How to add a new color into a room {without breaking the bank}

It’s no surprise when you stop by here and see a new photo of something aqua. I love my aqua, and teal, and turquoise… well all sorts of beachy blues. But when you decorate your whole house around one beloved color can leave it feeling a little boring. On the other hand, adding in a new color can seem daunting. It’s kind of the “give a mouse a cookie” thing, ya know? But, if you’re revolving around any one color family (even if it’s a neutral), choosing to add in a new hue can bring your room to life.

I am totally smitten with a new color: Persimmon. Yes, it’s different – but different can be really fun! It all started with one tray that I found on clearance at Target for less than $10. I loved the shape of it and was even digging the color.

 In the overall room, it was just one little bit of the space as a whole. It wasn’t like the room was screaming “I’m aqua and orange!”

 Then a few more pieces came in. My stepdaughter, Jamie, made me a beautiful frame (and put Brady’s photo in it), and Mr. SCC surprised me with an Anthro vase {swoon!}

 Another Target clearance find, an orangey flower pot, was added in because: A) I loved the pie crust kinda edge; B) I needed something to hold my new coasters; and C) a $3 something that makes you happy is always worth it (always – even if it’s just a cup of coffee.)

 My latest addition is a blanket from Home Goods. Cynthia Rowley makes pretty stuff, doesn’t she? I’d been visiting it every week for a couple of months, petting the softness of it and thinking… “I really love this.” Then my other self would say “You don’t need another blanket.” The lovely one won. {Am I the only one who fights with herself over buying a $20 blanket?!?}

 Look at those ruffles. Sigh.

The moral of this story is if you decide to add a new color, don’t second guess yourself – just do it. Buy something small, and when you get it home and love it, add something else. Don’t go to the store and buy 18 things all in one trip. I don’t even buy them all from one store. Here, there, and everywhere, I say!

And, while we’re talking about gathering…. when you’re keeping an eye out for new things to bring in, look for different textures. In this instance, I added in wood, ceramic & fabric – and each one brings something unique to the party.

Do you stress over bringing a new color into play or do you just do it? 
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Gina Luker is a writer, photographer and lover of all things quirky. She's usually found with a drill in one hand and a cocktail in the other while blogging along the way. She's addicted to coffee, polka dots, rock stars, Instagram, and everything aqua.


  1. It’s great the orange color. I love it, it brings sunshine into your house. I myself added a touch of orange into my house these days. It has something to do with Carnaval (hard to explain here)but I never expected that it would turn out so great. Regards, Pascale

  2. Those two colors go so well together, your pictures are magazine worthy! I used those colors to decorate my kids bathroom and I’m still loving it!

  3. Love.

  4. Beautiful Gina. It really adds a burst of freshness to the space. Cheers.

  5. Love the addition of the pretty accent color! And that ruffled throw…oh my…!!!

  6. I love this peppery color, too. So fun!

  7. I love that color in your room. Such a sweet pop, and it is in perfect harmony with the aqua and the neutrals.

  8. Hello, Gina! I am a new blogger and I have to tell you that I really like this blogger’s community and I would like to know better each other. I have already realised that I like all the intense colors like orange, magenda, red and emerald green which is also the color of the year. If you would like have a look in my two published post about the colors magenda and emerald green. Thank you and I hope I see you there! See you next time.

  9. I love color! My living room has a deep red, a green and a mustard yellow color on another small wall. They blend so well together and I’ve loved them for about 6 years. I’m now tired of it. I plan to go back to neutral walls (beige!)and add color through accessories.

  10. I have that ripple throw, I actually have the orange & a yellow one as well. They are so soft & cuddly. I also have included orange in our house for a splash of colour. The house is fairly neutral grey, whites & walnut/teaks so bringing in the orange in the throw, tea towels, a touch in cushions & a couple of orange elephants really make the room look more lively.

  11. I love the orange add in. I often (always) have trouble putting colors together. I hope that in my next house I will work on adding color into my rooms.

  12. I love the color combination you went with, and no I too struggle to talk myself into buying something even if it’s only a couple of dollars.

  13. Everything looks great Gina..That orange pop just adds so much to your room..I agree that using the same colors everywhere makes you get tired of them and way too soon..I also fight with myself about spending money for things..but I buy mostly from thrift shops so the prices are much lower..

  14. Totally! I have took down some curtains in my living room over 6 months ago and still have not decided what color to do in there. I keep telling myself to hurry and decide already.

    I love that new color, it pops against the aqua.

  15. The orange goes with the teals and torquois… You always need sun at the beach. 🙂

  16. I’m also working on incorporating a new color into my living room (a bright, happy Hermes orange). I think you did an exceptional job of adding little touches that don’t take away from the overall feel of your room. I love it!

  17. So pretty! LOVE the pop of fun it gives the tranquil atmosphere. I argue with myself over purchases all.the.time. You’re not alone 😉

  18. Gina-This is a great post and so true. My family room accents were mainly Kelly green. Loved it but it needed more. I started adding orange pieces and the difference is amazing. I wasn’t even sure orange and green went together, but it looks great. I just discovered your blog, and I am a fan!

  19. Oh, and I have that exact same throw in green. Love it! It’s pretty and functional.

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