Make your own: Canvas Wall Art

Today’s tutorial is on how to make your own canvas wall art. And there’s an awesome reason: Have I told y’all my little sister is having her first baby? I’m so, so excited! My little sister and I are super close – and I couldn’t have been happier when she told me that she’s having a little girl. My girls are over the moon, too – so needless to say there’s a lot of baby girl talk around our house these days. From baby showers, to registry, to making stuff for her room (’cause I’m the cool aunt, yo!) I knew that I’d have a hand in getting her room ready for her arrival in June – and of course that means making some art!

canvas prints

 Silhouette sent me their new double-sided adhesive kit, and I thought it would be perfect to make something pretty for baby Raychel.

Interior Designed

 I designed a rick rack frame and her initial for the monogram, then cut it out on the adhesive paper. Learning how to use the Silhouette Cameo Software needs a tutorial… so I’m going to share some tricks soon!

 First I put on the frame, all along the edges of the canvas.

Image on Canvas Print

 Next I put the glitter on the rick-rack pattern, sweeping it on with the brush provided in the kit. It was really cool to know I could make glitter graphics on anything – so I’m pretty excited about this part!

 After the glitter was all cleaned up, I put the “R” down onto the canvas.

 Then some flocking powder (also included in the kit.)

make your own art on canvas

 I rubbed it into the adhesive, which was kinda calming and fun. Once it was all covered, I dusted off all the excess.

And that’s it! Making your own art is so easy – and really fun – which is why I do it so much!

So here’s why I’m loving this versus a glue method:

*It’s wayyyy less messy. The glitter/flocking sticks where it should and no where else.

*There’s no dry time. Just like double stick tape, once it’s on there, you’re good to go.

*The adhesive holds really well! I tapped it trying to get stray glitter to fall off outside before making my studio look like a disco – no extra fell off after I cleaned it up the first time.

Want to try it yourself? Silhouette has an amazing promo right now – you can get a Silhouette Portrait – with a double-sided adhesive kit for only $179.99. Yeah, now that’s an awesome Valentine!  Just want the adhesive kit? You can get that, too – it’s 40% off – only $12.99.

My machine is going to be sooooo handy for the baby shower next month – can’t wait to share that with you!

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  1. Sweet ART!

  2. So cute!! And I love the color choices!

  3. Congrats to your sis on baby #1!!

  4. gina as usual it is soooo cute great job wish i had one of those machines but the power company keeps asking for my money every month well, maybe in the spring great idea though!!!!

  5. Very cute! I would love to make one of these. Wish I had one of those machines! Maybe one day….

  6. Your color choice is quite pretty very beautiful art, i will try to make one piece by themselves for room, thank you so much for sharing this great idea.

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