Orange Julius {knock off} recipe

Orange Julius – even the words makes my mouth water. I love the dreamy orangey-ness of it all, but hate driving all the way into town to grab one. That’s when I figured out how to make my own version!

I’ve seen tons of recipes, but never seem to have all of the ingredients. I kept noticing things like milk, sugar and vanilla (some even call for powdered egg whites), but since I was reallllly craving one, I figured if I messed it up then I was no worse than where I started. But, it turned out awesome – and all I needed was some orange juice, French vanilla powdered coffee creamer, and some ice.

Put 1 cup of orange juice and 1/4 cup of creamer into a blender, and blend for about a minute to get the creamer all dissolved into the juice. Then, add about 12 ice cubes – one at a time, giving them time in between to be crushed into the mixture.

And that’s it! Ahhhh…. almost instant gratification!
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  1. My first job so many years ago was at Orange Julius. I can tell you that if you add pineapple chunks and about 1 tbsp of malt per blender you willbe much closer totherealthing. Enjoy

  2. So clever Gina!!! And the other tip above is good too. It used to be SUCH a treat to get these at the Mall when we were little – I don’t know that we even have an Orange Julius location here (now I’ll have to look just for fun). This is great! Thanks!! : Claire

  3. yum yum yum

  4. Love this, I’m going to try it for sure. Thank you!!!!

  5. We used to be able to get these at the mall way back when I was a kid. There isn’t a vendor for these anywhere around here now. I completely forgot about them until I saw this. Strangely enough, the minute I read the title, I could almost taste them. Now I absolutely have to try this out.

  6. I’ll definitely TRY this. The KIDS will LOVE IT…
    Thanks for sharing this recipe!!!

  7. Dairy Queen now has orange Julius . . .

  8. Good to know. I just bought 2 drinks yesterday at the mall, and it cost nearly $10. My daughter will love this!

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