The Look for Less: Dining Room Edition

look for less dining room Most DIYers will admit when they need a piece of furniture, the first place they typically go to look is second hand sources. While it is usually the cheapest option, often times you just can’t find what you need – so building or buying new becomes necessary. While I LOVE gorgeous furniture, my budget does not. I do scour outlet stores, etc. to find the absolute best deals, sometimes in my “save more” haze, I overlook obvious sources.

pottery barn table So let’s start something new – The Look for Less. I’m going to scour sites to try to find nice knock offs for higher end designs… fun, huh? This week, I’m starting with a necessity – dining room furniture. I found this gorgeous table at Pottery Barn – for a not so gorgeous $599. We’re gonna need chairs, too…. and I’m not so keen on those.

pottery barn chairs These are more like it! I love the backs…. soooo pretty! Also a Pottery Barn find, these chairs (without arms) are a cool $229 each. EACH. And you’re gonna need 4 of them. So for the set of a table and 4 chairs, that’ll be $1515 (plus tax and/or shipping). GULP! Ummmm… I think we can do better, don’t you?

walmart table black Similar table – half the price. Don’t ya love For $299, you can get a beautiful table in the same shape, with just a little less detail. This particular one is black, however they offer other finishes, too. But we still need chairs, huh?

walmart chairs How about these chairs for a good match? Pretty similar! Are you ready for the price difference…. $69 – for TWO! You can get all 4 chairs for less than one of the PB ones…. woohoo! And, since Walmart will ship dining room furniture to your local store for free, that’s even better… ummmhmmm! Total for the Walmart set: $437 plus tax – that’s 1/3 the price. Have mercy.

So that’s it for the first edition of The Look for Less. Like it? Hate it? Have something you’d like to find? Leave it in the comments 🙂

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Happy Holiday Weekend!


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  1. I’ve been on the lookout for Windsor chairs! I’m going to paint them black, so any color will do. I just want them cheap. I know they exist out there, somewhere.

  2. Gina, I’m w/ you on less expensive, BUT…I’m older than you (50-ish) and at my age (oh heck, I was like this at 30 too) I want solid wood, no filler, no composite. Ever. It doesn’t have to be fancy. But it does have to be all wood. So I have to vote no for your 1st edition Look for Less.

  3. I got that walmart table at a yard sale for 25.00 .it was oak and I painted it black.. found 4 chairs at the salvation army store and painted those 2.. I posted it last year. total including primer and paint.. 88.40.. sold it to my a neighbors son and his new wife for 350.00.. They are out there. Just have to look and usually be willing to paint them.

  4. I love this idea! Keep it going!

  5. The website states that the table and chairs are made from hardwood.

  6. Great idea, however I too found a solid oak table and 4 chairs for $30 at a garage sale. But if I would have needed it like now….there would be none to be found right?. We purchased it, painted it and are using it, though we had not looked specifically for it. The 80’s oak round tables are out there.

  7. I love the Look For Less thing! It will be fun to see what all you come up with over time. There used to be a show on HGTV (back when it was good TV) where they would “copy” a designer inspired room. It was one of my favorite shows. This is really a big price difference! WOW- xo Diana

  8. what a clever idea! I will be watching for more of the look for less themed entries! would not have thought of walmart

  9. those are definitely very similar…..looking, but prolly not quality
    Personally, I would try to find a used (possibly ugly) sturdy wood table and paint/stain it 🙂
    But this is an awesome idea for people on a budget!!

  10. Love this…keep them coming!

  11. Love it! I find all my look for less at Ikea or Homegoods.

  12. I vote yes, I love the look for less idea. It will be fun to see what you find!

  13. I vote yes, I love the look for less idea. It will be fun to see what you find!

  14. When I want solid dependable furniture I shop at a unused furniture store. It’s more expensive than your name brand store but the quality is so much better. I’ve bought an armoire and my parents got me a secretary desk from an unfinished furniture store. I took the small drawer from the secretary to have it matched. Even with them staining it the cost was reasonable. At first I was disappointed because it was dark. After moving to a home with better lights it has lightened over the years and now is gorgeous!

  15. Love love love the Look for Less. I try this all of the time. Find a room in a magazine or a post and copy it. Did it with my breakfast nook. Found a table and 2 chairs (similar table and 2 windsor chairs ) for $75 on craigslist. Painted them, love them. we built a storage bench out of scrap from our garage (cost $0) and it is big enough for 3 to sit. Keep it up!!!!
    PS I almost bought that same table from Walmart for my project. Saw it in person at the store and it is really nice.

  16. Those chairs from Walmart: a fantastic deal!

  17. Def. like! 🙂

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