Day 12: time versus money

pile of piping The Shabby Creek CottageI’ve always believed that everyone, on any budget, deserves a beautiful place to call home. You don’t need a big bank account to have a stunning space. If you are blessed enough to have a fat wallet, you can just buy whatever you want – but I’m 99% certain that if you’ve got that kinda money you aren’t frequenting DIY blogs.

The tradeoff for spending little money typically means you have to spend more time: weeks shopping for that bargain rug, frequent stops at the thrift store hoping to luck upon that perfect piece of furniture, sewing your own curtains, just generally replacing the dollar signs with hours of time.

But, I’ve gotta admit – there’s a much greater sense of satisfaction in the feeling that I’ve done something myself than there is driving to Pottery Barn and buying it.

Do you spend more time or money? 
Neither is the wrong choice – 
it’s just a choice you have to make.
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  1. I’ve always had more time than money, and now it is even more important in retirement. I’m very self reliant – my sewing machine and I can make just about anything together! Sally

  2. Time definetly over money. Wish that I could sew though.

  3. It’s a little bit of a challenge to decorate on a small budget but fun!

  4. I enjoy creating things with my two hands. I get so much more satisfaction at that than buying something.

    Cher @ Designs by Studio C

  5. Until recently I’ve lays worked so money wasn’t a huge issue and I didn’t read blogs, now that it is, I think you’re all geniuses and I dream of becoming this skilled.

  6. There is a certain gratification felt when I am able to make do and use found or thrifty items. It sometimes requires a bit of imagination, but I always feel that “sense of accomplishment”!

  7. I definitely spend more time then money… today was my first day off in a long time so I went to Lowe’s, then picked up two chairs on the side of the road on the way home (I swear I have a spot for them), then spray painted another thrifted chair, 2 frames, and my wall outlets. Thank goodness for spray paint!!

    At the end of the day, it means everything I own is customized by me, to me- and I really like that.

  8. you are right. Spending time safes my money. And i like it.

  9. I’m a bargain shopper to an extent. I want to get the best deal possible, but I have zero patience. So, I generally have something in mind I want. Go check out a few stores (both regular, discount, and thrift)/look online (stores, and craigslist) one weekend. Figure out where the best price was/what I liked the most hopefully meet somewhere in the middle and buy in the next couple days. So, sometimes I get a great steal, and other times I probably could have gotten a better deal if I looked longer.

  10. I definitely have more time than money! That really isn’t saying a lot though. I come from a long line of bargain hunter/do-it-yourselfers. I get a THRILL of decorating, crafting, dressing, living on the cheap! P.S. My Goodwill has 85% off tomorrow. I am SO there!

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