Easy Gift Idea: Flavored Syrups (with free printable labels)

 Looking for an easy idea for that hard to make/buy for person on your list? If they’re a lover of hot chocolate or coffee, you’re in luck! My 5 minute make ahead go-to gift is flavored syrups – and you’ve probably got everything you need without ever leaving your house!

 To make it, you need sugar, water, flavorings, a glass bottle, & your labels (don’t worry, there’s a printable for you!) Just use equal portions of water and sugar for the base syrup. For candy cane syrup, simply break a few candy canes and put it into the base syrup to melt. Cook it on medium high heat just until the sugar is melted. Want vanilla? Just add 1 tablespoon of good vanilla extract per 2 cups of base syrup and that’s it. Kinda crazy that something so simple is about $10 a bottle at the grocery store!

A couple of tips:

  • Never stir simple syrup – you can swirl the pan, but never, ever stir it!
  • You can use any extract – the sky is the limit! (Must be alcohol or water, not oil, based.)
  • Want to make your own extract? Andrea will show you how at The Cottage Market.

There’s a million ways to use the syrup, put it in hot chocolate, coffee, over ice cream, in mineral water for Italian sodas, in whipping cream, or maybe over pound cake. Yum! No matter how you serve it, it’s always a favorite around here! I like to make up several extra bottles, perfect for last minute hostess gifts, etc.

And, just to make your gift even easier… here’s the printable:

Just click to enlarge, then save & print – easy peasy!
Hope you’re enjoying my handmade holiday series – you can find more ideas here:

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  1. Oh my goodness – this is wonderful! I am pinning it to make for gifts 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing!

  3. so I’m a little confused…how long do you cook it? at what temperature?

  4. Thanks for these syrup recipes; I love flavored coffee but hate the additives in creamers. Why mustn’t you stir the syrup; you say “only swirl…”?

  5. Great idea! I love the idea-simple and fun- xo Diana

  6. Wow, that’s fantastic. Any recipes for sugar free, per chance?

  7. Love this idea! Such a great alternative to giving hot cocoa

  8. Yum!!! These would be great gifts Gina!!

  9. Oh this is excellent – my daughter loves those syrups and they are soooooo expensive.
    I just gotta know – why not stir it? what will happen?

  10. I just tried to make this tonight to give as Christmas gifts. It turned out more like a flavored sugar water than a syrup. Could I have done something wrong? Any way to fix it? Or any tips? Thanks!

    • Hi Shannon,
      When it cools it should thicken a little, but it’s not thick like pancake syrup, rather it’s thinner like beverage syrup (think the bottle stuff in the coffee aisle.)

  11. How long will they keep?

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