Day 20: an industrial sorta table top

TT small Welcome to Transformation Thursday! It’s the one day of the week we all get together to celebrate getting stuff done. No matter if you’ve been coming around for months (or years), or this is your very first transformation rodeo – everyone is  welcome to link up your projects at the bottom of this post.


Ya’ll have seen my table a time or two. We made it back at the beginning of the year, and I love, love, love it. I love the size, I love the shape, I love the color. But, there were a few issues.

First, the new chairs we built didn’t exactly fit. If two of them were butted together in the middle they were wider than the table. Second, the color was horrible for blog & shop photos. As much as I’d like to say the blog never interferes with my home life, I really do need a place to take decent photos and the super light top was a horrible choice for backgrounds. Since my blog/shop is my income, then it truly was an issue. Third, the legs were too close to the edge of the table and tended to get in the way. And so, a new top was our decision.

easy wood stain Mr. SCC took seven 2x6s, shaved the edges off on the table saw, then ran them through the planer a couple of times to smooth them out. Then, he bolted them together with lag bolts and wood glue. Then it was time for the magic to happen… stain. We used DecoArt stains in Walnut & Ebony. These are easiest to use stains that I’ve ever seen. Water clean up – no worrying about your brushes – no gloves – sooooo easy. We mixed 2 oz. of Walnut & 1 oz. of Ebony for a dark stain, which is almost a dead match to the Jacobean we used on the floors.

water clean up stain I mixed the stains on a disposable plate, then added water by dipping my brush in the water and using the wet brush to pick up the stain. You can really water it down or pick up more stain – it’s very flexible. I brushed it on and Mr. SCC wiped it off with a wet cloth. {We did this at night, hence the really bad lighting.} We let it dry overnight and then I sealed it.

drying table top After it was completely dry, then I coated it with Helmspar poly, my favorite poly for every day surfaces because it protects against water. I did a coat, then let it dry. My trusty box fan cut my wait time considerably.

dark stained pine I did a coat, lightly sanded then applied another coat of poly. Let it dry 24 hours before normal use.

farmhouse style wood table As much as I loved the original version, I’m even more in love with this one.

industrial style table top Lag bolts add a bit of industrial charm, don’tcha think?

farmhouse table She still has a hint of farmhouse flair….

fall table setting The dark wood shows off fabrics so much better than the lighter did.

 shabby creek table Oh, and the chairs fit now, too – yay!

Thanks to DecoArt for supplying me with the stain for this project.

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Welllllllll…………. Let’er rip, tater chip!

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  1. Love the new look for the table! It really pops! Hope you are having a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  2. Looks fabulous. You really did a great job. I like the darker accent top it pops!

  3. Your table looks beautiful.


  4. Great table! I think you need to come and clean my kitchen 🙂
    Thanks for hosting my friend!

  5. Thank you for hosting! Beautiful Table

  6. A hint of Flair? That has a bucket-load of Flair! It looks like a whole-brand-new-stinkin table. Guh-OR-jus!

  7. hi Gina, you did such a great job and I love your table even more now! Thank you for hostessing, it’s just such great fun to be here 🙂 diane

  8. Thanks for the fabulous linky party! I love your table it looks incredible! Jealous of the entire kitchen!

    Jill of

  9. I love the new version with the dark top. Thanks for hosting, Gina.

  10. Your table is so beautiful. What a great look!

  11. Absolutely, seriously, and totally LUV your new table, Gina! Super job!!! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  12. Love the new table! Just fabulous 🙂

  13. I feel so inspired when I see all of these awesome link ups!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at

  14. I love the darker color contrasting with all the lighter colors, and so true that it really sets off the table linens. We built our farm table about a year ago and we still love it.

  15. Gina- Great job on the new top. Lotta work there, girl! But soooo worth it. I liked the old top, too, but really do understand how this new one makes everything pop! Love it- xo Diana

  16. I like the new table much more!

  17. I agree ~ love this new look!

  18. I luuuv your new table top! It looks amazing! So dark & pretty, I love dark table tops 🙂

  19. Shut the front door! Decor art has stains!?! You just made my night! The ideas are rolling in 🙂

    The table is absolute perfection!

  20. oh my! I love the new look of your table. (mine is a much smaller version) hehehe
    thanks for hosting!

  21. Love, love, love the new table. Great job!

  22. Love the table Gina. Sometimes it’s just time for a change, isn’t it? xo
    and thanks for the opportunity to link up.

  23. I was thinking yum…Chocolate LOL Guess it was for the table, great job! Thank you once again for hosting!


  24. That is gorgeous! I love the lag bolts and your stain.

  25. I didn’t have anything to share this week, but your table looks fabulous, just wanted to say that! 😀

  26. Holy AMAZING table! I’m in LOVE! Did you already give the detail on how it was built? I really need a new table and would love to build my own 😉 Thanks for hosting!

  27. Love the new tabletop – it looks beautiful. Thanks for hosting the party!

  28. I love what you did with the table. Looks fantastic! But I always love what you do all over this blog! 🙂

    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking…

  29. Oooohhhh, LOVE the table! WOW!!

  30. I usually like the all white harvest tables but yours really looks great the contract did make it

  31. Beautiful as always Gina! Thanks for letting me link up with you.

    Hugs…Tracy 🙂

  32. Gina; Wonderful table redo and thx for the opportunity to post our redos!!! Heather

  33. Gina,
    I’ll bet this table looks really great with your workstation table!
    I noticed that the bolts have the initials “FH” on them. They mean “For Her” since Mr. SCC made the table. 🙂
    I love it with the dark top!
    And I meant to title my link: Simple Leftover Paint Storage, not my name. Ugh.
    It’s what I get for coming over before coffee. Got some?
    HUGS and blessings to y’all!

  34. Gina, i just had to tell you, that table looks fantastic! I adore the big bolts you put in there.

  35. Loving the table! I absolutely am in love with a stained top and painted bottoms on furniture! Great job both you and Mr. in transforming it!


  36. OH, the table looks absolutely amazing! I am dying to try that Deco Art stain now. I hate messy clean up and I never bother with gloves so I always turn into a giant mess.

  37. Your table came out great! You are right, the dark is a great constrast with the light colored runner!

  38. Hi, Gina

    I just love your table. I am thinking I am going to do this to my table. Lovely!


  39. Hi,

    I love the table. Thanks so much for hosting.


  40. Beautiful table!
    Thanks for hosting 🙂

  41. I LOVE the new table. I really would like to redo ours but I’m afraid because it’s been in his family for a couple of generations now.

  42. Gina, I love the table so much better this way. I am looking for a table just like this. It is farmhouse beautiful!

  43. I absolutely love it. I want a table like this. Maybe soon. Love the stained top. Contrasts well with the bottom.

    Best Wishes.
    Cindy @

  44. Thanks for hosting! Great job on the table 🙂

  45. The table is beautiful! Love the dark wood with the white chairs! Thanks for hosting 🙂

  46. Looks great!!

  47. Great work, Gina, it looks very beautiful. Enjoy your weekend, Clara.

  48. Gina, your table top turned out absolutely gorgeous! That darker color really does make your accessories pop–great choice!

    Thanks for sharing!

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