Day 14: confronting fear

We’re on day fourteen of 31 days to Embrace Your Space.
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slip cover mistakeYesterday we talked about the problem with perfection. Overcoming the pressure to be perfect can be downright scary – but since we’re all human, mistakes will happen. Learning how to get past the knot in your stomach is tricky stuff. But guess what? We all make mistakes – it’s how you look at them that’s the important part.

Six months ago I bought two chairs, with full intentions of coming home and starting slip covers right away. Three months later I finally bought some fabric (well, my sweet friend Roeshel did and mailed it to me.) Three months after that I finally decided to tackle this big, daunting task of actually making them. And guess what? It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

I put it off forever, blaming it on a plethora of reasons. The real reason was that I was scared. Worried they wouldn’t be good enough. Terrified of making a big mistake. Scared beyond belief that I’d screw it all up.
A few days ago I finally started working on them. It’s not a 30 minute makeover – but they are actually getting made. Before I’d even really got into a good flow, I made a mistake.

Shockingly, no one called the slip cover police on me.

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I pieced it back together and kept on sewing. It’s not perfect – and I survived. In the end it’s only a slip cover. It’s a little flaw on one piece of furniture, in one room, and my family probably won’t even notice (well, unless they actually decide to read my blog today.)

Even though I had to piece together fabric to make the slipcover work – it wasn’t my biggest mistake. The big mistake here is that I waited 6 months to make them. I’ve been hating the fabric on chairs that I loved the shape of for six whole months, out of fear. I’d built it up to be this scary project that isn’t so scary after all.

What are you afraid of?
Whatcha gonna do about it?
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  1. Have you ever looked at commercially made slipcovers? They have little mistakes too. I think it’s just the nature of creating a cover for an oddly shaped piece of furniture. I have faith that your chairs are gong to be beautiful and inspiring!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration as I have just bought a thrift store chair!

  3. I had a tufted headboard sitting in my office staring at me for months and I had the same fear. what if I screw it up? It turned out to be such an easy project and it came out beautifully. I wonder why we let fear get the best of us?

  4. I make plenty of mistakes also and now I don’t feel so bad! Thanks!!

  5. I have a wing chair I need to recover…for a few years now. That is one huge job, but I’m wondering now if I make a slipcover for it if I can pull it off. Thanks for the inspiration and letting me know it doesn’t matter. Just do it.
    Debbie 🙂

  6. What is that fabric & where did it come from??!!?? It is lovely. Please share!

  7. This post was meant for me. I always imagine that something will be ruined if I don’t do it just right. Thanks for the pep talk.

  8. Sorry Susan, but it was meant FOR ME lol. Thank you everybody for your comments

  9. I am the same way. I don’t know why it’s so validating to read that other people fear starting things. I think it’s fearing the process because we know we have some skill and vision, but we also know that things never go as smoothly as we see them in our mind, and so we put it off because we are not ready for the process- we just want the end result! At least I do!
    Good job!

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