Beating the Paint Chip Blues

Confession: I have had a row of paint swatches taped to the side of my kitchen cabinets for well over 6 months. Have you ever done that? Taping up little swatches of color was my idea to try and inspire me to pick a color. It hasn’t really worked. I mean, it’s really hard to visualize exactly what the color will look like when it’s all up – and if you hate it then you have to start all over again. Which is exactly why they’re still there, waiting for me to just pick a color already! Since I can paint it all in about 2 hours (maybe less) with a quart of paint (that’s like $10?), you’d think that I could just jump in. But the weird part of my brain that craves perfection (and is never properly fed) just won’t let me take that leap.

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  1. You have read my mind! I just sat down to check facebook before I went upstairs to decide on a new color for a bedroom. Many ideas…what to do? This is heaven sent! Thank you!!

  2. This looks great. I am going to try it.

  3. I am so glad there are others out there like me. I had a can of paint for the bathroom for over a year before I finally did it! I was in a decorating “block” and after I painted 1/2 of one wall, I became so inspired I have now completed two more projects that have been lingering in my idea journal for decades! What is up with that?

  4. It’s always hard to jump on board and paint a different color.I did just that.But no swatches for this girl I just did it.I painted my kitchen cabinets white.Including my island.After living with it for a bit I decided the island had to be a different color.Next was duck egg blue which is a similar color to your selection.I liked it but I could not live with it.So I repainted it again this time with coco.A taupe brown color.And now I LOVE it! Not a big deal if you have to repaint it.I say go for it 🙂

  5. I love this site. Just what I needed. So cool to see the color on the wall.

  6. AWESOME, Gina….thanks for the tip! pinned it!

  7. I have about 8 paint chips on my wall trying to find the perfect butter yellow. Have you thought about painting the back wall of your open upper cabinets in the teal? It would make your dishes pop and you could still paint the cabinets in a neutral color. Just a thought….

  8. No, I’m hoarding paint chips of colors I love waiting for the perfect project to use them on. I have always had an easy time choosing colors for my home and the projects I work on, one of the few things in life that comes easily to me. Btw, of the blues you have taped up I’m loving the one on the far right. From your colortopia picks I would choose the turquoise. Looking forward to what you choose.

  9. Thanks for the resource. I’m already signed it. I need to paint a few rooms and this is so perfect. Thanks, Linda

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