Crazy About Chalkboards

Hello, my name is Gina and I am crazy about chalkboards. But, it seems like I’m not alone! Many of you have also confessed your obsession. I must confess, however, that I found a much easier way to get multiple slates all in a few minutes — and it was in my garage the whole time!

Sweet hubby has had this chalkboard since he was a child. It came out of his childhood church when it remodeled and changed to dry erase boards. My kids quickly beat it up as they grew, with spots of crayons and even nail polish. Why it didn’t go to the trash, I dunno! However, I remembered it and decided it was time to give it new life.

He stripped the frame off of it

Then cut it down to 11 x 14 and 5 x 7 sizes, going around the worst parts.

With only a tiny bit of scraps left, I ended up with a whole stack of chalkboards, yipee!

I simply cleaned them, then popped it into some thrift store/yard sale found frames, then put a bead of hot glue around the edge to hold it in the frames (it is thicker than the frames.)

Here are some examples of what I did with it:

I do have some chalkboards that aren’t cut from a vintage one, though.

Here’s the original one that set the wheels in motion, made from a curb-side wooden window.

And my plate that Leigh inspired me to do (the plate was 25 cents!)

So, now it’s your turn! If you didn’t get a chance to email me your link, just leave it in the comments and I will glady enter your link onto the post (as I can). One lucky party-goer will win this 5×7 version, complete with vintage (about 50 year old) chalkboard insert. The color of the frame will be your choice — original gold, white, cream, aqua, pink — oh, just pick a color! Please make sure to link back to the party so everyone can get in on the fun! I will also be visiting all of your links, and handing out awards to the best of the bunch!

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  1. hey Gina, I know this isnt about your chalkboard post, but I could find your private email and I just wanted to know how you made your button? Trying to make one for my new blog carnival but dont know where to start! Thanks!

  2. Sweet! I love your chalkboards. I don’t have any :( almost bought a neat shabby french one with it’s own chalk linen baggy that said chalk in french but I couldn’t afford it! Sigh, I so regret not getting it :( waa..But yours are great!

    All the best,

  3. Gina, what lovely chalkboards you have created!! What a great pleasure you must have gotten from being able to reuse the vintage board. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your event. I’ve got my post up and I’m ready to go!

    Kristin – The Goat

  4. You were very clever with all your chalkboard projects.

  5. how fun!


  6. Great way to re-purpose an old chalkboard. Your new small boards look fun and functional :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  7. those chalkboards are very cool! i never would’ve thought to do one on a plate.

    i’ve also seen where people have painted the bottoms of terra cotta pots. then you can write what’s inside on them. :)

  8. Great idea and cute cute cute…

    Always enjoy my visits to your blog.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  9. Love how you re-used your vintage chalkboard–that is too cool & you preserved the character! So happy to be part of your party, looks like there are lots of wonderful and inspiring links!

  10. Gina, the vintage chalkboard is gorgeous!! How lucky of your husband to be able to still hold onto something from a childhood memory. I just LOVE your window and hope to do the same someday for making a chore list.

    Thanks again for hosting. :)

  11. Yeah…me too! Chalkboards i love ♥
    The post is up on my blog “Write on it”.
    ~Fingers crossed…chalk in hand~

  12. I just posted my chalkboards! What a fun idea! :)

    Susan @

  13. Great idea to cut up the old chalk board.

    thanks for hosting, what a fun event.
    Alas, I’m afraid i have chalkboard fever even worse now. =0)
    blessings,Barbara jean

  14. Thank you for including me in your party!! Your chalkboards are awesome! I especially love the window chalkboard.

    I just bought a cool mirror frame at Goodwill today. I can wait to turn it into a chalkboard!

    I’m off to check out everyones chalkboards! FUN!
    Thanks again

  15. I there! I have another chalkboard to add!


  16. I love your re-made chalkboards. I have been collecting old school chalkboards, they seem to draw me in for some reason. I had not thought to make my own though. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Gina,
    What a great idea for your hubby’s old school chalkboard I also love this idea for a party!

  18. I’m a teacher and would absolutely love this little chalkboard as a cutesy nod to my profession (and to match the office I’m redesigning.) I’d love a white frame, if possible. Love your blog!

    My blog is:

    Come and visit anytime! :)

  19. That window style chalkboard is fantastic! I adore the white wooden framed one also.

    I’m also hooked on chalkboards in the kitchen. They’re just great all-round!

  20. I love the story behind your chalkboard! What creative ideas you’ve come up with. Thanks for hosting such a fun party Gina. Looking forward to visiting the other participants this morning.

  21. How exciting! I love all the chalkboard fans that have joined in. Chalkboards are so cool. I am still making me way to all the other participants! Enjoying my Friday and the Crazy about Chalkboard party!
    Hey, be sure to accept my comment as an entry on that precious little chalkboard. I LOVE things with history. I think that is so clever what you did with it. And one day, each of your children will have one too, with the story about the little churchhouse. Adorable!

  22. Hello Gina – thank you for hosting such a fun party! I’m going to go check out all the other creative chalkboard ideas!


  23. I can’t wait to see your chalkboard party! I love chalkboards…why don’t I have one? LOL! Maybe that will all change after I get to see everyone’s chalkboard posts! :)

  24. I don’t have any chalkboards yet, but I’m planning on adding one in my kitchen after I paint it. Everyone has some really cute chalkboard ideas.

  25. gina…GREAT way to reuse one of those old chalkboards! I’m getting so many fun ideas from this party :)

  26. Thank you for doing this! I am having so much fun seeing all the chalkboards! I am simply amazed how your husband REINVENTED that old chalkboard into those adorable little ones. :) LOVE IT!

  27. Everywhere I visit I keep seeing chalk boards, and I have you to thank :)

    Wonderful ideas and inspiration. Hope to have a chalk board item soon – my fave one is the one in the old window frame.

  28. I so miss my shabby house in the woods, we sold our house last year and we are living in our motorhome full time till we find what we want in oregon

  29. How nice you have someone (and tools) to cut up an old one!! I know the paint is easy too, but the old one is so neat!
    Hugs, Lisa

  30. Yours turned out great! I LOVE chalkboard paint.

    Here is mine.

  31. Your old chalkboard is so neat!! There is nothing better than a chalkboard with a story and a whole lot of character! :)

    I am sorry I am late… I would love to play along with your party if I may. :)

  32. Hey lady! I pray you are having an awesome weekend! I didn’t get to join in this time…way too much going on and I haven’t even completed my CUSTOM orders yet! Sheesh! Anyhow, great party and hopefully I can join in on the next one…

    Be blessed,

  33. I love chalkboards too! They are slowly finding their way all over my house!

  34. Gina, you are just sooooo creative! I love your re-uses of the big chalkboard. I really wanted to join this party, but didn’t get mine done in time! I’m off to look at all of the others now. Thanks for sponsoring this. I know I’m going to get some fabulous ideas! laurie

  35. Such a fun party…thanks for hosting Gina! LOVE that old chalkboard and the history behind it.


  36. Hi, I love your chalkboard tour & what a great idea you had with the large vintage chalkboard you already had! I’m currently working on a 3-foot oval chalkboard right now. Painted the frame but went to a glass place Friday for an estimate on getting some thin plexiglass that I could spray with chalkboard paint but they wanted $68.00!!! Instead, I will be getting some MDF from Lowe’s or Home Depot! Patti

  37. This is wonderful! It’s so much fun to see what people are doing with chalkboards. My chalkboard isn’t that great, but I did figure out what to do with the chalk and the eraser. Check it out here:

    Thanks for hosting this party. I really appreciate it when people like you host parties–it’s a great way for new bloggers like me to join the fun.

  38. Gina,

    Thanks so much for the chalk board inspirations! I went to GW last week and picked up a silver tray. Got a quart of paint, they were out of the spray, and away I went. So much so that I went back to GW today and got 2 more trays! Found some chalk ink at Michaels, need to find more stuff now!

    Laura “)

  39. I love the chalkboard window!

  40. You are the chalkboard QUEEN and how on earth did I miss this party? (I think I was on vacation) Thanks so much for linking up~

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