Painted Paris Postmark Bar Stool

Thrift Store Bar Stool

While we were in Minnesota last week, we stumbled upon a couple of my favorite places in the whole wide world: Goodwill & a local thrift shop. Oh how I love a good thrift store. I found this little bar stool for $4, which I thought was a good deal. It’s sturdy & the perfect height for a small side table or a stool – so I snatched it up (along with a few other goodies that I’ll share next week.) It was like finding a blank slate…
Krylon Satin Black Spray Paint

First we coated it in my beloved Krylon in satin black. I say we, but Mr. SCC actually did this step, ‘cause he’s much more patient with the spray painting and tends to get less drips than I do.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey

Next, I coated the top with my other love, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey. (Thanks to Periwinkle Pass for providing me with the paint.)

ASCP Paris Grey on Barstool
Just a dab’ll do!
How to paint a postmark
Next I made a print out of my graphic. I printed it on 4 pages, then cut and taped it together for a larger image.Hand painting graphics
I {somewhat} centered the print on top of the stool, with a layer of carbon paper underneath. (I found my carbon paper at my local office supply store, $2.79 for 10 pages, which I use over and over and over again.)
Sign painting tutorial
I swiped Bre’s stylus from her DS and traced along the outline edges of the print. Don’t worry, I gave it back!
trasnfer paper sign
Before you completely remove the printout & carbon paper, take a peek to make sure that everything looks just right.Small Paint Brushes
I used two different brushes, a tapered, thinner one for the letters and a wider, flat one for the outer circle.
Hand lettering words
I trace the outline, then fill the centers. The best part of this particular font is that shaky & uneven is perfection.
Paris Postmark Stool
Once it was all painted and dry, I lightly sanded the postmark portion and then hit the edges a little harder. I love that ASCP comes off so easily exactly where you want it.
French Style Stool I added a coat of wax and it’s all finished! This stool went incredibly quick. I created the graphic while the legs dried, and then gathered the rest of my supplies while the top was drying. I was an impatient little blogger, so I dried the lettering with my handy dandy blow dryer…
Hand painted french style barstool
And that’s how I made my own Paris Postmark Barstool.

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  1. Oh wow. I love that stool! Love!

  2. I love the stool and your tutorial…thanks so very much for hosting. Have a wonderful week!

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  3. Gina,
    This is so darn cute…thanks for the idea…love your party!


  4. Great job on the stool Gina. It turned out soo cute! Thanks soo much for hosting. = )

  5. Gina, the stool is amazing! Super cute. Today I posted pictures of my studio which we’ve painted red. Next step is new trim.

  6. Love the stool! Steady hands 🙂 Thank you for hosting this awesome link party. I loved joining in and browsing the other links.


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  8. Your stool looks incredible…I still haven’t tried the ASCP! I need to! Thanks for hosting! Christie

  9. That turned out fabulous! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Gina- That stool turned out really cute! Love it…xo Diana

  11. What a great idea to use carbon paper. I am going to have to give this a try for sure! Thanks for sharing. Love the stool!

  12. Love it! I have four of these stools sitting in my basement, unused and neglected. Can’t wait to use your technique on them! At the very least, I can paint the wood tops and spray paint the legs something fun.

  13. The stool is really cute, Gina! thanks for hosting the party!

  14. Hi Gina! Thanks for hosting! The stool came out lovely…

  15. I have a stool like that that has been waiting to be painted for the last few months. Thanks so much for the inspiration – yours is lovely!! Thank-you for hosting!
    Jenn 🙂

  16. Sooo cute! Thanks for hosting.

  17. Gina- I love the idea of using the carbon paper! I hadn’t thought of that yet. The stool is beautiful, you (as always) did a beautiful job! Thanks for the awesome party, it’s always so fun to join up here : )

  18. I love that stool! The font you used worked wonderfully for this!

  19. The postmark stool is just terrific! Time and patience really paid off!

    Thanks for being a gracious hostess!

  20. Such a great way to turn an everyday stool into something special! Thanks for the link party too! I’m a new blogger and this is a great way to connect. Thank you!

  21. Wow! Gina! It’s fantastic! I have to try this! Thanks for hosting!

  22. Love Love Love the stool! I am on such a postmark kick right now!

  23. That stool is tooo cute for words!! Thanks for the tut Gina!!

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    I linked up the “Reverse Transformation”!
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  25. Thanks for hosting, Gina!

  26. Your stool looks fabulous! such a great idea to use carbon paper.

  27. Thanks for another great link party! Love your stool 🙂

  28. Your stool would look so good in my kitchen you did a great job I would not have the patience to do that

    and lots of other really great ideas here today & always

    I have found faces to show

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  30. I {heart} that stool! I am going to buy some carbon paper immediately:)

  31. Great tutorial. Adorable job on that chair. i forgot how useful carbon paper could be. I am gonna have to include it in my new craft room now. thanks Gina!

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  33. love that stool! Great painting technique! Thanks for hosting!!

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  35. I just did a barstool with the freezer transfer method..I should have a tutorial up next week. I love yours…It turned out great.
    Thanks for having the party.

  36. The stool is great! When I was doing enormous wall trompe loielle (sp?) I found transfer paper that was in different colors that did not make such a mess as the carbon paper does. Also, if you are going to freehand a drawing and then paint over it, do it in colored chalk that blends with the paint being used. Not so much mess and mucck.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

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  43. Thanks for the wonderful site. I’m enjoying all the ideas as we remodel the mountain cabin we purchased this summer. It needs LOTS of love.

  44. LOVE the stool! What a fun little project. Thanks for hosting!


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