How to caulk {like a girl}

caulk like a girl
For the last week of the year, I got my caulk on. Yes, after all the craziness of the hospital stay, surviving the holidays and even making it by the skin of my teeth, I think I got my house all winterized just before the severe weather comes around. I’m the first one to admit that caulking isn’t going to get me featured on HGTV or anything, but hey those maintenance issues don’t solve themselves now do they? Since Mr. SCC has been working so much lately, I decided to tackle it myself. Why yes, I do caulk like a girl 🙂 What does that mean? I like to keep it clean and simple!

Since I’m somewhat of a caulking savant, I thought I’d share a few of my tips on how I do it. Let me start off by saying yes, it’s somewhat messy – but it’s not too terribly bad.
dap winterizing caulk First you’ll need a few tools. You’ll need a caulk gun, a tube of caulk, a box cutter, and a caulk tool. You also might wanna keep a pile of scrap cloths or paper towels ready. I prefer DAP Alex Ultra 230 caulk. {This was my favorite long before they became a sponsor 🙂 .} I like it because it flows smoothly, not too thick or thin, it’s ready for rain in only 3 hours and I’m so thankful that my trusty guy at The Home Depot helped me find it.  I don’t know the name of the gun, but I got it right on the caulk aisle. Maybe I should bedazzle it for a more girly look, eh?
caulking tips After you insert the caulk into the gun – BEFORE you tighten it – cut the tip off of the tube. I cut mine on an angle to make it easier to control.
how to caulk So now let’s go over what the gun does. There are two main functions: Flow & Whoa. {I’m sure there’s a fancy name, but I like simple terms – haha!} The trigger like apparatus makes it go – or flow – ya know, come out – kinda like the accelerator of caulking.
caulk tips The little tab on the end releases the pressure – making the flow slow down. It doesn’t stop it 100%, but it does keep it from smooshing out more of the caulk.
window before So now we find our space that we wanna caulk. I started with all my windows. As you can see, the old caulk is kinda cracked, which is not good. It’s letting heat out and cold in. Not only that, it’s not so pretty to look at, either!
caulk a window I scraped off as much of the old caulk as I could and cleaned the area well. Then I run a Goldilocks bead {not too much, not too little, just kinda in the middle} by squeezing the trigger lightly all the way down the window frame. As soon as you get to the end hit the WHOA button – or you’ll have caulk everywhere.
caulk You’ll have some on the end of your tube from the downward motion, just wipe it off with those scrap cloths. Start each line with a clean tip.
caulk tools Next I was supposed to get a photo of me using this tool – but since I was caulking and photographing and doin’ all by myself, I missed this step. Once you have your bead of caulk, run the corner edge of the tool down through the caulk to smooth it out.
caulk window After you smooth it out, just let it cure and then you’re ready to paint. Not only should you do it on the outside, but the insides of the windows, doors & all your trim. It makes your home look more finished AND saves on your electricity bill – woot woot!
Once I did my homework, here’s what I learned about the effectiveness of caulking:

  • For as little as $20 worth of caulk, you can save up to 20% on your heating & cooling bills. (That’s about $80 a month in the winter for me – huge savings!)
  • You should caulk around windows, doors, and fill any cracks around basements, crawl spaces, and around the base of your home – anywhere that air can leak in or out.
  • Caulk should be used on gaps 1/2 inch or smaller, any larger gaps should be filled with foam sealants.
  • You should check your sealants twice a year – fall and spring.
  • In addition to the $$$ savings, caulk makes a home look better, too 🙂

Sooooooo……. whatcha got? I wanna see – and so does everybody else! Please put your PERMALINK into the linky – and link back here so everyone can find all the great ideas. Please, please, PLEASE – pretty please DO NOT LINK TO A SHOP!!! Be sure to visit your neighbors and have fun – it is a party after all. *Please note: If you link up you are giving me permission to use your photos on my blog without contacting you (don’t worry, it’s only to show off your beautiful stuff!)*
Welllllllll…………. Let’er rip, tater chip!

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  1. That heading got my attention! I’ve never caulked as yet but if I need to I’ll be back to see your tute!

  2. You always have such great tips Gina. Thanks for hosting. Have a Happy New Year.

  3. Thanks for hosting!!

  4. There is a pin on the caulk gun. It folds back onto the side of the gun. Turn it out and poke it into the cut end of the tube nozzle. There is a membrane between the nozzle and the caulk. If you don’t pierce it the caulk will squirt out the back of the tube making a huge mess.

  5. Great tutorial, Gina! Caulking is in my future this year! Happy New Year!…hugs…Debbie

  6. Well, you just reminded me (1) I should have done this and (2) that girls are really good at this stuff.

    Flow and Whoa! I love it!

  7. If you didn’t use up your whole tube of caulk, you can stick a large headed nail into the nozzle. Put the caulk tube on the shelf and the next time you need some caulk, remove the nail and you’re ready to go again!

  8. That is a nifty little tool Gina! I will have to check that out. It would have come in handy when I was caulking our baseboards.

  9. Sigh… I hate caulking! Its gotta be the worst! Thanks for the tutorial though and for hosting 🙂

  10. love this tutuorial! Thanks for hosting the party. I linking up some yummy treats!

  11. That reminds me I need to caulk around my garage doors and windows, it’s suppose to be nice this week end so will get it done , Thanks

    Have A Happy New Year day

  12. Thanks for hosting, have a wonderful new year!

  13. Great tute! I just wish I had seen it yesterday….I have been caulking the windows in our old motor home and I made a mess, lol! I did (thankfully) find the whoa lever….

  14. I am a new follower. Thanks for hosting!

  15. Have a wonderful New Year and thanks for hosting!

  16. thanks for the party! i’m late as can be! hope you have a lovely NEW YEAR!


    saw that you are speaking at SNAP! woot woot – i will see you there. you flying out of nashville? i don’t have my ticket yet, but will be getting it soon. we should chat – soon.

  17. i meant to say, i have my ticket for SNAP! but not the airline ticket. wondering who else is going from our neck of the woods?

  18. Thank you for hosting!
    Happy New Year!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  19. Hi, I just found your blog – and I’m joining the party! I’ve added you to my blog party roll, too, so I can party all through 2012 – thanks for hostessing!


  20. Hi. I know I’m a little late, reading this post. Just made my way here from Pinterest. It’s awesome that you are sharing this with everyone. I just wanted to add something. The ProCaulk corner tool is actually not the best way to smooth out the caulk. A wet rag (I use an old t-shirt) and your finger will smooth it out much cleaner and give you more control.

  21. You actually do not need a razor either. Most caulk guns have a little hole in the handle that you stick the tip in and cut it off.


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