DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Chairs

buttonwithstarfish Welcome to Transformation Thursday! It’s the one day of the week we all get together to celebrate getting stuff done. No matter if you’ve been coming around for months (or years), or this is your very first transformation rodeo – everyone is welcome to link up your projects at the bottom of this post.Lumber Last week I told you all that we’ve been working on new chairs. Although I liked the mis-matched chairs we had, most of them were on the brink of falling apart. We looked at a few different options, but then the inevitable question “Can we build this?” came up. And so, my friends, we went from there. Mr. SCC thought about the cull cart lumber, which meant we could buy all the wood we needed to build 8 chairs for about $25. Throw in some screws and we were ready to go.Handmade Dining Room Chairs We took my favorite old farmhouse style chair plus some ideas from The Design Confidential, and we had a plan. The only changes we made were to the seats and backs, other than that they are built according to the original designs.Each  piece was cut, planed, drilled and sanded before being put together, so that once they were together all we had to do was wipe them down and paint.Spray Painting Chairs Using a spray gun (thank goodness for a dry, warm day), Mr. SCC put several coats on the chairs from every angle. Plain white, nuttin’ fancy.Farmhouse Chairs And after two weeks worth of work, Mr. SCC made 8 chairs for less than half the price of a store bought one. Farmhouse Dining Room Chairs Not too shabby :)
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Welllllllll…………. Let’er rip, tater chip!
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  1. What a talented hubby! They turned out beautiful!

  2. Amazing chairs!!!! Not only that but they POP with that beautiful dark hardwood floor you have. Which I am having a crush on right now! Beautiful

  3. Oh I love the look of those chairs!

  4. those chairs are super cute!!

  5. I love the simple style of them. I don’t need chairs right now but I will defnitely bookmark this for future reference!

  6. Wow! Pretty impressive chair project!

  7. Now that’s one talented guy you’ve got there! They look amazing :)

  8. Oh my gosh Gina, those are fabulous! With a team like the two of you, there is nothing you can’t do! Thanks for the party! xoxo

  9. What amazing chairs! Gosh, I’m completely taken aback at your hubby’s talent as I’ve heard chairs are the hardest thing to build. We made a potting bench using reclaimed vintage table top….

  10. GINA! these are INCREDIBLE! absolutely stunning and i adore them! can you send you hubby on over here to help me build some! my hubs hates to build so i am glad someone’s out there is fab at it! i love how he assembly line built these babies, pocket holes and all!

  11. I’m impressed! They are beautiful!

  12. Gina those look amazing!!! I love them!!! What a talented hubby you have!

  13. You. go. girl! 😉 Those are fabulous, Gina!!!

  14. I can’t even begin to tell you how fabulous this is!!LOVE LOVE LOVE

    I’m pinning it on pinterest!

  15. Wow these look amazing Gina! We still gotta get together!

  16. No Way! those are amazing…what a wonderful talent! (and him too). lol

    Fancy Frugal Life

  17. VERY impressed! They turned out gorgeous… go you!

  18. Your chairs turned out great!! I apologize but my link accidentally linked up twice. Thanks for hosting the fun party!


  19. Those chairs are AMAZING! I am so impressed with your hubby.

    I used to have a furniture store and had a supplier who built custom furniture. He refused to build chairs because he said that they were the most difficult to build. I saw some of his attempts and they were awful!

    Having seen those chairs, your husband is nothing short of a genius!

  20. I am majorly impressed with the handywork!! They look amazing and better than any store!!They will carry a story, which makes them even greater! Love them! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  21. Oh my!! I can’t believe you made your own chairs! Those are awesome!!!

  22. those chairs look wonderful. More than wonderful. Y’all have some SKILL! They’re perfect!

  23. Hey girl, those turned out great! I’m surprised you didn’t paint them turquoise (cuz you’re a turquoisey kinda gal), but I love the crispness of all the white. Spray guns – ain’t they just a wunderful invention?? Tell Mr. SCC ‘way to go’…….now go finish that workroom in the barn! :)

  24. WOW!!! Those chairs are fantastic! And seriously the price!! WOW!!! Thanks for hosting, Gina! :)

  25. Those chairs look wonderful, sometimes plan white is just perfect.

    Thanks for hosting another fab linky!

  26. What an incredible project. I am so impressed. The savings is unbeleivable. ~~Sherry~~

  27. Ack!! I can’t even believe you guys made those!! Amazing!


  28. Again I love those chairs, I had to come bacck this morning and get another look. I LOVE THEM. And can I just mention the Spring fever I am getting from this party, my goodness there is yummy inspiration all over the place. Hope you have a great day.

    Cha Cha

  29. Good Morning Gina,,

    Ok…Fab chairs and the savings!!!!!
    Well done Mr. SCC

    Thanks for hosting this fun party

    Janet xox

    Off to blog hop ;->

  30. OMG … I’m so impressed with your new chairs !! What a talented couple you guys are. Amazing. Thanks for hosting and allowing me to play. *Becca*

  31. OH My GOSH!! what a BIG projects to make so many chairs! i wish i got a spray gun, that’ll make things easier than painting it one by one, love the chairs!! i’m so envious! drooling over them!!

  32. I will tackle most projects without too much trepidation but even the thought of building 8 chairs would give me a panic attack! There is just something about building chairs that seems out of reach for this DIY-er. I am impressed!

  33. omgoodness!!!
    amazing talent.

    beautiful set!


  34. Those chairs are awesome. I have been building lately – haven’t built up the courage for chairs yet – that’s on the top of my list. They look awesome! Thanks for hosting the party! I always love coming!

  35. Those chair are great!

  36. I LOVE the chairs!!!
    Thanks for hosting this fun link party again this week!

  37. Love your chairs!! Love that you guys took the time to make them for a fraction of the cost…so much better than buying, and I bet they’re higher quality! They turned out wonderful!

  38. You MADE those chairs? As in, but the wood and all that? I am IN AWE.
    They are perfect — and they will last forever. Wow. I’m not entering this week, but I had to stop by to see what you were up to, and I’m glad I did.
    Now I can go slink off into a corner and feel like SUCH an under-achiever. AMAZING chairs!
    AMAZING you!

  39. Oy — I meant “…as in, CUT the wood …” but my fingers went wonky. do you see why I don’t do woodworking? I’d have no fingers left.

    Those chairs are perfect!!!
    I love them!!!
    What a great job!!!

  41. LOve them!!!!
    Thanks for letting me link up!!
    I’m your newest follower from over at !!
    Let’s be friends! 😉 wink, wink :)
    Love your site!
    allie B

  42. Thanks for hosting…I am in full blown spring cleaning mode so I linked up a tutorial on making your own Orange Vinegar to clean!! :)

  43. Thanks again for hostessing!

  44. Love your chairs!! Thanks for hosting this fabulous party every week, and happy blogiversary!!

  45. Wonderful chairs and so lovely done! This is my first time visiting and what a wonderful blog you have. I just happened to have done my dining room table and chairs too!

  46. Amazing!! I can’t believe you got eight chairs for $25! They turned out beautifully!!

  47. Gina these CHAIRS ARE SO amazing! And only $25 bucks, that is a steal! I am SUPER impressed!

    I wonder if you would be willing to come do a special guest psot about these over at Remodelaholic? let me know and I will send you the details!


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