Free makeover: painting cabinets

Being *this.close* to being finished in my bathroom means that I’m already lining up other projects to do when it’s over. I’ve pretty much done my part, so while I’m waiting on the fixtures to be installed in there, I noticed my kitchen is in desperate need of a little love. Nothing major, just a little freshening up to make her feel loved again. Since the bathroom has busted my budget, I had to get creative and figure out how to do a no-money makeover.

 See the cabinets? When I first painted them I adored them. Now the weathered look has kind of worn out it’s welcome, and I’ve kind of grown to hate them. I like a little distressing, but these are from my over the top phase. I wanted something fresh and crisp, and nothing does that as well as paint. I thought I’d be trying a beachy kinda blue, but once I started painting them I knew that it was all wrong. Then I remembered how I was crushin’ on the darker tones when I used the Color My Space tool. 

Notice the kick space isn’t even painted? That was done 4 years ago. Sigh.

 Since A) I didn’t have a budget for anything extra B) I’m impatient & C) I have more paint than Home Depot. Add it all up, and I decided to just mix together some paint that I already have. I just poured it into a bowl, mixed it together and then Lala did the rest. {I love to hear her say the words, “I wanna paint!”}

A couple of hours later, she was done. And, I didn’t hate the cabinets anymore. Pure bliss, I tell ya.

{P.S. Love the sweet tea sign? You can make your own with my tutorial.}

Do you have something you’re avoiding? 
What do you have on hand to make it better?
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  1. Wow…you are so brave and creative and the outcome is wonderful!…I love the color on the cabinets…good for you…enjoy them!…pls come visit…have a great day and enjoy your lovely “new” kitchen!, Mariaelena

  2. haha love your “more paint than Home Depot” comment! I feel that way too! Gorgeous choice of colour, love that kitchen!!!!

    Congrats on getting your cabinets painted. My cabinets are on my never-ending list, too. I’m inspired!

  3. Love the color! The beauty of paint means you can change your mind often! Cheers.

  4. Love it!!!

  5. I love it! How awesome that you had paint just hangin’ around for that. It was fate!

  6. I would love to paint my old ugly cabinets but I’m not sure what kind of paint to use. I love the color you chose too! What kind of paint do you use?

  7. Is this the floor you did with pine and the Jacobean stain? Love it!

  8. Gotta love no cost makeovers and a willing helper! The new colour looks great. I have about 20 of those MS bottles too. Our HD was clearing them out for $1 each.

  9. OOo…I love the color. Guess there’s no point in asking what it is! Just kidding!

  10. The blue is gorgeous! Would it work on the hood too? Maybe someone could match it for you if you need the color again. The shade you created makes the floor look beautiful.

    I love the hood’s design and how you arranged the plates around it.

  11. I would use it on my checkerboard painted wood kitchen floor.

  12. I LOVE THE COLOR! It really makes the kitchen pop. It pulls everything together too, isn’t that neat how little bits of color can do that?!

    I love your sweet tea sign! Might need to make one for myself.

    Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom! Waiting in suspense.

  13. I love it!! It makes a huge difference. Funny how a little change can make such a big difference. And I’m with you about impatient! I’m all about doing it with what I have on hand! Love this transformation.


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