20 delicious healthy recipes

With a long weight loss journey ahead, finding delicious & healthy recipes is always on my mind right now. I’m really watching the calories, and these options will help keep me on track for a long time to come. Breakfast, lunch, dinner & even dessert are all covered – with lots of yummy healthy recipes.

delicious & healthy recipes

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From appetizers to dessert, there's something for every meal with these healthy recipes.

20 healthy recipes

For more healthy recipes, be sure to see my Healthy Recipes Pinterest Board.

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  1. Pinned, and thanks for putting the recipes together. That is what sabotages some of us – not having easy and tasty ready to go!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am always trying to find healthy things to make us at home, we especially my husband who has lost 20 lbs and counting just by eating right 🙂

  3. Yeah You! I have been reading about your journey and I am so excited for you! I found out the hard way how sick food can make you. In the last year I gained weight, craved food like crazy, muscle spasms, joint pain, breakouts and felt foggy! Celtics disease. Three weeks I have lost 16 lbs. going off gluten I also went off sugar. Even through it seems to be a lot of weight it has slowed down now. I have also used Skinny Mom’s recipes. I eat clean. Or I get very sick. I am on vacation and found out how sick after thinking I could cheat eat because it is so hard to eat three meals out a day. But now learned I can eat salads, baked potatoes and meat if it has a bone. Your young and to find out now is to your benefit. I will also be following your board! I am excited to do this journey with you!

  4. Gina,
    This is a wonderful and worthwhile journey. I. too, am eating much healthier. Just eating healthier and walking has helped my weight, stress and perspective on life. I do not want to go back to the old me, so changes must continue, little by little. I love the recipes you mentioned and be using them. Many blessings to you on your journey. Know that there are people out here, cheering you on and following in your footsteps. Cynthia

  5. Great choices! Thank-you and best of luck to you in your efforts!


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