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We’re on day two of an entire week devoted to handmade Christmas ornaments. This post is an amazing idea from my friends at East Coast Creative…

Hey Guys! It’s Monica from East Coast Creative Blog– and I’m so excited to be hanging out at Shabby Creek Cottage today!

East Coast Creative

Jess and I have been loving all of Gina’s Christmas ideas lately, and today we’re here to share a fun DIY Christmas ornament idea that can go with just about any style!

Rustic Modern Christmas

So whether you’re planning a traditional or more modern Christmas, these string art ornaments are a perfect fit! Jess and I host a DIY show for ABC called “Knock It Off” and during our holiday episode we had one homeowner that wanted a modern Christmas and the other wanted a traditional and rustic look. It got us thinking that projects that can work for any style are a major score! (If you want to watch our holiday episode, you can watch it online HERE)

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own string art ornaments

DIY christmas Ornaments

The materials for each style are the same, but the process is a bit different, so up first…

Rustic String Art Ornaments

1- Choose a log (birch is the prettiest, but any will do) and slice it down to 1″ thickness using a chop saw or hand saw.

birch christmas

If you don’t live in the woods, you can also buy single birch logs at Michael’s- they’re the perfect size for crafting.

wood cut ornaments

2- Cut a tree (or any shape really) template out of paper and use some tape to attach it to your wood disk.

string art tutorial

3- Nail your small finishing nails (mine we 1/2″) along the edges of your paper template. It’s okay to go right through the paper if you want, we’ll be peeling it away when we’re done anyhow.

make christmas ornaments

4- Tie a knot around the top nail and then zig-zag your string back and forth, creating your tree shape. Tie another knot when you’re done. Trim off any extra string.

DIY Christmas

5- Use a drill bit to make a hole at the top, feed string through, tie a knot and Ta-Da- An adorable rustic, DIY Christmas ornament! You could easily do snowflakes, snowmen, simple presents- any shape really!

String Art Christmas Ornaments

I love the look on the tree, but I also leaned some against my planter as mantle decor. Make sure you come visit East Coast Creative Blog next week, because my whole Christmas House Tour will be up- I think I’m more excited about my Christmas decorations this year, than any year before!!

DIY Christmas Decorations

Now, for all you modern-loving folks out thereā€¦ let’s talk Geode String Ornaments.

DIY Geode String Ornaments

String Art Ornaments

I’m a big fan of these geode shapes and my gal pal Mandi made a fun piece of art, which got me thinking I’d love that idea in a mini ornament sized version. Mandi and I both used Jamie for our blog designs and she created the fun, geode graphic.

geode shape

To give these a more modern, clean look I skipped on the birch logs and used wooden disks from Michael’s. They have a beveled edge that I wasn’t loving, so I flipped them over and used the smooth backside. (Is it bad that “smooth backside” just made me laugh? Yes, you can totally tell I’m a mom of 4 kids- lol)

Craft Wood

I spray painted the wood a blush/peach color and then taped on my template.

Geode ornament

Again I used the small finishing nails and a hammer…

DIY Christmas ideas

To capture the look of the shape, you’ll put a nail at each line intersection.

christmas ornament ideas

For this one, I used a multi-colored thin, yarn because I liked the look it had.

Tie a knot at one of the nails and then follow all the lines to create your shape. The order doesn’t really matter, just make sure you go across each line. There were about 2 I skipped, just because I thought it was overkill, but otherwise I followed the template.

String Art

Pull the paper away and you’re left with this beauty!

(which I just realized isn’t the same one at all. Whoops! I made a bunch but, only did after pics of a few. The circle ones were my favorite, so you’re getting all circle “after” pictures. The continuity police would have my heads!)

Modern Christmas Ornament

Jess and I both have different design styles, so I love when one of us comes up with a project that appeals to all different peeps!

If you’re looking for even more holiday decorating inspiration, here are a few of our favs from the past few years.

Wood Slice Wreath– I love that this one can be on your door all throughout the winter.

wood slice wreath

Reindeer Silhouette Art– This one is a fan fav on EC2 and was done for one of our Nate Berkus Show episodes a few years back.

reindeer silhouette

And of course, no one likes a Grinch around Christmas, but my kids loved having him on our front door!

The Grinch Front Door

And since Instagram is so popular these days (@Eastcoastcreative) my old Polaroid picture tree could easily be done using IG prints!

Pictures on Christmas tree

We hope you all have an amazing holiday season and hope you’ll hop over and visit us at East Coast Creative sometime soon!

Gina, thanks so much for having us- your creative ideas never cease to amaze us (Frog Tape Wreath?? Genius!)

Merry Christmas!

Monica (and Jess)


All week this week I’ll be sharing some great handmade ornament ideas from a few of my friends – with a link party on Friday to share YOUR handmade Christmas ornament ideas. Hope you’ll join me!

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