DIY Custom Memo Board and Push Pins

Welcome to day 2 of Six Days of Spring! All week we’re sharing ideas for you to spruce up your home this spring. Since I’m not a traditional seasonal decorating kind of girl, I’m sharing ways to bring old things back to life and and a little spunk in your home this spring. Today’s DIY is a custom memo board and push pins. So let’s make something that will hold all those notes, photos & little things.

I started with an uninspired cork board and a basic black frame, both found at the thrift store. Both of them were super cheap. Of course, you can buy new cork and a frame and still get the same results.

For the cork board you’ll also need:
A box knife
A hot glue gun & sticks
Hangers (if your frame is missing them)

See, this is simple!

Cut the cork board out of the frame, it may take a couple of passes but a box knife will cut it out.

Next, measure your frame to make sure that you cut the cork to the right size. You’re looking for the inside frame measurement, so the lip of the frame will hide the edge of the cork.

Next, measure and cut your cork. Make sure to measure it at least twice, just to be sure that it’s right. When the cork is cut to size, pop it into the frame.

Squiggle a line of hot glue on the back edge. If you have any minor gaps, you can fill them in with hot glue, too.

Next, take a paint stick (or other flat tool) and smooth down the glue to seal the cork into the frame.

Then hang your cork board! But why stop there? You’ve got a pretty board, you need some pretty push pins.

They’re so easy, don’t blink watching the video below or you’ll miss it!

See, they’re so easy! Just take some metal tags, glue on push pins & you’re done!

Now sit back and enjoy your new memo board. Ahhhh!

Oh! See the foot stool? Come back tomorrow for the DIY 411 – you’re going to be shocked at how easy it is!

Don’t forget to visit the other amazing bloggers (including Pottery Barn) for their spring projects, too!

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  1. Love the metal tags! I’m so happy I follow you! I also bought the lights like you have in your bathroom. One went over my dresser and the other is going in my master bathroom. My husband and I are getting to be pros changing electrical… thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Quick…easy and totally customizable!!!! Going to make one out of an old ornate oval frame…love the fact that with the blade…you can do it with any shape! Love it my friend and by the way…it looks perfect! 🙂 hugs…

  3. I am ashamed to say I have the ugly before cork boards hanging in my girls rooms! Now I can make them fabulous like yours! Can’t wait to see that footstool (and I’m in love with that chair)!

  4. Great idea to smooth out the hot glue like that.

  5. Love those little pushpins! I’m excited about your footstool tomorrow too, cute.

  6. You forgot step 5: Burn yourself on that $#%@! glue gun! (Oh, and I agree with jennifer l – good idea to smooth the glue!)

  7. Great idea, Gina! The pushpins are so cute! Thanks for inspiring me today!


  8. Those cute pushpins are the perfect touch.

  9. Very cute, as with others I am LOVING those pushpins, they are too cute!

  10. What a great update!

  11. Sooo cute!! I adore your pushpins~they are perfect!!

  12. Super cute Gina! I love the push pins!!!!

  13. Adorable push pins! They look great on the board!

  14. I’ve got a couple of these old boards…and I LOVE the push pins, so creative!!

  15. I just painted my frame for my corkboard and since the cork was ugly…I glued book pages to it. Was thinking it needs some cool push pins!
    and…here you are to the rescue. Love it!

    I pinned this! ~Pat

  16. Those are just the push pins I need for my new bulletin board:

  17. Love the push pins! Very cute.

  18. Loretta Andrade says:

    i think gina you are fabulous in making and thanksa lot to share all these thinks you are nice thanks a lot

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