how to make grommet top curtains

The thought of making grommet top curtains kinda scared me a little at first. I’ve made (or altered) all of the curtains in my house – yet the idea of making these was somewhat daunting. But, I like a good challenge, so when I decided to make some curtains for my kitchen, I wanted to try something new. Ya know what? Grommet top curtains weren’t nearly as complicated as I thought they’d be!

how to make grommet top curtains

I started out by measuring my windows and cutting my fabric six inches longer than I wanted my curtains to be. I chose this pretty blue medallion print fabric  along with blackout lining for them, both from Online Fabric Store.  I used the full width of the fabric and cut from the length.

grommet top curtains

At the top edge of the front fabric, iron on a six inch strip of fusible webbing (we’ll get to why in a minute.)

grommet top curtains

Then pin around the two long sides and the top of the fabric (so three sides, leaving the bottom open.)

grommet top curtains

Next sew up all the way around the three sides, just like with my easy lined curtains tutorial.

grommet top curtains

Then, I flipped it out to iron. Remember the fusible webbing? Be sure to really iron down that six inches all the way across the top to seal it to the lining. Then iron out all of the edges all the way around to get it all even and neat.

grommet top curtains

On the back side (where the lining is), cut a piece of grommet tape to the width of the panel. Measure down 1 1/2 inches, then pin the grommet tape all the way across. Trace all of the holes with a pencil on the inside.

grommet top curtains

Snip inside the hole, cutting it into pieces will help to trim it all out.

grommet top curtains

Cut all of the circles out all the way around, then line up the grommet tape with the holes and pin it down again.

grommet top curtains

With coordinating thread to your front fabric, sew down the grommet tape all the way around.

grommet top curtains

Lastly, pop on the grommets on top of each of the holes, then hang your new grommet top curtains. To hem your freshly made curtains, use my curtain hemming tutorial to make it quick and easy.

grommet top curtains


*Thanks to Online Fabric Store for partnering with me on this post. All ideas, opinions, photos and content are my own.*

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  1. Wow … great tutorial.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. These are beautiful, but now I’ve got a dilemma! Do I make regular lined drapes, or grommet topped??

  3. This was very helpful. I need to make curtains for a lot of windows. AND…..I LOVE THIS FABRIC!!! It’s awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  4. So glad to see your tutorial. Your curtains look awesome! Great fabric! I have been leery about trying to make my own and this is giving me the courage to take that next step. Thanks so much!

  5. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Gina, I’ve always wondered about do it yourself grommets. Thanks for the how-to. I’m going to try this my next curtains I make. Happy Holidays!

  6. Love the curtains and that fabric is to die for!!! Are the colors pretty true to your photos? I’m moving into a “new” place and this would be perfect. You wouldn’t have any scraps you’d want to send me as a sample…..just a thought.

    Great blog too!

    • It’s so nice and you have described how you’ve made it very good. I just have one question!
      Should I sew both the top edge and the bottom edge of the grommet robbon to the fabric?
      Because it does not seem to have a sewing line at the top of the curtain in the picture!
      Thanks for your information 🙂

  7. Virginia Callister says:

    Wow! You make it look so easy! Thanks.

  8. Grommet tape: genius. Who knew there was such a thing?!
    Great tutorial. Thank you!

  9. LOVE these Grommet Curtains! Love the fabric! Sharing on fb today! Thanks.

  10. I am drooling over these curtains…seriously, the family is amazing. Can you tell me how many yard it took to do 1 long panel? I am trying to figure how many yards it would take for me to do my living room and dining room. 1 very small window which I would want 2 thin panels on and 2 larger windows with regular panels 4″ long? Oh and then can ya make them for me? Lol

  11. Lorena Creely says:

    Gina, your instructions for the grommet-top curtains are confusing. First you say to iron the fusible webbing onto the top of the front fabric (the actual curtain fabric). But then later on, you say to iron down the webbing to seal it to the lining. So is the webbing ironed into the front fabric, or the lining? I’m assuming the webbing is sandwiched in-between the fabric and the lining, and that the grommet tape is attached to the back of the lining after the lining and fabric are sewn together and flipped so that the outside of the fabric is showing? Thanks for clarifying, hopefully you will see this soon!

    • Gina Luker says:

      Iron it to the front fabric first, then fuse it into the backing once you’ve turned them right side out before adding the grommet tape on the back.

      Hope this helps!

      • Lorena Creely says:

        Thanks Gina. I ironed the fusible webbing to the back side of the front fabric. But it is only fusible on one side, how do I fuse it to the lining? Also, I just received the grommet tape in the mail, but I’m a little confused about how it works. I assumed the grommet tape would come with the grommets that you pop onto the front. But it looks like Ineeded to order the grommets separately (this is what I a guessing from looking at the Online Fabric Store website. This is very disappointing, it would have been nice to know this up-front. The grommet tape is pretty pricey to begin with, but then the grommets themselves are an additional $2.35 each? Ouch!! Makes for very expensive curtains. I assume I can order the black ones as opposed to silver for slightly less, $1.85 each? But the black ones should fit, right? I wish the Online Fabric Store had a little more information about their product.

      • Lorena Creely says:

        Also Gina, what are those plastic tab things sticking out from each of the holes? I thought you were supposed to just pull them to separate the grommets, but I ended up just ripping the grommet ring away from the tape! Luckily I don’t need the entire length of grommet tape that I purchased.

  12. Becky Marasek says:

    I have a question…..
    How wide does my fabric need to be? With
    Gathered curtains I know it should be 3 times
    The width of the window. But how about with
    The grommet curtains? Is it the same?

  13. Hellen kudinha says:

    what type of fabric is this,so nice i would love to make my own curtain with it

  14. I love the curtains you made! I am about to make some for my house, but I have the same question as Lorena. I purchased fabric, and grommet tape, but your instructions do not show how to use the grommet tape. What are the little plastic tabs? What happens to them? How do you get the fabric in between the grommets? Thanks in advance for your reply!


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