DIY vinyl mount faux taxidermy

In case you don’t know, I kinda have a thing for quirky animal heads. I want them to stand out and grab your attention, and maybe even make you laugh. Yeah, I know it’s weird, but I’m cool with that. Back last winter I bought a silver faux deer head, because I wanted it for my Christmas decor. Now it’s six months later and it’s still hanging around. However it was kind of blending in with my white walls. Not so fun. So I fixed it.
DIY vinyle faux mount taxidermy

DIY vinyl faux mount taxidermy

See, he was just hanging there, being all camouflaged in the wall. Deer who hide in the woods = good. Faux deer decor hiding on the walls = bad. Let’s fix that.


DIY vinyl faux mount taxidermy

I started with a sheet of pink vinyl from my friends at Happy Crafters. I cut a mount shape out using my Silhouette machine.

DIY vinyl faux mount taxidermy

Then I pulled off the negative area and applied transfer paper to it, which took two widths because I made the graphic as big as I possibly could.

DIY vinyl faux mount taxidermy

Then I applied it to the wall and smoothed it out (as best I could on my bumpy walls). Next I cut a small X in the vinyl where I wanted the screw to go to hold up the faux deer head so it wouldn’t wreck all my hard work.

DIY vinyl faux mount taxidermy

Then I put the deer in place and he finally stood out like the adorable creature he is.
DIY vinyl faux mount taxidermyIn about five minutes I added a whole lot of fun to the space with a little more quirk for the faux taxidermy, don’t you think?


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  1. I I will never understand that attraction .

  2. too funny! Love it!

  3. Marilyn says:

    That’s really cool!

  4. Cute idea! One of those…why didn’t I think of that?! Thanks for sharing.

  5. That looks really good now! Like Alexis, I am not a fan of real taxidermy but I can handle the faux stuff somewhat.

  6. valarie says:

    love, love, love Gina!

  7. Ha! I LOVE this – what an adorable deer head and easy mount. Pinned!
    (PS – whose purse and shoes are those before I steal them? They aren’t aqua so they can’t be yours) 😉

  8. Very cute! Of course, you make everything look so easy. Thank you!

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