a special surprise for next week… but we’ll talk about that later 🙂

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  1. Gina- it’s perfect! what a great transformation and I like your choice of lighting.

  2. Looks amazing, Gina!

  3. It looks gorgeous, I love the numbers on the wall, brilliant job!


  4. I love your bathroom and like the colors!

  5. Hi Gina-
    The bathroom is fabulous! You did such a wonderful job,love it!

  6. Wow. Awesome job. I love the lighting on the sides of the mirror. Mine is directly over the mirror and throws horrible shadows on mirror when I putting on makeup. I think I need to rethink lighting placement…

  7. Great RE-DO!
    love the wall color.

  8. love the colors– i have a bath that color too. The sink cabinet is wonderful. Great job!

  9. Wow, incredible what you were able to do for just 600!

  10. That’s a great bathroom makeover. i love all the elements you’ve used. Lots of great ideas I can use in the future. Thanks!

  11. Gina…it’s gorgeous! I love everything about it! You have such great taste! I am so happy to know there are others out there like myself who do everything DIY and on a cash basis who also live in a mobile home…:) Gives me hope!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  12. It is FAB!!! I can’t believe how different it looks. Seriously. A-MAZING! Lisa~

  13. A Flipping AMAZING!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Wow my friend…you seriously rocked these one…knocked it out of the park!!!! sending hugs…

  14. It’s great!

    Love everything about it!


  15. LOVE THIS! If it is okay with you I would love to feature this on my blog tomorrow 2/19/13 email me at

    My blog features all things on Tuesdays design, remodel related. Here is the link

  16. Do the drawers open on the vanity or is it a false front.. Love it!!!

    • They all function, however they aren’t as wide as the fronts make them appear to make room for the plumbing. There’s so much room that one of them is still empty 🙂

  17. Where’s the “before” photo to be seen? Looks wonderful now. And in a trailer/mobile home no less.

  18. This bathroom is GORGEOUS. I’m having serious bathroom envy right now!

  19. Fantastic!! I love all the cottagey touches mixed with the industrial. That’s my favorite look!! So perfect!! ~Angela~

  20. Beautiful, that’s a pinn’r for sure.


  21. Wow, what a fantastic job! I love the vanity your husband built. I thought for sure it was an original piece of furniture – he’s a keeper for sure!! (well unless you are looking to get rid of him and then call me as I have tons of things he could build 😉


  22. I love everything about the bathroom and if you hadn’t told me I would have thought you spent way more than you did on the light fixtures.

  23. It’s beautiful, Gina! Great job!

  24. Everything looks beautiful! I am in love with the light fixtures, thank you for sharing your secrets 🙂

  25. Love IT!!!!! stop on. looks hip, and useable. I like it’s got it’s on look. not out of a box. I think I might copy a bit. Thank you!!

  26. Gina – it’s amazing! Love the color and the lighting!

    I have the same no natural light issue for my powder room – you’ve inspired me!

  27. What can I say, hope the girls love it as much as I do. You both did such a great job on a small budget, that’s even better when you can accomplish such a great makeover. I love the idea of how you used 1×6’s, they look great. I am such a fan of bead board for walls, they look so nice in girls’ bathroom and the color on top walls is very nice and light.
    1×6’s might be a solution for our kitchen counters. We have horse shoe shaped counter tops and they are in bad shape, lifting up in couple places. If we used 1×6’s we could lay them down then cut the shape of the counters to fit. I hate our counters so much (been living with them for over 6 yrs.) but getting them replaced with actual counter top is not an option due to no budget. We could buy 1×6’s a little at a time. I was meant to read your post today. We also have the wallpaper like panels on walls which are not to my taste either. Happy Week Gina, glad your girls’ got their bathroom.

  28. It looks beautiful! You did a great job 😉
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  29. Gina- It looks fantastic and on that budget! You amaze me!

  30. Gina I have been looking for inspiration for my bathroom that needs some work. I already have white wainscotting, I love your paint color and I’ve been looking for lights like that! Thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration!

  31. What a lovely retreat. Everyone should be delighted with the results.

  32. What a cute bathroom!

  33. Great job! You must be very proud and pleased!!

  34. It came out great and pretty! We have that same IKEA mirror, but forgot to hang it, which reminds me it is under my bed.

    My bathroom was really ugly, makes your before look like a cutie!

  35. Gina it turned out GREAT!!! I love it – and love the paint colors! Happy weekend, Claire

  36. Just beautiful Gina, love the numbered art, great job! Have a great week, Jen

  37. Did you make it into a half bath? I don’t see any sign of the tub or shower.


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