Citrus Glazed Poppy Seed Bread

Citrus glazed poppy seed bread

Hello again, it's Emily from The Benson Street! I am a big fan of breakfast and brunch. It is almost like I can get away with eating something sweet and dessert like in the morning. One of the best things to have in the morning is a fresh baked loaf of sweet bread. Citrus Glazed Poppy Seed Bread is a wonderful way to start out the morning. The … [Read more...]

Coke Float Ice Cream Recipe

coke float ice cream recipe

There are certain memories as a kid that you just never forget, especially growing up in a small town. I remember going to see my grandparents, and when my granddaddy got home from running his sawmill, he would take me to our small hometown square to stop by the little local pharmacy to get a Coke Float. To this day, I still remember him sitting … [Read more...]

Margarita Cupcakes

margarita cupcakes

Hi there Shabby Creek Cottage readers, it's Laura from Inspiration for Moms. One of my favorite summer drinks is a classic margarita with good tequila and sugar on the rim. Pair that with some excellent Mexican food and I'm one happy lady! If you love margaritas too, keep reading because this fun cupcake has your name written all over it! My … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Grilled Dinners


The days are getting longer, and the outdoors are begging us to stay outside.  Whether it's a picnic in the park or a family barbecue, summer is made for grilling! Not only does grilling keep the kitchen cleaner, and you outside where the fun is, but it also adds a layer of flavor that you just can't recreate indoors. Here are 10 Amazing Grilled … [Read more...]

Chocolate Banana Split Kabobs

banana split kabobs

Hi there, it's Laura from Inspiration for Moms. School is out and it's time to celebrate with an awesome summer dessert. The party begins with one word....kabob. I think everyone can agree that eating food on sticks is just FUN. And when the food is chocolate brownies paired with fresh know it's going to be a hit! My Chocolate … [Read more...]

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken


Who wants to turn on the oven right now?  Not me - it's so hot outside my slow cooker has become my best friend all over again and any quick and easy meal I can make to avoid the oven is high on my list. It's me Claire from A Little CLAIREification back with this delicious 3 ingredient Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken which also makes a great … [Read more...]

12 Refreshing Summer Cocktails


The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are rising. That can only mean one thing, summer is almost here! If you're looking for a way to beat the heat at your next summer barbecue, check out these 12 Refreshing Summer Cocktails. Like these Refreshing Summer Cocktail ideas? Find more inspiration on my Spirits Pinterest … [Read more...]

100 Summer Ideas in Mason Jars

100 ideas for summer in jars

  Looking for some fun summer ideas? This collection has everything to make your summer a hit - from cocktails to desserts, to pretty ways to decorate and even stuff for the kids. With 100 ideas, there's a few summer ideas for almost everyone. An InLinkz Link-up … [Read more...]

Chicago style grill seasoning

all purpose grill seasoning recipe

Summer is all about grilling - and nothing is safe around our house once the grill is lit. Steaks, chicken, fish - we pretty much throw whatever we eat on the grill during the hot weather months, because there's nothing worse than fighting 100 degree temps by firing up the stove at the end of the day. Plus, hello charcoal... it's a steak's best … [Read more...]

Shark Bite – a simple summer cocktail

shark bite cocktail via Gina Luker

Dreaming of a little beach vacay, but just can't get away? Sometimes getting together with a friend or two for an afternoon of relaxation with a cocktail or two is just what you need. Summer time means I like bringing a beachier vibe to our cocktail bar, and this cocktail is totally perfect to sip during the long summer afternoons. This … [Read more...]