The DIY fireplace mantel

old fireplace

I’ve always admired my friend Beth’s love of decorating her mantel. She plays with it to satisfy her decorating hunger, and I adore the way she uses it as her own personal canvas. My wonky old fireplace was tricky to decorate – not because it was ugly, but it was slanted. Stuff would just slide right off. But, my friends, no more.

broken tile

Last week I told Mr. SCC that it was time. I was ready to tackle pulling out the old, non-functioning insert, take down the shelf, rip out the tile and basically start from scratch.

wood mantle Each time we start a project, we buy a few extra pieces of wood. You never know when a small mistake can set you back 2 hours to go buy another 1×8. (Oh the luxury of living in the country!) All leftovers go into our “wood savings,” then can be used on the next project. There was enough to build our entire mantel without buying a single extra piece – gotta love use what you have projects!

Simple 1x8s and 1x6s framed out the columns and structure, and a stair runner was used for the top. Stock crown molding and simple trim helped to give it a little detail. All the components were cheap solutions for whatever projects they were originally intended for – we rarely go all out.

behr dragonfly

We did, however, have to purchase two sheets of beadboard to go on the walls. Slowly, but surely, every wall is getting the striped stuff that I just can’t seem to get enough of.  A couple of coats of Hawaiian Sky later, I moved on to painting the it yourself fire place

The mantle part got the dark greeny blue – and the “firebox” surround was coated with the same plain white as my trim. A good brush and steady hand was all it took – no taping off here :)beach cottage fireplaceAnd there she is – in all her glory! My favorite little birdcage fit perfectly into the firebox (which is a wood surround painted a dark grey called Cracked Pepper).

aqua bead board

We decided to use leftover flooring from the kitchen for the hearth – free off cuts, and it makes the rooms more cohesive. Win-win!

wood distressing

Mr. SCC accidentally dropped the mantle on the gravel floor, even before it was painted. That’s ok though! I love the age appeal it adds :)

cottage mantle

I’m not quite finished playing with decorating – but I’m loving the simple elegance of just a few key pieces. Ikea Watering Can

Peach tree blossoms in an Ikea watering can (bought on my recent trip to Ikea with Cha Cha) gives me that farmhouse feel I love.aqua blue mercury glass

My addiction to mercury glass candlesticks finally came in useful!

peach blossoms See the beautiful imperfections?

shabby chic fireplace

Paint colors for DIY fireplace mantel: Wall – Hawaiian Sky (Dutch Boy); Mantel – Dragonfly (Behr); Trim – Stock White (Behr); Flooring – Jacobean (MinWax)



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  1. That blue color is awsome! Great makeover :)
    Thanks for hosting!

    Lina-Fancy Frugal Life


  2. I love, love, love the new mantle!

  3. Amazing transformation! Love it!
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Gina that is gorgeous!!! That blue beadboard is fabulous too. Great job with the mantel and fireplace, it rocks!!

  5. Gorgeous Gina!! As always! :)

  6. It turned out fabulous! Love the colors. And the pop of the peach tree blossoms… wow!!

  7. Love the new fireplace, Gina! So pretty and springy! Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

  8. Wow!!! I really loved the crown, but that color combo is swoon-worthy. Well done!

    -Aaron {the girl with the boy’s name}

  9. Wow, what a transformation! It looks great!

  10. Love love love this!! I adore the color! And I love the staging… the blooms just make the aqua pop even more! Great job!!!

  11. What a transformation! It looks great and I love the colors. Great job.

  12. Beautiful job! I LOVE it!!

  13. Gorgeous! I am swooning all over it!

  14. LOVE IT!!!! The color is perfection. You are right it is a Mercedes. I can’t wait to catch up, will call soon.

    Cha Cha

  15. Gina, that is a fantastic transformation.

    I would like to do the same thing with my fugly fireplace insert, but I’m wondering about something; how do you prevent cold/hot air from coming down the chimney, into your home?

  16. gina! it’s gorgeous! great transormation!
    thanks for hosting!

  17. Gina, this is wonderful. I love the color love how you changed it all around. Then I love the window on top….you really did such a great job.

  18. I love it! If you are writing a book, this should go in it — maybe even on the cover! It sure would make me pick up a volume & look through it!
    Perfection, here in the Northeast, would include some kind of heat source. Still, I would nearly call it that! :)

  19. Gina, I love the fireplace. Your colors are gorgeous too! Thanks for hosting today!

  20. GREAT makeover! I absolutely love every bit of it!

  21. This is so pretty! thanks for hosting this link party.

  22. You did that so fast! It’s wonderful. I can’t see any imperfections, only perfect memories. (too sappy? sorry)

    The colors are great. I built my own mantle a couple of years ago and I love fixing it up and changing it. You’re going to have such a good time with yours! Lisa~

  23. What wonderful soft colors – it’s perfect!

  24. Your new mantel is absolutely wonderful and breathtaking. Like always, thanks for hosting!

  25. Love the mantel, love the color and love the accessories! As always, thanks for hosting.

  26. Your mantel is beautiful! I just love it!

  27. that looks AMAZING!! It looks like it is from a magazine!

  28. I LoVE your new mantel! The color is the Beautiful. Thanks for hosting

  29. Wow, Gina! It’s just gorgeous! I love the transformation! And I had to laugh about your husband dropping the mantle and “aging” it for ya! My husband frequently hauls furniture projects from one room to another for me and has a habit of bumping into doors and things. He either says “now it’s distressed,” or “you’re going for the shabby chic look, right?” Nice.
    Thank you for hosting your fun party!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  30. Wow…the mantel looks so beautiful! The apple blossoms are gorgeous! Thanks for having the party!

  31. The fireplace looks wonderful! The colours you used are fab, very calming.

  32. AWESOME!! loving the new mantel!! i absolutely adore the color you chose and the simple yet beautiful decorations you put after it’s finished, mind blowing, love it love it love it!! can’t wait to see the living room when ur finished! x

  33. Wow, I’ve just stumbled across your site and I love it!! Please can you come and decorate my house?? I will definitely be taking tips of here!
    Sam xx

  34. Love the mantel and the beadboard wall~especially the colors you picked out! Really fresh.

  35. Awesome dear! Just wonderful! I am dumbstruck looking at this amazing creation!

  36. The mantel is awesome and the decorations are perfect! Love it!

  37. This is amazing! The blues look fabulous with just a touch of pink. Great color choices and a gorgeous mantle!!!

  38. That transformation is beautiful and I have never tackled a project like that. Blue is my favorite color and it fits the mantle perfect.

    Guess I need a handy man LOL


  39. That mantle and fireplace look amazing! I’m sorry that my link was done twice! Oops, I’m number 268 and 270. I don’t even know how I did that two times but I did.
    Thanks for hosting this great party!

  40. I was SO excited to see your transformed fireplace mantel, and it was SO worth the wait! The paint colors you chose for the bead board and mantel, compliment each other so beautifully. I love the accents you’ve added so far too. The reflective metal watering can, and the soft pink blossoms, really add lovely touches to the overall color palette. Job well done!! As my husband says, “You’ve got to be happy with that.” ; )

    I linked up here this week, with a post that is actually being featured for ‘All Things Inspired’ this week. “An Old Ladder, With a New Purpose”. I didn’t know it would be such a hit over there at ‘All Things Heart & Home” when I linked up (happy surprise!), but I had planned on linking up here with it this week before, because it is a ‘real transformation’ of something in our home, much like your fireplace/mantel. (It was scary too!) So I’m sharing it one more time.

  41. Ok hun, that looks amazing! I love the blues. We built our own fake fireplace in November. I know yours isn’t fake, but ours is smaller scale like yours. I love everything about this redo. You did a great job!

  42. Love that makeover!! Love your blog!!! Thanks for hosting! XOXO

  43. That is a HUGE transformation! I love the way you’ve decorated the mantle. Simple elegance!

  44. Looks amazing! I’m lovin’ the Peach Tree blossoms too!

  45. You guys are amazing! How fun to have a brand new wall and mantel to look at everyday!

  46. That was made from scraps?! Simply amazing, Thanks for hosting another great party.

  47. Gina, you knocked this one out of the park!

  48. Gina I love the blues!!!

  49. Whoa! Gina! You never cease to amazing me!! Thanks for hosting! :)

  50. Beautiful mantle! Thanks so much for hostessing.

  51. I love your new fireplace! It looks fantastic!

  52. wow! it’s stunning! how sweet & how beautiful.
    you’ll have so much fun decorating it. you & your hubby do amazing work.

  53. Gina! Hey love the New Fireplace. I bet you do too
    thanks for the link up!

    come visit

  54. It looks so so so good. The colors are wonderful.

  55. Gina that is so pretty, I love your colours and decor.

  56. wow! That is really beautiful.

  57. Oh that turned out beautifully!!!

  58. WOW!! What a transformation – AND party!! I love the refreshing Spring look you’ve got goin’ on!! Thanks for hosting!

    😀 Lynda

  59. Gina, it looks wonderful!! Great job.

  60. It is beautiful, Gina! I didn’t think it was at all bad before, but the difference is remarkable! You must be so pleased. The colors are gorgeous. Good job, lady (and Mr. SCC)!



  61. That IS aweseome!

  62. Awesome! (bad typo)

  63. Thanks for hosting this every week… You rock!! I’ve linked in two entries today.. and am off to check other inspirations now!!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  64. I love that color! It’s amazing!

  65. Just wanted to say that the fireplace looks phenomenal!

  66. That is what creativity is all about. Nice job.

  67. Beautiful….you and Mr. Hubby did a great job and I love the color. It just needed a loving touch to turn it around to a beauty.


  69. Wow! I love it. It’s SO cute. Nice colors too!!! :)

    Posted a pic and link of it on my latest post:

  70. I love this mantel! Where did you get the pillar candle holders? Thanks!


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