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On Friday, I invited Kirsty from A Little Bit of Sanity and a Lot of Chaos to guest post on how she made her wonderful Pottery Barn knock offs. It was genius! However, I didn’t have any of the “parts” that she used, and so I cheated….
I went to Home Depot and picked this up from the “decking” area. Looks pretty simliar, huh?
So Madeline and I painted it up and the used a nail file to scuff it up instead of regular sand paper. The nail file will help you get into those small detail areas like the raised edge close to the bottom.
It takes a little bit longer, but keeps the sanding to the specific parts you want, rather than hit or miss. Add a little glaze and you’ve got the same look for $3. Gotta love that!
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Every now and then I like to put together a special party and it’s just about time for another one. I’ve thought about a Pillow Party (’cause I know y’all are pillow lovers like me), or a Pottery Barn hacks party, or maybe you have another fabulous idea. Lemme know what you think in the comments and we’ll get it together in a week or two!

Be sure to check out the giveaway – there will be two winners!

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  1. Great!!!!

  2. Very cool! I think I could do that(maybe).

  3. Hi Gina,
    That’s great! What a terrific idea, I will keep this in mind the next time I have some spare time and want to make something – I think we have a finial like that in the garage right now! Just need a little paint and I’m all set…
    Hope you’ll stop by sometime, (I’ll see you on Thurs. for Trans. Thurs.)
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  4. So cute! I love the idea of using a nail file! Great idea!

  5. That looks great! Very clever. Never thought of using a nail file. I need to remember that! Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. I am crazy about pillows and would love to join a pillow party! : )

  6. I have looked at those things many times while waiting for wood to be cut at HD. Always thinking those things are cool, what could I do with them? Great idea! Great job!

  7. Great job – definitely worth picking one of those up and playing with it… thanks for the inspiration!

    Oh, oh, oh!! Pottery Barn hacks!!! (Thats my vote, LOL)

  8. Turned out great….but everything you do is beautiful :)

    I vote for pillows!!!! I’m getting ready to sew up several for my bed, my rocker, and whatever else needs some pillow love!

  9. I like both ideas. My mom bought me a nice Huskvarna sewing machine I need to learn how to use. Pillows seem like a good place to start.

  10. great job! I love how you thought outside of the box!

  11. That’s exactly what I was thinking! Fantastic. It looks great. I want one now too.

  12. Brilliant! That beloved PB is always great for a thrifty DIY idea or two.

  13. Very creative. I saw her post and loved it, but I too don’t have the “parts” – but the fence post, hum, I could pick this up on my next run to Home Depot! Thanks for sharing.


  14. Oh, I would love to see a Pottery Barn Hacks party because I have a BIG one in mind! Already have the materials bought, just waiting for an excuse to start the mayhem!

  15. oooh! Love the party ideas- let’s do both!! (not at once- whew! I’m tired thinking of it all!)

    Those knock-offs are terrific- I wonder what ather kind of finials and what-not HD has? I had better go and take a look…..

  16. Great idea! I love it!


  17. It amazes me at some of the PB inspired things I see all over. It’s taught me one thing- PB is HORRIBLY over priced!!

    Feel free to link this up at Talented Tuesday on My Frugal Family:

  18. Oh my goodness…I went to Lowes this past weekend and brought a couple of them to do just what you did! Well now I know what it will look like! Thanks for sharing. I vote for both parties.

  19. This is awesome and you can’t beat the price!!!

  20. lovely! hacking or inspiration that is really the same isn’t it?? So nice to get a wonderful look @ bargain prices! Keep it coming!

  21. That is asuch a great idea I think I will do that one, too! Thanks. I would love a pillow party, I have been doing some stenciling on pillows. I LoVe youe bLoG!!! Cindy S

  22. I just love this! I’ve been slowly building a little collection of finials, and I’ve been wanting to add a couple. . . but of course I don’t want to pay a lot for them. I never thought to look in the decking department! Genius!

  23. Those are too cute! I might just have to make me some of those with your same knockoff version! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. It looks great! I like the idea of either party although I like the Pottery Barn hack party better because of the variety.

  25. I vote pottery barn hacks! And loving the finial!

  26. Great idea! The decking department–who would have thought!!

  27. Great knock off. I love when you can make something you like on your own…for a lot less.

  28. How ingeneous! Now that’s something I think I could do!

  29. Who doesn’t love a good PB Knock Off? Yours is awesome.

  30. I’m so doing this! Thanks so much for the info – It looks fabulous!

  31. Love it!

  32. Thanks for posting that.
    Hey, please come and join my first worldwide giveaway. Thanks

  33. I love it too! Thanks for the great idea!

  34. Great idea!
    I’m relatively new to the blogging world. I am so grateful to blogs like yours because they give me ideas and inspirations.
    I love doing things rather than buying them!
    LL Nat:)

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