making snowflakes with Silhouette {and a giveaway!}

 I have a new love affair: vinyl stickers. Of course, I’m way too impatient to order them online and then wait for them to get here. But when I finally sat down and learned how to make them, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. They’re perfect for holiday decor, since I can make them pretty quickly – and remove them for the next season. So, I say, let there be snowflakes all around this year!

I started with my mercury glass plate collection. 
{Ain’t it pretty? I’m gonna show ya how to make them next week!}

 Then, I turned to my new Silhouette Cameo. I know, I know, I’ve often shared my love of the other craft cutter – but I’ve gotta tell ya, this new one is much, much better than the SD that I originally tried. It cuts much better, the new software is sooooo much easier to use, and I’m really digging how easy it is to plot out what I want. Of course, I used a simple snowflake font to create

 The “hard” part is picking out the centers and releasing the negative space around the cut out. It’s not really hard, just time consuming. It took me about an hour to carefully reveal all nine of the snowflakes. With just a couple of small pieces of vinyl, it made a big impact!

 Then I just decked out the wall. I love the wintery feel of those white flakes on silver plates…. brrrrr!

DisclosureI was given a Silhouette Cameo machine as a review product for this post.

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