How to make chalkboard labels

This idea is super simple.  So simple that I almost didn’t post about how to make chalkboard labels. It almost seemed too easy. But, it’s kinda genius. I love chalkboards in almost every form. And I really like those removable chalkboard stickers, but they do lose their staying power after a while – and I was looking for a more permanent solution. Wanna see? Well let’s get to gettin’!
Krylon Chalkboard Paint
You’ll need:
  • Kryon chalkboard spray paint
  • some blank mailing labels (I like the larger ones)
  • some sort of tape – packing tape, masking tape or painter’s tape
  • cardboard for a base (I used the side of an old box)Chalkboard Stickers DIY Tape a sheet of labels to the cardboard
  • How to make chalkboard stickers Use Krylon chalkboard paint to spray several light layers of paint on the labels.Chalkboard Stickers Then peel off the tape, along with the outer edge of the label sheet (if your labels have them). Now let them dry.chalkboard stickers tutorial You can use them as is, or use a punch to create shapes out of to make chalk board labelsYou could use them on jars, boxes, or even buckets. No matter where you put them, if you use good quality labels then they’re not going anywhere. See – just so simple :)
*Krylon supplied me with the paint for this project (and others to come). But, it should come as no surprise that I prefer this brand, I’ve been chanting “Krylon Rocks!” for years now :)
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  1. Simple but genius. I’ve been wanting some labels for a few things but hadn’t really found any I liked and had not thought of this. I’ve spray painted EVERYTHING else, I might as well do some mailing labels too. 😉

  2. Thank you so much for hosting, Gina! Love the label idea! You know, you think it’s just so obvious, but sometimes those are the ideas you need to tell people about! Me…for example…:) Thanks, again!!!!

  3. Those are adorable, and you’re right, I had a smack myself in the head/V8 moment. Brilliant and simple!

  4. What an absolutely fabulous idea!! You’re right, so simple, but so perfect!! Thanks for hosting!


  5. Never would have thought to use those! I am so glad I found your blog!

  6. That is genius! I love it and now must buy label sticker.

    -Aaron {the girl with the boy’s name}

  7. LOVE the label idea – what an easy way to do it!

  8. Love this! Too cute!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Shelly xo

  9. How fun, Gina! I did chalkboard paint, too…on wine glasses! Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

  10. I think I might be going crazy with the chalkboard paint again. This is a wonderful idea…never would have thought of spraying the sticky paper. Thanks for hosting:)

  11. how smart! so simple but i probably wouldn’t have thought of it :) can’t wait to make some labels!!

  12. I do love a good chalkboard label. I’ll be trying this one soon!

  13. Great idea…Chalk paint is on my list of things to “play with” I have to get some SOON!! Joining your party this week – thanks for hosting!

  14. Gina — these are fantastic! I never thought of doing that! Love that you can use punches to get whatever shape you want — Thanks much!

  15. Almost didn’t post it??? Genious girl!!

  16. Um, this is genius! Love this idea! Such a simple way to make fun labels.

  17. What a fabulous idea…love it!!


  18. Aren’t you a smartie pants?! 😉 Love this idea, Gina. :)

  19. Gina, thank you again for hosting this wonderful party, I linked up a dress form I transformed. Linky was so busy hooking up your links that I waited forever… each step and then by the time I got mine added 6 others were added not complaining Just wanted to let you now that we love you and what a busy blog you have!!


  20. How clever! Love chalkboard paint. Can’t wait to try this. Running to buy some labels :)

  21. Great idea with the labels! I love projects that I already have all of the supplies for! Thanks for hosting and have a great week! :)

  22. that is really simple, but totally genius! i think some of those labels may mysteriously go missing from work. i kid…maybe…

  23. What a clever way to do the chalkboard labels!

  24. LOVE this idea!!!

    m ^..^

  25. Great idea Gina.. just bought some clay pots for herbs and wanted to put lables on them. This is perfect! Thanksfor hosting.

  26. That’s a great way to make those labels! Thanks for hosting the blog party.

  27. you are soooo clever!!!!

  28. Love your chalkboard labels! Thanks for hosting~

  29. This is genius. I have the labels and paint right now. I think I will make some this weekend.

  30. I’m very sorry… I seemed to have posted my link twice and I’m not sure how to delete one.

    I love the label idea… I wanted to do something similar with tin pails.

  31. This is a great idea, never thought you could use the paint on labels! Thanks for hosting again this week.

  32. Hi Gina,
    Great project! Although I must admit that over here finding chalk board vinyl to cut in labels is much easier than finding chalk board spray paint :-) Go figure.
    Thanks for hosting. It has been a while but I am glad the timing of my project coincided with your party again.
    Have a wonderful weekend! And maybe I’ll see you tomorrow at my “we love white” party.

  33. Thank you so much for hosting. Have a great rest of the week!

  34. Love your labels Gina, they look especially nice on the silver bucket. Thanks for hosting!

  35. Nice post.:-) Stina

  36. Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to give this a try :)

  37. Just Brill. I made chalkboard labels with juice can lids. I like that yours are more versatile.

  38. love the chalkboard labels.. thanks for showing how you did it. Linking up today.

  39. These labels are so cute!!! Thanks for the party! I am your newest follower :) Angie @221vision

  40. THANK YOU! I was looking at buying some of these, but now I know how to make them myself! Yay!!

  41. Love the labels! Thanks for hostessing.

  42. Fabulous idea!

    Thanks for hosting!

  43. This really is genius! Can’t wait to try this!

  44. This is awesome – I am so glad you posted. It does seem so simple – yet genius! Can’t wait to try them myself! Thanks for your continued inspiration!! Love your parties too!

  45. Fabulous tutorial!! So easy, yet so clever!!

  46. OMG- I love this idea! How clever you are!!

  47. Love your site and your Etsy shop!!!

  48. Brilliant, Gina…love it!

  49. Wonderful project..!!

  50. Thanks for hosting!! I finally finished this coffee table that has been lurking about the house!! Yahoo – one thing off the list!!

  51. Very useful info, Gina. Chalkboard paint is the best and your little labels are super. I’ll be giving this a try.

  52. cute (and simple). Plus, I have everything to make them – RIGHT NOW!

  53. I love this idea! I’m already making plans for my chalkboard labels 😉

  54. what an awesome idea, so easy, I love it!!!

  55. OMG! How awesome are these!? AND…I have everything to make them!!! WooHoo!! I am SO thrilled I found your blog! I am now a new stalker, I mean follower! he,he!!! Thanks for sharing! I cannot wait til’ daylight to try my hand at making these!!!!:)

  56. Ingenious idea for the labels. I just bought a galvanized bucket (and am going back for 2 more) to put on our stairs, one for each boy and one for me, to put all our junk that needs to go up and everyone is too lazy to take at the moment. I was trying to decide how to label them…now I know! Thanks for sharing.

  57. Love your label idea! Here I thought I figured something new out, lol

  58. Great idea and so easy to make!
    I love it!
    I just started to blog myself and I linked to your idea in my post about different ways to use chalkboard paint. Have a look:

  59. Such a great idea.!
    I just started blogging myself and I used your tutorial in my post about different ways to use chalkboard paint. Have a look:
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  60. This is adorable. But i have one question. Can you was these with out the sticker falling off or no?


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