How to decorate with collections

Figurines, stamps, antiques, coins, signs, seashells, spoons. Whatever it may be, collections are often something that hold a special place not only in our hearts, but in our homes. Collections open up a new world for exploration, opportunities to reminisce about childhood memories, all while fueling the desire to search and find just the item to add to the collection. Unfortunately, as beautiful and meaningful as collections may be, they are often thrown into attics, garages, and basements, stifling any significance and appreciation the collection may offer.

decorating with collectionsHow do you embrace a collection? Discovering the meaning behind a collection is the first step.

A few thoughts to consider to decorate with collections:

1. Is the collection meaningful to you?

2. What value do you place on the collection? Monetary or sentimental?

3. Does it bring back positive or negative memories of the past?

4. Do you have the space to store or display the collection?

In answering these questions, you will be able to decipher first if the collection is worth keeping. Most often collections do hold a special meaning or bring back positive memories. Now the question is what to do with them? There are two options: either store or display them.

Storing and preserving your collection appropriately may be the most important action you take. Storing your collection where dust, moisture, mold, fluctuating temperatures, lights, and sunlight cannot ruin, is key. Finding the right container or box to prevent these various scenarios from happening, is a must.

carousel horse collectionimage via Makely Home

If you are looking to embrace your collection to its fullest, consider a display:

1. Think about how you want guests and family members to see your items.

2. Find an appropriate space to display the collection. Think hanging, shelves, bookcases, tables, or glass cabinets.

3. Make sure there is enough space to add to the collection if needed.

As you work through your collections and decipher how to best embrace them, keep in mind that if you are storing a collection for a family member that has since passed away, think about why you are hanging onto it. Sometimes keeping collections can only add more stress, burdens, and negative emotions. If your family has kept collections in hopes of you wanting them someday, and you no longer wish to keep them, do not feel guilty about letting them go.

plate wallimage via The Nester

Embracing your collections may be the best way for your home to tell a story of what you appreciate and treasure. Don’t be shy; find a space and start displaying your collections.

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  1. This is great! I’ve always been a bit fearful of decorating with collections as I thought they would give a cluttered/messy look to my home. These are some helpful tips to make displaying collections less intimidating.

    Thanks for sharing.

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