a small apartment with big style

new orleans rental

Last week I shared that I went to New Orleans with my bestie Roeshel. Don't throw rocks at me, but I saved the best for last, y'all. Although the city itself is gorgeous, the small apartment we stayed it took my breath away all on it's own. If I were a betting person (which I'm not), I'd say the entire space was only about 250 sq ft (if that!) You … [Read more...]

picky cats and pate

sheba cat food

As a blogger, I get a ton of requests to do product reviews. I've gotta admit, 99.9% of them just don't fit my content. But, even if they don't fit, every now and then I get an opportunity to review a product that I actually use. When SHEBA® brand reached out to me to talk about cat food I was all like, "Whaaaa?!?" Cat food? But then I thought … [Read more...]

Beignets + The Big Easy

high school in the french quarter

When I started blogging, I never in a billion years realized it would open up a whole new life for me. I never thought I'd quit my job to write full time (it's a dream, y'all). Or fall in love with my online community (that's you!) Or learn that my very best friends on earth would be other bloggers. When I met Roeshel online, I instantly liked her. … [Read more...]

10 Tips For An Organized Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning tips

After a long winter, the itch for summer and open windows could not be more appealing! Dreams of summer nights, the smell of a charcoal grill, and spring cleaning, make those long winters all worth while, right? Okay, maybe not the spring cleaning part, but isn't that just part of preparing for summer? Even thinking about spring cleaning, may … [Read more...]

refining my style: upcoming kitchen plans

shabby creek kitchen

Nearly five years ago, I originally started blogging to catalog the changes that we made to my childhood home. We lived here for almost 5 years before we even started really working on it. Once we started, I knew that a blog would be the perfect place to catalog the changes so my children could look back and see how much work had been done over the … [Read more...]

Easy Barstool Makeover

hello barstool

Hi Shabby Creek friends, it's Christine from First Home Love Life and I'm back at Gina's today to share this quick, cheap and easy barstool makeover! For the past couple of weeks we've been working on converting our daughter's playroom into a multifunctional space that could double as a guest room too. We've painted, added faux brick to the … [Read more...]

40 things to do when you have the munchies

things to do when you have the munchies

Bored eating - we almost all do it. And I don't mean mindless eating just in front of the television - if you're struggling with your weight, then you probably have the bad habit of looking for something to eat when you're bored (I know I do!) Just like being cautious of what you're eating and learning to exercise more, losing weight is about … [Read more...]

20 delicious healthy recipes

20 healthy recipes

With a long weight loss journey ahead, finding delicious & healthy recipes is always on my mind right now. I'm really watching the calories, and these options will help keep me on track for a long time to come. Breakfast, lunch, dinner & even dessert are all covered - with lots of yummy healthy recipes. For more healthy recipes, … [Read more...]

Deal Alert: a printable bundle you’re going to LOVE!

Today I'm so excited to share this amazing deal with you! I rarely ever do these kinds of promos - so if I'm sharing it with you, you know I'm stoked to bring you a great product at a great value! Do you love printables & customizing your personal planner?  It's one of my absolute favorite things to do. If you are anything like me, the … [Read more...]

Easy Crock Pot Beef Burgandy | Slow Cooker Meals

crock pot beef burgundy

A HUGE hello to all of you fabulous Shabby Creek Cottage readers!  I'm Claire and I blog over at A Little CLAIREification.  I am so thrilled to be here sharing with you once a month as a new Food Contributor. Here's a little bit about me before we get into this delicious Crock Pot Beef Burgundy recipe: I am a working Mama to three boys and I am … [Read more...]