Are you tired of struggling for every single page view?

Finding success in with a blogging business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a ton of work to find readers, take care of the back end of your blog, answering all the emails, building up social media followings, and the list goes on and on. gina headshot - high res

When I began blogging nearly a decade ago, there wasn’t much info out there on how to make massive income from a creative blog. We just didn’t understand. Most bloggers in the creative niche were telling their personal every day stories. And while that’s great for building a small, dedicated audience, you can get much better results from expanding your readership.

Growing your page views grows your advertising revenue, which is the easiest way to grow your income.

With all of the hundreds of things you can do for your business, the single thing you can do for your blog to see massive growth is to create sustainable content. You need is a good set of tools to build up your content library full of posts you can promote long term – and in the end it will result in less work with better results.

Tap into the unlimited potential of your blog by creating sustainable content. The Blog Post Tool Kit includes everything a blogger needs to create content that gets results.Did you know there are nearly 100 steps to creating, promoting and revising effective content?

I didn’t figure that out overnight, it took me time to learn how to write content properly, but once I did, I grew my own blog from 100K hits a month to a million hits a month in only 3 months. I’ve helped my friends with this method time and time again over the last few years – and every one has had major success with it. Now I want to help everyone I can with my simple strategy that you can learn for less than it costs to go to dinner.

That’s exactly why I’ve created The Blog Post Tool Kit.

With nearly a decade of blogging experience, paired with a college degree in professional writing, I have figured out how to create content which has successfully sustained my traffic at over a million hits a month for over two years. In the last two years, I’ve more than doubled those numbers – and I work even less than I did before. Working smarter, not harder, is the key. But first you need to learn how to do it.
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Want to increase your page views? Sustainable content is the key!

In other words, build up an arsenal of content, maintain and promote that content properly and your income gets easier and easier. But first you have to build the arsenal, which The Blog Post Tool Kit will teach you all about.

For only $19, you’ll learn…

  • How to plan out post that get results
  • How to create photography and graphics that grab readers attention
  • How to properly write SEO rich content
  • Why ongoing social media promotion is important – and how to do it.
  • Why refreshing old content is important.
  • How to bring old posts back to life.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive:

Worksheets for:

  • Social Media Image Cheat Sheet
  • Tutorial Storyline Worksheet
  • Recipe Storyline Worksheet
  • List Style Storyline Worksheet
  • Post Revision Schedule Planner

And checklists to keep you on track:

  • Post Planning Checklist
  • Photography Editing Checklist
  • Post Writing Checklist
  • Post Promotion Checklist
  • Post Submission Sites Checklist
  • Post Maintenance Checklist

Don’t just take my word for it – here’s what other bloggers say….

The Blog Post Tool Kit is a valuable resource for new bloggers as well as those like me who have been blogging for years. I’m still only half way through the kit, but have already recommended it to all my blog friends. If you implement just one of the suggestions, you will make your purchase price back. Thank you Gina for sharing your vast knowledge with us.

Gail Wilson, My Repurposed Life

I have an antiques and consignment store that is open everyday so I am always pressed for time. Gina’s wonderful tools provide me with a straight forward list of what-to’s. Lots of great tips, tools and timesavers to help you blog in a more organized and effective manner. From the checklists, the optimal photo size guidelines for social media, tips for affiliate links, etc., this book is a timesaver!

Suzanne Edinger, Shop At Blu

Gina has used all her knowledge, skill and tried and true tools for creating posts that contain sustainable content. Its the easiest guide I have read that gives you the tools to use and implement into your blog.

Karin Chudy, Art is Beauty

Ready to grow? The sooner you get started, the faster you’ll earn more ad revenue.

This 68 page workbook is packed with powerful information to help you transform your blog into a site that not only generates great ad revenue, but also attracts sponsors for posts, builds affiliate marketing and helps you to build monetization on every level.

I have helped hundreds of bloggers grow their blog with one simple concept:

If you correctly create and promote blog content readers need, they will come.

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