how to make mercury glass plates

 Last week I gave you a sneak peek at my living room with my mercury glass plates. I promised to share how I made them, and it’s so easy that you’ll be amazed how Dollar Tree plates can look with just a little spray paint added to them.

 The plates are the hardest part – but most of mine came from Dollar Tree, with the exception of a couple that I picked up a Kohls. I paid a little more for the square dishes, but think that the impact it makes was well worth the extra few dollars.

 I cleaned the plates well, flipped them over so I worked on the back side of them, sprayed them with Looking Glass spray, and immediately spritzed them with water. The paint takes a few seconds to oxidize and turn into silver, and you have to spray the water on them before it turns. Just have your spray bottle at the ready when you spray the paint. Do one plate at a time to make sure that you get the water on in time. Give the paint a few minutes to dry, then dab off the water with a paper towel. After the paint was completely dry, I gave the plates a couple of coats of black spray paint to make them opaque, since I needed a way to hang them without the hangers showing (I’m gonna show you how to hang them tomorrow.)

Let the plates dry 24 hours before you hang them – and you’ll have beautiful artwork out of Dollar Tree plates.

 Doesn’t really look like $1 art work, huh? I love the reflective quality that brings more light into an otherwise dim room. I did all of these plates with 1 can of Looking Glass spray – it goes a LONG way.

And to jazz them up a little, I added snowflakes for the winter. I can see changing it out with the seasons – easy peasy stuff.

These weren’t so easy to hang – so stop on over to 

Have you tried Looking Glass Spray? 
I’d love to see your projects!
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  1. Love it Gina, I used it one time to make an old 9 light window look like an old mirror on the side of a potting shed.

  2. I think Mercury glass anything is ideal for Christmas decorating. You’ve encouraged me to try this because the front of the plates stay smooth enough to take removable decals that I could change on whim or with the seasons. Nice!

  3. I love this post. I’ve just started my own Looking Glass project…I hope it turns out as well as yours. Also, I just read your post on the Graphics Fairy; transferring images with freezer paper. What I’m wondering is if you know if it’s washable?…Thanks Coreen

  4. i would love to use this, but Amazon won’t ship it to Australia and to buy it here would cost me $35 for one can- $20 for the can and $15 for shipping. We have no similar products here- so frustrating!

  5. Your plates look great. I did a little glass vase/dish I was given and it’s okay, but it’s hard to spray it inside enough to make it opaque. I will try the black on top, thanks for the suggestion! We can’t buy it in Canada either so I have to buy the Looking Glass paint when I’m in the US on holiday 🙁

  6. I just bought the looking glass spray and am dying to make something! Thank you for the tutorial. Your wall of plates is beautiful!

  7. I have a can of looking glass spray I have yet to use. The plates look great and would make great “goodie plates” for teachers, friends, and family. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Very nice Gina..I also like that you can change them for different seasons or holidays..

  9. Thanks Gina! Such a fun project! Thanks for sharing! You should share this over at my place for Milk Paint and More Mondays! Trying to get the word out about the party…potentially so much fun!

  10. This is so awesome – thanks so much for shairng – I’m doing this project ASAP!!!

  11. I am addicted to mercury glass. I love this project. I would love to find large plates that I could use as chargers on my holiday table!What a great look that would be. I think I will have to take a trip to dollar tree soon .:)

  12. I’ve used it and I plan on using it again this Christmas. Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. What a cool idea! This is one of those things that seems really simple, but I never would have thought of it.

  14. I have an obsession with mercury glass and have spend a lotta cash! Wish I knew about this a few months ago! hahhaha. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m going to try this out this weekend. 🙂 Cait

  15. Thanks for a great tutorial and I just love the look of these plates!

  16. Love this too! I’ve seen the mercury vases tutorial that involved inegar or something, but I like your version better, 1 less step! Thanks for sharing, very cute!

  17. These look beautiful! I’ve pinned and hope to try this one day. Thanks!
    Debbie 🙂

  18. They look great! I’ve got a can waiting to be put to use 🙂

    Happy Holidays!!

  19. Loretta Andrade says:

    It is so beautiful thanks for sharing

  20. So excited to try this!!!

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