make this: DIY paint drip wall art

Want to make your own wall art, but are too intimidated by complicated ideas? Then this project is for you! Create your own modern style wall art in just a few minutes and for under $20 with this fun and easy way to create your own masterpiece. It’s seriously easy to do and really only takes a canvas, regular wall paint (leftover paint from a wall is perfect), Floetrol, a plastic container that’s really flexible, and a brush. That’s it!

paint drip wall artWhen I was in the finishing stages of my friend’s dining room makeover, I knew this wall needed a huge pop of fun art. We had already purchased the canvas (Joann’s is a great place to get them with a 40% off coupon), and I was just waiting on inspiration to hit. As I was driving down the road listening to music wayyy too loud, this idea hit me (that’s how I get all of my best ideas, yo.) So I told Christal all about it, and after a little miscommunication and some work, this is what we ended up with. Isn’t it awesome?

DIY wall art

We used the same color from the wall (Sherwin Williams Black Magic) and poured about 1 1/2 cups of paint in the container with about 1/4 a cup of Floetrol.

DIY wall art(Floetrol is magical stuff that makes paint flow better and helps prevent brush strokes when painting furniture.)

DIY paint drip art

We used cardboard boxes as a makeshift drop cloth, and once all the paint was poured onto the canvas we propped it up to lean against a chair from the back and rest on leftover quart paint cans on the bottom to allow for beautiful drippage.

DIY wall art

After all the drips were at a very slow rate, we took a brush and filled in all of the unpainted areas at the top to make it look like one big drip, let it dry and put it on the wall.

DIY wall art

The idea was supposed to look like paint running off the wall and onto the canvas, which is exactly what I see when I look at it. Christal did a beautiful job – we both love it!

DIY wall art

The best part is that the new wall art looks great from every angle, close up or from the view coming in from the living room. It takes an otherwise pretty traditional space and helps lend a little juxtaposition to an edgier space.



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  1. I had no idea, I thought it was a city scape painted directly onto the wall. Im glad you made it clear.

  2. Well good grief, who would have thought, I love this idea, it looks like some really fancy expensive art.

  3. LOVE this! And the red chandelier…perfection! Life to the full! Melissa

  4. I really like it! It’s very striking. I’m pinning!

  5. Kym Brown says:

    I love this…I actually love the ‘unfilled’ one even more…I can’t wait to do one of these for my dining room. I never knew about Flotrol…my life may have just changed!

  6. You sure fooled me. When I saw this artwork I assumed it was a decal. The canvas and paint look so perfect, as if it were cut from a pattern. I love this and want to play Picasso. You are a genius! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea.

  7. Hi Gina, I have to say I really love what you have done, normally I don’t go for that style but it seems to pack a huge design punch and seems to go well with your table set which is totally my style. Love it! thanks for sharing Ms. Picasso , you may want to open a art shop!


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