Easy cocktails with Seagrams Escapes

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Summer is coming fast, and I’m so ready for it! There’s something about spending an evening winding down with girlfriends to make everything right as rain. Every now and then, we mix a few drinks to enjoy. As a former bartender, I can mix a mean drink, seriously. But, it can be a lot of work for a time when the main goal is relaxing.

Enter Seagram’s Escapes. This gave me the opportunity to win the “Best Friend of the Year” award from all my girlfriends. We all got together for a little taste- testing, and they all agreed–the drinks were amazing.

So it made me wonder, what would happen if I tried to up the yum factor on drinks that were pretty much perfect to begin with. Enter a little something special… simple store-bought sorbet! Add a few scoops to a glass, then pour a Seagram’s Escape over the top. That’s it. It may be easy, but it is soooo good. 

With seventeen flavors offered by Seagram’s, the options for making the perfect Escape cocktail is pretty unlimited, but I’m going to share some of my favorite combinations (all of which have two thumbs up from all my girlfriends!)

Jamaican Me Happy–amazing with pineapple sorbet or strawberry sorbet
Blackberry Breezer–yummy with lemon sorbet or vanilla ice cream (yep, ice cream!)
Calypso Coloda–perfect with pineapple or coconut sorbet (but best with both!)
Aloha-Tini–pineapple sorbet, hands down!
Watermelon Splash–so good with lime sorbet
Raspberry Lemonade–lemon sorbet makes it even more delicious
These are just the combinations that we tried, but use your imagination and let your taste buds be your guide!
Don’t want to mix it up yourself? Seagram’s also offers pre-mixed pouches that you can just stick in the freezer, then when frozen pour into your glass. Either way, it’s just a fun way to add a little more to your next girl’s night-in.


So raise your glass if you’re ready for some summertime fun with the girls–I know I am!
How do you celebrate the summer?  
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  1. These sound very good Gina! I’m in the process of building an outdoor bar and I’ve been thinking about what drinks I will serve for it’s christening. These just may end up on the menu 😉
    Marie@Interior Frugalista

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