How to Clean a Keurig Machine

Hi there! It’s Christine from First Home Love Life, and I’m back at the cottage today to show you how I clean my most beloved and hardest working kitchen appliance; my Keurig coffee maker! Learning how to clean a Keurig will make your coffee even better.


how to clean a keurig machine

clean keurig


Keeping this machine running smoothly and making great tasting coffee is an absolute must for me, and it only takes a few minutes to do. Here’s how…

drip tray


First, remove the drip tray and clean it out with warm water and dish soap. Then remove the water reservoir and dump any water inside. Remove the filter as well and check to see if it needs to be changed.



Next, Open the lid where you put your Kcups. Take something long and pointy like a toothpick or skewer and find the Kcup piercer on the underside of the lid, be careful it’s very sharp! You should see a small hole in the middle of the piercer, put the skewer/toothpick into the hole and wiggle it around to loosen any clogged coffee grounds.



Once that’s done, remove the Kcup holder- clean it out, and give that area around it a good wipe down with warm soapy water and a cloth.



Continue to wipe down the outside of the machine, as well.

Now, fill your water reservoir that we removed earlier up with good ol’ distilled white vinegar.



Get out a cup and let the vinegar run through the Keurig a few times to clean it out, you’ll be surprised what comes out of there…



coffee grinds


Empty the remaining vinegar out of the reservoir when it runs clean into your mug, then wash out the reservoir with water and soap. Add your charcoal filter back in, fill with water and let the clean water cycle through a few times to get rid of the residual vinegar taste…

clean keurig


Then pop in your favorite Kcup and enjoy a nice hot brew of fresh coffee out of your almost new again machine!

Cleaning your Keurig once a month like this will prolong its life and keep it running great, and let’s face it…a day without coffee is…well…a very scary thought! 😉

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Talk to you soon friends, take care!


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  1. Carol in the Land of Oz says:

    I like to take the coffee mug with vinegar water and let it cool a bit. Then stick it in the microwave and set for 1 minute. When the buzzer goes off, let it sit in there a little while, then open the door and wash down the microwave too. Get two uses of that vinegar!!

  2. I’ll be doing this this weekend!! Thanks!

  3. Gina – it’s like you’re reading my mind! I was thinking today about doing this today – seeing as it’s just been over a month since we jumped onto the K-Cup band wagon (and we’re not looking back!) I was going to go dig out the owners manual, instead I’m printing your post and taping it to the inside of my kitchen cupboard. Thank you!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips! The Keurig has been a bit tricky to clean. These seems really easy though!

  5. Marlene Parker says:

    How do you know if the charcoal filter needs replaced, how often should they be changed and where do you purchase them??

  6. I used a pipe cleaner to clean the cup piercer. It was easier and a lot more efficient. It went all the way up inside and the bristle did a through job.
    Cleaning my Kerurig made a big difference in the amount of coffee my husband was getting in his cup. Since I don’t drink coffee I didn’t realize it wasn’t working right. I,m glad I ran across this site.
    Thanks so much.

  7. Where is the filter?

  8. Don’t waste the vinegar! When I clean my Keurig I also liberally sprinkle the bathtub with baking soda. I add some blue Dawn to the first cup of hot vinegar and sprinkle it over the baking soda in the tub. I pour each cup of plain hot vinegar onto the baking soda and then let it sit several hours before I scrub and rinse the tub. The hot vinegar really makes a difference with the Dawn and baking soda.

  9. I hate leaving the “good post” comment cuz it looks like I am trying to spam you, but…good post!

  10. Michelle Noel says:

    Thank you so much for this! I got a single-cup brewer for my dorm and this is so helpful. Gosh. <3

  11. Deb Austin says:

    To Marlene Parker about a year ago. I just happened to see this. The recommended # of times to fill the reservoir before changing the filter is about 60. You can keep up with the fills or what I do is I know on the average how many times a week I refill the reservoir. (3) For us that is about 20 weeks or 5 months. Use your judgment, however. If you have hard water and your coffee is not as delish as you usually make, go ahead and change it a little early. If you are using filtered water to fill the reservoir, then I wouldn’t waste the money on another filter unless you feel that your coffee is better with the second one added.
    Happy Podding.
    * Use those pods to start your seeds early before you plant them outside *


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