DIY glittered heart bunting

Since Valentine’s is next week, I thought I’d share the fastest decorating trick I know: an easy bunting. If some glittered hearts don’t make your heart go pitter-patter, then V-Day prolly isn’t the decorating highlight of your year. If it is, though, you’re in luck! You can make this garland in a few minutes with only a couple of supplies.

 Of course, to make a glittered heart garland, you’ll need some glittery hearts. I made mine by using glittered card stock and cutting them on my Cricut. You could totally use any other crafty cutting machine, or a heart punch, or even cut them by hand. You’ll also need some ribbon or twine and a hole punch (I like the skinny hole kind.)

Just cut the hearts, punch the holes and string them up. See, I told ya it was easy 🙂

 I hung mine over my chalkboard using double stick tape, because it’s one of the 3 places in my house that might get a seasonal touch. {Y’all already know I’m not much of a seasonal decorating girl.}

 You could get all fancy and do any shape & color for any holiday, but I’m really crushin’ on the hearts. I’d say that I love them…. but that would be kinda corny, eh?

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  1. Cuteness!! I’ve been wanting to make a heart bunting to string along our dining room chairs. I thought I’d have to sew it together, but this is perfect. I have a whole puncher, but I’d have to borrow someone else’s sewing machines because I don’t quite have one of those yet, haha.

  2. Oh girl you KNOW I love a heart garland….and then you add glitter and bam! Joy. Very cute! XOXO Lisa~

  3. So fun!

  4. Cute!

  5. Very cute glittery garland, perfect for Valentines!

  6. Yes I am a seasonal decorator, what else have I got to do? lol Love your snazzy garland. Love making garlands as there are so many ways to make them and so much to use. Sure glad you shared this project Gina. Think I’ll make one to hang across a partial wall between our kitchen and living room. Will dress it up a bit, couldn’t hurt. Love your blog Girl.
    Wish I had a bigger heart punch, that heavy glittery paper is a bear to punch thru if you have arthritic+-+-+– hands, ow. Guess I’ll be cutting them out. What else do I have to do (besides heckle the hubs). We’re together alot.

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