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We’re so happy to say that we’re home today! While I’m pampering Mr. SCC back to 100%, I have a few more friends that will be stopping by to share with y’all. Up today: my buddy Donna at Funky Junk Interiors!

Hello everyone! My name is Donna and I’m a junkaholic. :) My passion is creative decorating with unique elements, namely ‘junk’. So if you like pallet board builds and rusty trinkets, you and I have lots in common. :) So… have you ever wished you could build something from scratch out of wood? Today I’m going to share how I made a couple of toolboxes myself out of one board each. Both have very funky handles making them one of a kind. I LOVE toolboxes for their versatility and these were really easy to pull off.

created with 1 pallet board and an antique drill handle
created with one big picket board and a branch handle
Aren’t they fun?!?
Find a handle of your dreams, then build the box around it. And you’ll end up with a one of a kind creation.
Pallet board / drill handle toolbox
This one looks a tiny bit complicated and took more steps than the picket one. But I promise, it wasn’t that hard.

Front, back and bottom

1 2 3 – I measured out how long I wanted my toolbox and cut the first piece. I then used that piece as a guide for the other two. These pieces would become the front, back and bottom. 4 – I dry fit it to get a visual. LOVED the wood patina and nail holes. :)


Once I decided how tall I desired the sides to rise, I cut a board twice that long so I could make both sides at once. 5 – The board was clamped to two sawhorses for stability while cutting with a jigsaw. I drew one side, then cut it. (with a dull blade… use a sharp one!) 6 – I used the cut piece to transfer the design to the other side. 7 – The old board got a good sanding. 8 – The middle of the board was measured out.

9 – The board was cut in the middle, creating the two sides. 10 – Everything got another good sanding, especially the edges and ends, but care was given to not overdo it as I wanted to maintain the squareness of the edges. 11 – I dry fit to ensure it was working. It was! So hmmm… what’s that old tyme drill for anyway? You shall soon see. :) 12 – I used a spade bit in the cordless drill to drill the holes in the sides for the handle.

13 – After one hole was drilled, I used it as a template for the next hole position. 14 and 15 – I didn’t drill right through this time. Yet. 16 – I re clamped the board back onto the saw horse and jigsawed two small cuts leading up to the intended hole.

17 and 18 – I then finished drilling the hole. You see, I needed a slot for… 19 – the drill handle of course! The blade end of the (VERY DULL) drill slips into one hole, and the handle slips into the slot of the other. 20 – I predrilled and nailed all of the pieces together….

And called it done. :)

However I’m really glad toolboxes are so versatile because I really needed it…
… inside the house as a telephone companion. Perfect. :) Picket toolbox This one’s much easier.

Cut, screw together, find a cool handle, drill a hole for it and you’re done! (full meal deal tutorial is HERE)

Wish you could build your own stuff? You can you know. :) Ask someone to help you work the tools and from there, it’s like icing a cake. But be warned, get proficient with building and you’ll be asking your sig other to move over to his side of the workshop… :)
These builds were originally part of a workshop series on how to build a toolbox. You can find those posts HERE.
Thanks for having me over today Gina!

Thanks, Donna! I love, love, love those tool boxes! Now, I gotta get Mr. SCC all better and stuff so he can build me some :)

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  1. OH Gina what an answer to prayer! We were discussing you all last night and how you hubby was in the hospital quite ill. Take care now and go pamper both of yourselves!

  2. What a blessing to have your Honey home!!! We will continue prayers for his recovery and prayers that you do not overdo as his caregiver!!!


  3. Hi lovely lady.
    Iam so sorry about your honey being sick. But he is home with you now and he is going to be find. I will pray for you both..
    XXOO Diane

  4. Love me some Funky Junk Donna!

    So glad you are home! Lisa~

  5. I’m so glad to hear that you’re home now. Praying for you that he continues to get better.

    Love Funky Junk. I’ll be sharing some of the tutes there with my son. His hands are needing something creative to do. He wants a job. Perhaps it’s time for him to put those two things together and learn to build.

    Thank you gals!

  6. LOVE Donna! And I’m happy you are all home and recovering!
    Prayers xoxox

  7. Hi Gina,

    I’m sooo happy that your hubby is home with your family! I love Donna’s blog, and I follow you both. What really touches me is that it seems like a lot of the bloggers that I admire and follow are friends – like you and Donna. It’s wonderful how you all step up when someone needs help and needs a “guest poster.” That speaks to me about the kind of people you all are and I’m happy I’m such a good judge of character! :)

  8. Hi Gina,
    Glad to hear Mr Scc is on the mend.
    I’m always amazed at Donna’s ingenuity and this tool box is one of the great ones for sure.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  9. Oh wow, these are so nice! Very well explained too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The toolbox is fabulous!!! A great piece for decorating in any season, what fun!!!

  11. Love the picture with the kitty!! So pretty :)

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