5 closet hacks (that actually work!)

If you hang out with me on Instagram, you know that we’re in the middle of 31 days of decluttering our homes. Week by week we’re cleaning out all the excess stuff out of our lives. This week was the bedroom – so I thought I’d share five closet hacks that actually work. I know all of these work because I use them – and love each and every one.

Five Closet Hacks (that actually work!)

 Five Easy Closet Hacks

closet hacks- use a soda tab to double the hangers

Need more hanging space? Simply take the tabs from soda cans and loop one hole through one hanger and then let it hang down. Then slip another hanger in the bottom hole and it will double your space for free!

closet hacks - hot glue on hangers to hold clothes better

Tired of clothes slipping off the hangers? Simply put a wiggle of hot glue on each side of the hanger and let it dry, then put your clothes back on and no more slipping!

closet hacks- use a hanger to loop on scarves

Got a scarf addiction? Loop them onto coat hanger to hang them up and keep them all neat.

closet hacks- use cardboard tubes to help boots keep shape

Hate floppy boots? Use cardboard tubes from wrapping paper: cut them in half and use packing tape to secure them together. Slip them in your boots and they’ll stay neat (I’ve used the same set over a year and they still work great!)

This is one of my favorite new tricks – a fast folding method for t-shirts. The video above from YouTube was so cool that it got my husband to give it a try. If you can’t see the video, click here to watch on the site.  (P.S. – I make no money from it, just thought you’d like it as much as I do.)

Have more tips? Share them in the comments – I love learning new tricks!

cree light bulbAnd, although it’s not a closet hack, I highly recommend making sure your closet is bright enough that you can see everything. I didn’t even realize how dark mine was until I change my bulb! With the quick change of from my old bulb to this new Cree Bulb made a huge difference. No more mixing brown and black – yay! It also helps with getting your makeup colors correct, too – so double win!

*Thanks to Cree Bulbs for partnering with me on this post. All ideas, words, opinions and photos are my own. Except the video. But it’s pretty brilliant, huh?*


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  1. Fabulous tips. I so need to tackle our closet and really clean it up and purge.

  2. Yup, decluttering too! Love the soda can tab idea. Between my husband with his beer and me with my diet Coke, we certainly have enough of them to try this.


  3. I definitely use the scarf trick and have been meaning to use the soda tab trick. I also hang my belts in the same way as the scarves!

  4. Great closet hacks! I have to try these. My husband’s clothes take up too much space in our closet!

  5. Excellent ideas – love the hot glue idea

  6. Now why didn’t I think of this one so frusrating looking in closets especially ones built way into a corner one couldn’t even guess much less know what’s stashed there so thanks for the tip Gina would like to try some built in lghts on ceiling of closet to see what’s doing there hope can get a set for this area hope you 7 family are doing well after seasons down time know was hard for me this year as so much taking place however on a more even keel now so take care love new ideas . Sandra .

  7. Kym Brown says:

    Pool noodles work great in boots also. Love this article, thanks for the tips.

  8. I’ve also used pool noodles in my tall boots to keep them upright. You can get them at the dollar store and get two pairs of boots done out of one noodle…if you didn’t save the wrapping paper tubes from Christmas. I wish I did. It’s a great idea!

  9. I love a good closet tip. And this is perfect because I’ll be organizing closets today. And that video is amazing!

  10. love the closet ideas… Also I love, love, love your hair. Did you color it yourself and if so what did you use?

    • Gina Luker says:

      Hi Cindi,
      Thanks! Yeah, I have to dye the blue about every two weeks and I use a brand called Punky Colour from Ulta. It’s like $6 a jar but it lasts for months 🙂

  11. Excellent post.Ι absolutely love this site. Thanks!

  12. Victoria DuPree says:

    Great advice. But I have another one. If you have double deckers in your closet (for blouses and pants or skirts), hang the pants and skirts on the top rod and the blouses on the bottom. Pants and skirts are usually darker and can be seen easier if on the top. Since I’ve rearranged mine, I now no longer have to take the pants to another room to tell if they are dark blue, black or brown. Try it, it really makes getting dressed easier.

  13. Did everyone know thie t-shirt folding trick but me? That video was the most amazing thing on this newsletter! It was like zip zip done every t-shirt folded and looking great! I have to fold them in half again because my husband stacks them in his drawers vertically cuz he has so many, but holy cow so easy. I loved it. ThankYou.

  14. carol white says:

    Thanks I’ve spent so much money km those velvet hangers because they hold and don’t slip. But now glue gun to the rescue


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