Day 6: Hanging crooked frames

PB ghostly gallery

Normally I wouldn’t suggest hanging crooked frames. Off center and wonky generally drives me up the wall – but in this case it’s a very good thing. I saw the idea in a PB catalog, and knew that I could achieve the same look with some thrift store frames.

Pottery Barn inspired ghostly gallery DIY

I went to Goodwill and bought a bunch of frames, all in different shapes and sizes (but all rectangular) – the most important part was that the sticker was the 1/2 off color of the day, the whole lot was only about $10. I also used my favorite decorating weapon – Krylon in flat black.

Spray Painting Picture Frames

I took out all the insides, so I could spray paint all the frames the same color.

Spray painted photo frames

The end of spray painting season is coming all too quickly… I’m gonna miss a quick coat of the magical stuff! While the frames were drying, I started working on the art stuffs to go in them.

coloring photo mat

I wanted to reuse the “guts” of one of the frames, but the mat on the photo had a green inner mat. I took a fine point marker and colored it in black – whole new look to recycled mat.

coffee stained book pages

I knew I wanted to vary the looks, so some of the frames were filled with coffee stained book pages – and others were filled with graphics from my buddy Karen at Graphics Fairy. I just printed them and framed them up – instant art!

hanging frames crooked

Once the frames were all dry and put back together, I knew that I’d need a way to hang them crooked. I originally thought I’d fill the frames and then use a nail gun to attach them all together. Then I realized that I never have enough art and it would be much better for my budget to figure out how to reuse the frames. So, I cut strips of felt and put them on the back of each frame with hot glue, then put hangers in the wrong spots to make them hang right (was that as clear as mud?) I intentionally chose spots on the back of the frames to put the hangers so that they’d hang wonky.

layered photo frames

I hung the bottom layer with small paneling nails, just like you’d normally hang a photo. Then, I used screws to hang the top layer, so that I could make them stick out past the bottom layer frames.

wonky frame

Some of the frames were a little too wonky. They fell too far on the bottom towards the wall

roll of felt

I rolled up a bit of felt and hot glued the “tail” of it down.

photo hanging tricks

Then I used it as a sort of stop to hold the photo out. I just tucked it right in there and it holds great 🙂

Ghostly Gallery DIY

And once you’ve got all the frames filled, screws and nails all up and everything put in place, just enjoy your crooked frames. Well, unless you wanna add a little more to them… but you can see that in my Halloween Mantle reveal post on Friday 🙂

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