Butcher block countertops (tips and tricks)

Although it’s been a few weeks since I shared our kitchen makeover, I still occasionally get questions about our new counters. So today (while I’m trying to wrap up all of the lingering projects before starting to share more about my friend’s house), I thought I’d talk a bit about our new butcher block countertops, what we used, how we did it, etc.

butcher block counters

First off, the counters are from Ikea – we used the NUMERAR butcher block countertops, which are $195 for an 8 ft run. We bought two of them and it worked out perfectly for our space. But, we did a LOT of math to figure that out. I know that it won’t be the same for everyone else, but maybe our process can help you a bit.

See that long run around the sink? That’s 8 ft long. It wasn’t that way when our house (errr…. mobile home) was originally built. There used to be a wall at the end of the counter by the dishwasher. We took out that wall, then built new cabinets (that was my first major DIY project – because I go whole hog or nothin’, yo!). We knew that it would be relatively easy to find 8 ft runs of counter, so we built the cabinets accordingly.

So, yeah – that part took one whole section of counter. That left us another 8 ft piece to work with.

ikea butcher block countersEach portion on either side of the stove is 2 ft. That’s four feet total on this part. We cut and installed them, leaving us another 4 ft piece left.

butcher block counters

And guess how long my island is? Four feet. So it was a perfect solution for us. Every inch of the countertops we purchased was used, making the grand total for all of our counters only $390. Pretty cool, eh?

I’ve also had a few questions about what I use to seal them – and this is the stuff. As recommended, I do it every 3 months (I just did the second coating), and it’s been perfect. We have no stains or issues with them so far. Now, with that said, we’ve only had them 3 months – but I know folks who’ve had theirs for over a decade and still love them, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be in that group.

Is it the cheapest option? No. Is a low budget solution? Yes. $400 for a kitchen full of counters is a good deal to me any day of the week.

Have more butcher block questions? Drop them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them for ya!


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  1. I really love how they came out, I do want to change mine to the wood! I just dread the tiling thing but I do want the subway tiles for sure. Thanks so much for the inspiration and help. Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Great info. Thanks so much. Love your blog.

  3. Turned out great Gina. Sharing on twitter today as I think there are some great tips.

  4. I love the counters.Wood is very warm. It is soo beautiful. I would love to have this in my kitchen.
    PS. When I was a teacher, we had butcher block tops on the tables and work stations. At the end of the year, the tech ed teachers simply sanded them. This removed all the stains,marks, etc. However, the tech ed teachers used a marine finish on the table tops. This marine finish is very shiny. I wouldn’t want this high gloss in my kitchen.
    This is simply my preference.

  5. I love every square inch of your house – and can’t wait to follow your butcher block counter top tutorial! This island we built would look PERFECT in your kitchen!! http://krusesworkshop.blogspot.com/2014/06/a-rustic-reclaimed-wood-island.html

  6. Great look! Great job! I would love to do this in my kitchen. Question for you…. Does, or will it, stain if something is not wiped up right away? For instance, coffee. Sometimes when I get home from work I realize there is spilled coffee on the countertop. LOML does this and has no idea! The countertops I have now don’t. But of course it is the ugly formica. Love your floors. We are so going to do thst.

  7. We are about to redo our kitchen and I have been wanting butcher block counters. Unfortunately, I live with the messiest man on earth and have been having second thoughts because I was afraid of the stains. I could see the spaghetti sauce spoon plopped on the counter, coffee cup rings, you name it! I also want the counters to be useable as butcher blocks – not as a fancy don’t-cut-on-them counter. So, I have been exploring other options. You have definitely help to push that decision back towards butcher block! Thanks for letting us know how they have held up and what you have used to protect them, but still have them useable. Great info. Thanks for sharing!

  8. That’s a FABULOUS price!! I don’t live near an Ikea anymore but I am married to the son of a woodworker so we set about making our own wood counters for our recently completed turquoise kitchen makeover. It cost $600 just for the supplies, but we did end up with furniture grade maple by accident.


    Yours look stunning and the whole kitchen is perfect. I love the colour of the cabinets, especially with that teeny cupboard in aqua which has me pining for it!

  9. On your cabinet it has a 3 tier basket like for fruits and stuff. Did you buy that or make it? If bought can you tellme where to get one? My daughter loved it and I thought if I could find one it would make a great gift!

    • Gina Luker says:

      It’s from UptownCountryHome.com – I’ve had it quite a while and it’s held up incredibly well!

  10. Viola Zimmerman says:

    Love, Love the color on the walls!! Please, where did you get the paint &/or the color please!

  11. Carley Beimel says:

    Where is the self service sign from?! I love it!


  12. What kind of wood is it?

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