Breathing new life into a blanket

We all have that favorite blanket. You know the one, the grab-the-blankie-and-snuggle-up-for-a-great-movie blankie. The only downfall of that beloved cuddle companion is that it can tend to show it. Between Brady’s accidents and just everyday wear, mine was showing signs of its age. I just couldn’t let it go, though! So, instead, I gave it new life.

 I gathered up all the materials I needed, according to the directions on the package, including my blanket.

I used Dylon dye in Bahama Blue, hoping it would give me better results than the tie dyed t-shirts I made in high school. And it absolutely did!

I mixed the dye by the directions, then just put the ends of the blanket into the dye, because I wanted a sort of ombre effect. The pack only made 4 cups to start, so I let it set 15 minutes, added more water & more blanket, waited 15 minutes, more water, more blanket. You get the idea. After 4 rounds of more water & waiting, then it was time to rinse it out and run it through the washer & dryer.  Notice how it looks much darker here? A lot of the color washed out when I rinsed it, so beware if you decide to dye.

There’s not a huge difference between the lighter middle and the darker ends, but I love it! I mean… it’s aqua… what’s not to love?!?

I love how a little dye and some time can make something look almost new again.
What’s your favorite trick to make something old look new?

P.S. – This post is not sponsored by Dylon, I just loved it and wanted to share
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  1. WOW GINA!!!! This project turned out AWESOME!!!! You won’t be folding this one up and putting it away for just those chilly nights…it is gorgeous! LOVE IT!!! thanks for sharing the how to and that dye is vibrant…have to snatch up a few packs of that! hugs…

  2. WONDERFUL! I love those types of blankets and now I know how to keep them around just a while longer. THANKS!

  3. What a great way to restore an old blanket !

  4. so pretty! great color choice! love aqua myself!

  5. It turned out great! Nice colour also. I know Dylon from my childhood when my mom used it, it never turned out how she figured so I am always afraid to use it. But you did a great job. Regards, Pascale

  6. Just beautiful! I never have this kind of luck when I try to dye something – love it!

  7. That turned out wonderfully Gina. I have never played with dye before. You make it sound so easy.
    Thanks for inspiring me..
    Cheers, Gee

  8. OH how pretty! I’ve only used RIT dye before… Does Dylon work on synthetics? Or does the material need to be 100% cotton? Thanks!

  9. I love to dye things especially when they turn out good

    I love the aqua color, you did good

  10. Love your blanket and now I’m looking around for something I can dye!

  11. Wow, that turned out great and what a beautiful color!

  12. Beautiful color! Don’t you wish it was that easy to give everything a face lift?!!

  13. That’s a beautiful blue! Great job!

  14. So love it, giving me some ideas. 🙂

  15. Gina, the color of your blanket is gorgeous! I’ve never used that dye before. Do they carry it at Hobby Lobby and Michaels?

  16. Beautiful I love it!! Awesome job 🙂

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