Painting walls in a mobile {trailer} home

I get a lot of emails about how I paint the walls in our mobile home. I know I don’t talk about living in a mobile home all that often, not because I’m ashamed of it, but because I just don’t think of it that way – its just our home. With all that said, I do want to share a little bit about painting the vinyl style wall paper in a mobile home.

There’s only a couple of rooms left that do not have bead board installed, like my bedroom and my studio. Most every other room has been clad in bead board or had the drywall replaced during remodeling, so these are the only two rooms left in our house with the vinyl wall board that comes in most mobile homes. In case you don’t know about it, they use this type of wall covering in a mobile home instead of traditional drywall because it comes pre-covered so it’s cheaper and faster to manufacture the home.

First things first, clean the walls. I wiped mine down with a solution of dish liquid and water (just like dishwater) then wiped them down again with clean water to make sure they’re all free of gook & grime. {I really like the new Dawn scent, it smells like Hawaiian pineapple – my fave!}

After the walls are all dry, then use a GOOD paint to paint them. In my broooookkkkeeee days I tried cheap paint. It just flaked off the walls. Don’t do that! Use a really good paint, one with a primer built in. I’ve just recently tried the new Glidden Performance Edge 3-in-1 paint, and I gotta tell ya – it’s really good stuff! It goes on smooth, covers amazingly well, but the best part is that it’s formulated to fill in all the little nail holes and tiny blemishes in your walls. Ummm… hello – genius! I’ve been painting with it in my living room and I’ve gotta tell ya, I’m in love with it!

Using the new paint means no priming, no real prep work, just roll it on. And guess what? It doesn’t come off like cheaper paint. For most folks I know that’s not an issue – but for those living with the vinyl walls in a mobile home, that right there is gold.

After the paint goes up, then you’re done. I just paint right over the strips that hide all the connections in the dry wall on my walls, but you could take them off and caulk them if you’d like. It won’t give you super smooth walls, but if those strips drive you crazy then it’s not a terrible option. Of course, for me, the best option of all is bead board. And don’t worry, my loves, a post for that will be coming in just a few weeks, so hang on to yer britches 🙂

Got any other questions about painting a mobile home? I’d love to help you with it! Just leave a comment below or email me – I’ll do what I can to help ya out!

Disclaimer: Glidden provided me with the paint for reveiw purposes, however my opinions & words are my own. I was only compensated with product, no additional payment was received.

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  1. The color in the picture. What is it and is it glidden?

    • Hi Willow,
      That color is Misty Aqua by Glidden – it’s a light & airy blue that we love!

    • I have been reading lots of websites that say you have to sand and prime the walls first before you can paint over the vinyl walls. I really don’t want to go through all that trouble if I don’t have to. Are you positive it won’t peel off if I just use the gliddeon paint you recommend?

      • Gina Luker says:

        I’ve painted many of my walls this way with no problems, just make sure to use the good primer & paint in one version.

        • Hello,
          I am getting ready to purchase my first manufactured home, and it has hideous wallpaper. I’d like to paint over it. How can I remove the wallpaper or should I just paint over it?

          • Gina Luker says:

            Paint over it! If you remove it the result is a big mess. Use a good primer/paint in one (or prime then paint) and you’ll be good to go!

  2. I didn’t know there was a paint that covers holes. Great tip. Thanks!

  3. Very good to know! Thanks!
    @ Creatively Living

  4. Gina — There are plenty of people who live in manufactured homes who will be encouraged by this post. I’ve painted both the paneling and the vinyl wallpaper in a mobile we owned, and did the same with an RV. Totally changed the look in both cases! Thanks for the encouraging post! — Barbara

    • I sure hope so! There’s this stigma that comes with “Oh, it’s just a mobile home.” Nope, it’s just home, so treat it that way 🙂

      Paint makes EVERYTHING better!

  5. Beautiful wall color you have there! Thanks for all the info on the new Glidden paint!

  6. using quality paint saves money down the road!

  7. Now that’s a great paint. And, you have chosen such a lovely color. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Gina, your bedroom is beautiful.

    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following…I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration…check out my blog:)

    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  10. I also used textured wallpaper in some rooms and painted that. Our main rooms have Sheetrock, but the bedrooms did not and the walls were in bad shape. You can remove the strip, caulk, and put the textured wallpaper right over it.

    In many, many cases a manufactured home is better built than a so-called “stick built.” After all – aren’t they all stick built?

  11. Dang it I hit enter I guess so you’ll have a weird 1/2 comment.
    Yes we are very familiar with the dreaded vinyl walls. In our living room there were really ugly mirrors with even uglier moulding around them. We took them down but now we have two areas where part of the wall board was pulled off with the mirrors, they’d glued them on. While we love our little casa I do not love those spots and the walls. Alot of the newer mfg. homes are made with sheetrock walls now. Our mobil is a ’98 so has the lovely vinyl ones.
    I got mad one day and decided to paint a half wall between kitchen and living room. I didn’t have any primer but did have one of those sample bottles of paint you can try. I just used that and don’t think it had primer in it? It didn’t peel and is still on the walls. You’d be amazed how far one of those bottles goes.
    One of the things I can’t stand is the awful cheapy moulding they put up at the ceiling. We didn’t buy our place new so we didn’t get those choices, doggone it.
    We recently got 2 free quarts from Ace hardware so are going to use those to maybe finally get a start on getting our l/r painted, I’ve only been waiting for 6 yrs now.
    The bathrooms have been painted (with a threat of death almost) a few years ago but that’s as far as painting went except for the part I did when I got mad.
    Thanks for the tutorial on painting mfg. house walls. They can certainly be a bit of a conundrum (and a real big pain the butt).

  12. I am getting ready to paint that type of wall covering in an old motor home. I can’t wait to get it done. I will look for that brand of paint here- xo Diana

  13. That color blue is really beautiful!

  14. My Mom painted the walls of our mobile home years ago. They recommended back then that she use a bonding primer. Good thing I can paint without having to worry about it now! It’s a lot of work if you don’t use the right thing the first time!

  15. Hey ya’ll! Yep!I feel your pain w/mobile home “designs”. We actually are renting a double-wide mobile home, and it is a 1993… :/ It is so decked out in “trailer chic” details, from the “oak” trim,bead-board, built in china cabinet w/ “decorative” glass, tulip covered wallboard in the master BR & bath, hunter green carpet throughout,hunter green tile in the kitchen & bath, & yes… carpeted bathrooms!!!! EEK! I had our last house decorated in the urban farmhouse, shabby, flea market, vintage coastal themes. WTH am I supposed to do w/ hunter green carpet!?… & keep my theme? Being that we are a family of 7,yes,5 kids between us; and I am a SAHM, the closest thing to $0 is always a plus! 🙂 I’m also having a dilemma w/ the huge “family room” that you walk directly into, from the front door. We utilize this as a bedroom for our 2 girls, so I need to find a way to “construct” a temporary wall here.I have thought about a series of bookcases, or a wall made of pallets. Any suggestions from anyone would be great! Thanks for listening to my rant! lol! Dawn

    • Michelle says:

      I would like to know what you did to get rid of the green tile counters. We just purchased a used ’99 model home and I hate the green tile counters….everywhere!!! Is there something that can be done to them or do they just have to be replaced? Thanks

      • I recently redone the counter in my son’s mobile home using craft paint. Starting out on his own he had very little budge in his budget so we got creative. I first painted the old butcher block counter a solid khaki color. Then I took a natural sea sponge and dabbed a small amount of chocolate bar, nutmeg, black. I finished the look with a touch of gold using the sea sponge as well. The counter was sealed with Rustolem clear gloss sealer. They turned out beautiful and have held up very well. He got the look of granite for about $10. Hope this idea helps.

      • Melissa says:

        I used giani granite and it looks amazing! It’s a paint.. I paid $75 but it’s awesome. They were green b4.

  16. Hi Gina, I am now a new fan of Valspar paint 2 n 1…love its thick creamy texture and it is so easy to apply. No dripping or splattering! I have never tried Glidden paint but I may try it on my next project. My dad lived in a mobile home for years and you would not believe what all he did to it….added rooms cut out really looked very nice when he finished with it. To me your home is your castle wherever you make it…this is great information.

  17. I always find Gina that the scary part is wondering what it will look with the new color. One time I painted my room and thought after that it was really ugly. Later on I grew to like it. I think it was the fear of it being ugly that made me think it was ugly when it wasn’t.


  18. TY Gina for the info This kind of paint will save me a lot of work

  19. I also live in a DW-Our dining & living room are one with hunter green carpet..can you please give me some ideas on what color to paint the walls-Thank you and love your site?

  20. So any idea how to REPAINT walls? I bought a repo mobile home 7 years ago and painted the walls with the cheap paint since I was a newly single mom of 2 under the age of 3. Now my new husband and I are wanting to completely remodel the home but have no idea how to repaint over the bad paint. I repainted what is now my step daughter’s room a year ago and it’s already peeling off. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Amy did you ever figure out what to do? This is the exact situation we are in the old paint is peeling & we really want to repaint but I have no idea what to do.

  21. Gina–thanks for this, it is great. One question: did you find it worked better with a roller or a paint brush?


  22. I did not read every comment but I would like to add that we just did a room with Home Depot’s new Behr interior semi-gloss with built-in primer and I feel it is good stuff and well worth the extra money. The old saw applies, ” You get what you pay for”. Ours mobile is an older ’88 but the walls came out very nicely and the paint doesn’t drip badly at all when going from pan to wall.
    We have one room left to do and it, of course, has vinyl on the walls and we are pondering what to do with it. The latest thougts are to use the Behr product mentioned above, only with texturing, if available. Does anyone have any thoughts on other things that could be used, besides paint and not wallpaper, on these walls? Thanks

    • Hi, for our one bedroom we used textured paint. You have to by the sand separate, at least back then, and add it to your paint as much as you want of the texture. It really covered really well, all staple holes and the joints were the strips were.

  23. ADKhomeawayfromhome says:

    I just purchased a 1984 mobile home in the adirondack mountians and need to know if you can also paint over the papered wallboard. The kitchen & bath are paper not vinyl & I don’t want it to “bubble” by painting. I don’t have the time or money to peel it off if it does this. Hope someone can help.

  24. My husband and I just purchased a mobile home that we’re pretty sure is from the 70’s…wood paneling (bleh) and avo green carpet (which I love actually). The BATHROOM however I’m not sure what this type of wall is called, is it vinyl wallboard? It’s thing and slightly bendy… It’s an UGLY white with UGLY gold stars, and scratched up everywhere, especially in the shower! I guess from cleaning? As you may imagine, I want to completely revamp my bathroom! Would this Glidden paint work for the vinyl type walls and stand up to normal bathroom humidity? I’m desperate!! I want to make it mine (well… my family’s… but MINE lol) but I’m clueless. This is one of the first sites I’ve found that I think can help me!!
    Also, what can I do to change the bathtub color? Other than rip it out and replace, as my family cannot afford that. Do you have any tips for this? It’s a soft rose pink… totally goes with the white and gold starred wall (in that it’s HORRID!) I’d appreciate any help!! Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Anjuli,
      Congrats on your new home! Any good quality paint with primer should work well, just be sure to clean the walls well. If it’s the slick non-textured type of walls (which some older mobile homes have), I would lightly sand it with some fine grit sand paper to give the walls a little grip before painting. Test a spot to see if it will chip before doing the whole thing. If it does chip, there is an ultra primer called “Gripper” that will make paint stick to ANYTHING. Prime with it, then paint with a good quality paint and you should be good to go.

      As for the tub, if it’s metal you can use bathtub resurfacing paint (sold at most home stores). If it’s plastic (darn mobile home makers and those stupid plastic tubs!), I’d try to find a replacement at a ReStore or second hand building supply place. If not, you can purchase a new tub for under $100. If it’s plastic, please replace it. Just remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Not everything has to be done today – enjoy the process 🙂

    • Hello Anjuli, It’s been a while since your post & the dealima w/ your garden tub. We too, are now having the same problem…..not really able to afford a new replacement tub at this time. :/ Just curious if you maybe went ahead & tried some paint or perhaps found another solution for your tub?

  25. Brooke Fontenot says:

    Im wanting to paint my daughters nursery in our mobile home..just paint right over the wallpaper ? It wont show through ?

  26. Hi Gina,
    I too live in a double wide mobile and want to paint the walls. In a post you said you left the strips up, but does the glidden paint cover the black stripes on the paneling or do I have to fill them all in, which would take forever.Thanks for your suggestions.

  27. Have you ever painted over the vinyl wall board in a bathroom or kitchen? Can you use semi gloss paint? Have you ever painted over popcorn ceilings? Any words of wisdom on those? Especially cutting I the edges.

  28. Hello Gina,
    I have painted my kitchen, living room and bathroom walls. I left the strips and painted over them. With living in a double wide, I have vaulted walls/ceilings. Now my problem is putting up decor. I have not been able to find a website showing ideas on decorating. I just don’t have a clue where to start. Would you have any suggestions on good websites or would you have any photo’s.

  29. stacey Hollenshead says:

    My daughter just purchased a used mobile home, with wall board. I like the idea of the Glidden paint, but my question is, we intended on using a paint sprayer. So with the “fill” part of the paint, it concerns me that it may clog the sprayer. Any thoughts anyone? I was thinking just the paint with primer because I have never heard of the fill, prime, paint. If anyone has an answer please email me!!!

  30. My son has an older 70’s mobile home. What is the easiest way to insulate a wall that has paneling on it? Is it easy to remove the paneling? Thanks

  31. What is the best paint to use in a baby room ?

  32. We have a room that has been painted over one time. It’s a horrible purplish pink color! Will it be ok to paint again, and will the Glidden you described cover this horrible color without a separate primer? Thanks!

  33. Where can I buy this paint?

  34. I am interested in purchasing a mobile home but can not stand the typical dark brown cupboard s and countertops. I would like to have a light grey Formica cupboards and granite countertops. Can the cupboard doors be easily replaced with a more updated stylish colors and design? Would like some feed back. Thanks.

    • Gina Luker says:

      We ripped all of the cabinets and counters out and replaced them with ones we custom built (but you could totally buy off the shelf cabinets, too!)

    • I would try Ikea if you have one in your area. A counter top runs around 59.00 and the basic cabinets are super affordable.

  35. Diane N John says:


  36. Removed peeling vinyl from wallboard. Now room is a awful brown background. Can we paint on it or prime it first?

  37. Getting ready to paint a nursery in my daughters manufactured home…wanted to do a stripe…will that work without bleeding?

  38. I just sent an email because I couldn’t figure out how to post here 😉 SO we are in Farmersville, TX and I can not locate this paint at our local Home Depot even though the website says it carries it. Do you have any suggestions on locating the paint? Call our local Glidden Store as well they needed a product code to look it up they said if Home Depot sold it it would be under the Performance name at their store. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  39. Where to I find the Glidden 3 in 1 paint? I live in Florida, in Lake County and no here appears to even know what it is when I call.

  40. Hello Gina, i am remodeling my mothers living room for Christmas. The walls have never changed since my aunt owned the place before her and well since we just bought here a new couch and installing carpet since there is non i figured why stop there. It needs a serious up lift. So i first thought it was wall paper so figured it would be easy but just more time consuming then i find out its not and i am starting to panic. I went to home depot and the guy said we wouldue a primer for sleek surfaces and apply 2 coats. Well now reading your blog i am so not sure what to do. I wanted to do a kind of a wainscoating (sp) but that is just going to throw me out of my budget . But anyways the walls have flowers and just not sure which route as i have a budget as i am paying for carpet and blinds , framing for windowad door and was just going to do the wainscoating in the entry hall and update the half wall . So i just can’t aford to waste money andtime as i have 2 days to do this all befor sh e comes home any advice would very appreciated on how to remodel a mobile home. Thank you.

    • Gina Luker says:

      as long as you use a high quality paint with primer you should be good to go. If your walls are really old and stained, I’d probably seal them with a coat of Kilz primer, then use the paint+primer to be sure. Good luck!

  41. Helen Blaylock says:

    Hi Gina,
    I tore out the nasty carpet that came with my double-wide, and instead I have hardwood flooring in the living room/family room area. That’s especially handy considering the woodstove is in there. People are always shocked and stunned to see “real,” wood floors. Since I’m poor, it’s a combination of new and used pieces, but a word to the wise; old oak flooring doesn’t bend, and it doesn’t want to go together unless you magically relocate it to one of the pieces it was originally mated with. I accomplished this by checking the burn marks on the bottom… New oak flooring fits together like a dream; snaps together like Legos!
    I haven’t had any problems painting the bedroom walls, but there is an old, plastic, “garden,” style tub that I actually enjoy, but it’s a hideous yellowy-gold urine-looking thing and I can’t afford to replace it, I have tried a variety of cleaning products to no avail, so the only route left is painting it. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

  42. Thanks for the paint type. We have grand kids over all the time. Thinking of latex enamel. The enamel allows for easier hand print removal.

  43. I live in a mobile home and I want to paint my bath roon walls. it is dark green stripe . I don’t know if its wall paper of what. you can’t peel it off. could you please give me info.

  44. gotta say it cracks me up to see people using the term “mobile home” or even worse “trailer” when you spend $100k on a home that is not moving anywhere… how can it be ‘mobile’. and, for those who mention dark paneling and cheap countertops, when was the last time you looked at off site built housing?

  45. Plan to attempt painting my vinyl walls in the kitchen and breakfast room but my cabinets need some help also. Do you have any suggestions for painting the cabinets that come in mobile homes? They have a faux wood grain and for most part look great but the area around the knobs have been worn off with a paper look showing. Would like to paint a cream color but afraid they will peel. Help please! PS considered the Transformation cabinet and counter products but not sure it would work on my cabinets. Has anyone tried this?

    • I live in an 83 singlewide and it had the woodgrain wallpaper cabinet doors so my dad bought headboard and cut it to fit the frame n popped the woodgrain covered wood out and beadboard in then I used zinsser primer for glossy surface
      and then painted them gray n I love the look of it now.

  46. Christine says:

    Where do you live? I can’t find this paint. I live in NWArk. but I’m getting nothing in surrounding states too. We have Home Depot but they only carry a 2 in 1 DUO kind. Thanks and I love your site Gina 🙂

  47. Thanks so much about your post on painting walls in a mobile home. My question is that the previous owner put regular wall paper with a border over the paneling in the kitchen. It really was a good job (smooth no under seams from the paneling showing, I want to paint over this wallpaper rather than spend hours trying o peel it off. Will the Glidden paint plus primer do this.? It’s pink paper and looks very outdated.

  48. Beverly Harris says:

    I have a DW that we are going to remodel. It is an 89 model. Very cute design but the walls and doors are hideous! I think I can accomplish the walls with all the info I have read above. My question is the inside bedroom and bathroom doors They need major updating. Can these too be painted without peeling. or can they be replaced with a reg house door? Just thinking what I could do. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  49. Hi Gina! Great info. here. I wanted to ask about kitchen cabinets and painting over them with a white/off white paint for a new look. I ‘m wondering if the 3-in-1 paint you mentioned about painting over vinyl walls can also be used with the same sucess on kitchen cabinets? Ours is a 1998 model, the kitchen cabinets are a medium oak finish so, I’m wanting to brighten up the kitchen. The vinly wallboard is a nice pattern I still like, even after 17 years. BTW, we love our little house! You are so RIGHT, it is HOME and that is all that matters.

    • I am also looking to paint over the “contact paper” type of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. What have others tried for this? We looked in to replacing with either Home Depot / Lowe’s stock cabinets, and even sets of cabinets from a mobile home surplus store, but our kitchen has an odd lay out, and nothing seems to fit just right. Perhaps painting would give it a better look.

      Thanks for any suggestions.

  50. We too deal with the modular home walls. My daughter painted a bathroom, which looks great except the area where my son hangs his towel up everyday. The paint keeps chipping off. I’m sure it is not the highest quality paint but I do not want to repaint the entire bathroom. I have patched the areas a few times, but there are a couple more pulled off spots now. Is there any sealant or any other options? don’t say get rid of the son, he’s a keeper!

  51. I live in a double wide but my problem is i have a whole in the wall can i fix that holw without replacing the whole sheet of wall ?

  52. We just bought our home and i am wondering since the kitchen and living room run together should i paint both rooms the same color?

    • My kitchen and living room share one long wall and on the other side of the room the living room continues down the hall. I have removed the strip. A lot of work, but well worth it. I painted the living room and kitchen all one color several years ago, but now it needs to be redone. I want the area to look bigger and be warm and relaxing. I was thinking of painting the end kitchen wall and long wall connecting the two rooms one color. Then painting the living room end wall and long living room and hall wall a complimentary color, maybe a monochrome. I am not sure how that would make the rooms feel. Will I get the larger, warm feel I am looking for?

      • Hi. What did you used to fill in the crack left after removing the strip?. Thanks.

        • Gina Luker says:

          We use caulk to fill in the gaps, but it’s kind of tedious and isn’t super easy. Most of our walls have been recovered with something else (bead board, metal, etc.) but the few that are still remain are caulked in the seams.

          • Carol Lenell says:

            When caulking the seams, did you notice a difference in the texture of the wall there, and where you just painted over the wallpaper? I want to remove the strips in my bathroom and kitchen. But I’m just worried that the stripped and chalked areas will look different then the other areas…

  53. Our mobile home has this awful almost blue and maroon looking marks on the precovered walls. Will this paint cover it? It’s pretty hideous! Thanks in advance

  54. Great post! Been reading a lot of tips for painting my walls. Thanks for the info!

  55. Almost 2 years later, I found this post. Yes indeed you can paint walls in a mobile home. I have painted 2 bedroom out of 3 and 2 baths and laundry room Afraid to tackle the kitchen and living room yet, but the time is coming. I too never think of my mobile home as anything, but my home. Mine is 20 years old now and I think the paint colors keep it up to date.

    • We just textured our kitchen walls then painted. Looks AMAZING!! Came out so well, we did a bathroom the same way! Gets rid of those ugly strips and extra moulding not needed! I’ll send you pics if you like..,

      • I am in the process of removing those awful strips… could you please share your pics and any advice about the textured paint…I would so appreciate it!

  56. just wanted to say thanks because you have totally inspired me start working on my manufactured home and I am having a blast doing it!!! I also wanted to let everyone know that my walmart carries the glidden 3 in 1 so check there 🙂

  57. Hi Gina. Some good friends of ours purchased a used but pretty nice park model trailer last year and gave me ”carte blanche” to redecorate it. I will be using the 3 in 1 Glidden Performance Edge to paint all the walls and ceilings as I used it in my house in the past. However, their trailer is not used in the winter months so therefore is left unheated for a period of approx. 6 months. My question is, do you know if the paint will remain on the walls & ceilings during the cold seasons? Thanks

  58. Lynn Baldwin says:

    According to Glidden, Glidden 3-1 has been discontinued. Apparently there was much hype with slow sales or problems with the product.

  59. Jamye Wilson says:

    Just found your website…love it!!! I love my manufactured home although it wasn’t how I planned to acquire a new home I now wouldn’t have it any other way. The one question I have been pondering is how to paint those cheapo cabinets we have. Don’t currently have the money to redo them with new ones and they are actually in very good shape except just normal wear…any advise?

  60. My walls have are outdated and are vinyl, I also live in a mobile home. I want to paint them and have found some great tips. Although in the middle of my walls there are strips like a trim, can I take that off and just let the paint you are suggesting fill in the seams? That way I would have a smoother look.

    • Gina Luker says:

      We tried filling in gaps and it just made a huge mess, so we recover walls now. Much easier and neater, too.

  61. Nancy Momono says:

    I have cheap paint on the Mobile walls it is peeling .What is the quickest way to get it off so i can put good paint on it. Well someone was using the wall for a dart board will the 3 and 1 anything work for a bazillion holes.Thank you

  62. Hi there…. Just found your site! I’m painting a bedroom right now in our mfg home, using a really good paint w/primer and it looks like I’m going to need a second coat. Thinking it may be my roller??? What nap roller do you use?

  63. Use the Glidden Gripper to prime first then paint with Glidden or Behr Premium Paint +Primer (all-in-one products never adhere as well and almost never cover in one coat including the next step up in cost for Glidden or Behr). Otherwise Oil-Based paint would be necessary which is a pain for a number of reasons.
    Gripper also fills in minor defects when applied with a 3/8″ or 1/2″ roller cover dependant on smooth or textured surface respectively. Wooster low shedding roller covers are excellent and well worth the extra cost versus cheap covers.
    Gripper dries in 60-120 minutes for final painting depending on temperature and humidity (finish is somewhere between Eggshell and Satin) and will also seal the surface from stains and moister).
    Satin or Semigloss for finish paint for the Bathrooms and Kitchens for the final paint for stain and moister resistant plus easy cleaning without rubbing of paint.
    Gripper about $20/gal and Glidden or Behr Premium about $25/gal at Home Depot. Olympic One from Lowes is good to but stay away from the Valspar no matter the cost.
    I tend to stay with the Glidden for walls in flat/eggshell/satin and use the Behr ultrabright white wall flat for ceilings (more robust than the ceiling paint). Either ultrabright white semigloss for trim works well.

  64. is the paint oil based? if so how long will it take to dry?

  65. Hi Gina, have you ever tried the Sandstone paint from Lowes to paint mobile home walls? I’m thinking seriously about trying it hoping (oh please oh please)! it will cover the textured stuff on my bathroom wall. Thanks for the above info too!! ~~~Kim~~~

  66. Sandy Dusty says:

    Hi! I am using an alias as I still feel stigma attached to owning a mobile home. We have been working slowly but surely on this beast and she is looking better. We bought a 700 sq ft home for…are you ready…$3,000 last year. The lot rent is under $350! Anyway, planning on fixing up and selling. First, we pulled up the ugly dirty carpeting, then had kitchen floor vinyl put on, put laminate (nice and was a deal too) in both bedrooms. We painted almost all of the walls a primer after we scrubbed the hideous mess off them. My question is we have really high (popcorn) ceilings in the major part of the house with little (greenish) wood strips going down the cathedral part of the ceiling. I want to be daring and paint the ceiling a dark brown or even med gray as opposed to the whitish kind. The strips of wood could be dark gel-stained like I am doing the (ugly honey oak) cabinets. What do you think? I have to be careful it’s not too dark, but we do have 2 bay windows in the main part of house plus 3 other windows that are getting white mini-blinds (with either sheers or nice light curtains, haven’t decided). I want to do a light light sliver grey on the walls? I really hate white paint. The appliances are black and beige. I have some more of that greenish fake wood behind the cabinets and under the bay windows and am so happy to find the gel stain works like a charm! The contractor I had installing the floors decided to take off with my money, so for the time being, I am painting. The bathroom is really nice so I only have to paint walls and doors, and replace faucets, knobs, and the showerhead. I am replacing all the light switches, hoping to put up beadboard over (or do you take off the paneling?) the yucky paneling and we also have a covered porch outside (extra room and privacy) so that’s a bonus. Doing solar lights outside, washing the house down in the spring, replace a few shingles on bay windows, and putting up skirting (only wood there now). Anything plumbing or electrical will get the pro treatment, I can only do so much. A lot of people did not support our effort to do this so hence I cried for about 10 months. Now, I am better. I can feel almost feel proud, just like a real home. It’s been tough though I’m not gonna lie.
    Would you do a dark ceiling?

  67. Pamela Wetherington says:

    I have a question for you. I live in a so-called double wide mobile home and our 2nd bathroom has a tub/shower combination in it. My question is, the walls surrounding the bathtub appear to be sheet rock with a vinyl type paper on them (to protect the walls from getting wet I suppose) sorry back to the question, is this actually vinyl wall paper? And do you have any suggestions for a change for it? I hate the color and considered painting it with some type of waterproof paint but don’t know if it’s possible. That bathtub and shower are never used (well not at this time) but could be one day and I’d hate to have paint running off the walls. Any suggestions or ideas would be most greatly appreciated!

    • Gina Luker says:

      We recovered the walls behind our bathtub when we ripped out the old one. We used plybead and painted it over so it sealed in the wood. Ours used to be like yours, but I HATED it. It was a great investment!

  68. OK – I’ve read the blogs and it says that the glidden 3-1 is discontinued. I have the blue with gold swirls in the bathroom vinyl walls in my stick built house that I must do something with, I want to paint them and I always heard you had to sand them first, but other sites say just use a good primer with a bonder first and good paint.
    So, will the vlaspar bonding primer work? then use Behr premium or glidden performance edge work for me? I’m a senior woman and will do it by myself, but only once.

    • I used Valspar on mine with out doing anything to them and its worked great it hasn’t peeled or anything , my kids even are rough on them and it still hasn’t came off

  69. Gina, have you done this over the textured wallboards? Ours has a weird dot raised pattern on the “wallpaper” does it still look good painted?

  70. Hello!
    What an awesome page full of good info! We are redoing the kitchen of our 17 year old double wide (finally!) and I need to paint. But the paint you recommend is discontinued. What do you suggest for a kitchen in a typical manufactured home? I plan to leave the strips up and just paint over them. But I need something that will stick well and last.
    Thanks so much, Deb

  71. Sherry Berry says:

    I’m LOVING your site. As a single mom trying to update our home on my own, it has some wonderful information. Could you please help me with one thing? Our cats have used parts of the walls as scratching posts. I want to repaint but don’t know how to take down the tattered pieces of paper they have peeled off the wall before doing so. Do I just pull off? Score and soak like removing wall paper? Sand? Please help. Spring is almost here and it’s time to finally upgrade and make our own. Thanks for any info you can pass on. Sherry

  72. I have a relative that lives in a nice older model mobile home and she wants to paint the inside of the shower, that has aged and turned dark and dingy over the years; is that possible and what should she use?

  73. Melissa in Montana says:

    My family has a 97 double wide mobile home. We have remodeled almost the entire place. I still have the kitchen, laundry area and both of the kids’ bedrooms to finish. In the majority of the home we put up drywall right over the paneling. My boyfriend is being a pain in the butt and won’t do that to the kids’ rooms because he has remodel burnout. I painted the vinyl walls in my daughters room with Valspar paint and primer in one………WHAT A MESS!!! The paint started peeling. I have now had to scrape the paint of the walls and start over. The bedroom is very big so it is very time consuming. I’m back to square one. This time I will be washing the walls with T.S.P and painting with a primer 1st. I think I will then use Behr paint from Home Depot instead and see it this works better. I’ve tried putting up textured wall paper but that was a HUGE pain in the but. I don’t have that much patience. I really love all the other work we have done to our place. It is a complete 180 from what it used to look like.

  74. I have used Valspar in mine it is really great, I left my strips up but caulked the sides of them to hide the gaps. I also took down that thin crappy trim they put up and put I real wood trim and baseboard and caulke and painted everything. ive redone the bathrooms with new vanities , light fixtures towel and toilet paper holders and mirrors. ive cut my sink bigger in the kitchen to put a bigger one in with new faucets. ive also put tile in the kitchen and bathrooms too. ive replaced the carpet in the living room dining room and hall area with laminate hardwood. next we are going to add a fron porch with the roof extending over it. we also had it put on a foundation and replaced the thin flimsy back door with a regular door and storm door. you really cant even tell it is a mobile home now we are pleased with how its all turned out.

  75. Thank you so much for your tips in paints mobile home walls!!! One question before I get started, how in this world do I get this god ugly plain Jane mirrow they glued to the wall off ??? Thanx in Advance For All Your Help and Super Great Advice!!!!

    • Gina Luker says:

      We had one of those – it was a nightmare to get off the wall! We finally had to recover the wall because the only way to get it off was to create damage. Not a good answer, but I have no idea how to get it off without causing it 🙁

  76. I’m so over these trailer walls especially in my bedroom and living area .. All I see is flowers.. Its to to busy for me and it clashes with all the furniture in these two areas in this trailer…how can I cover these walls with paint to be rid of these flowers once and for all.. I want neutral color walls period.. Can you help me..???

  77. fay Chupe says:

    Thank you for your help. Getting ready to do a make over on a small mobile home.

  78. I live in a mobile home from the late 70’s. Love it but the bathrooms had 2 layers of vinyl paper on them. Took one layer off and painted. Still not happy with it. Any suggestions? I am a single mom and DIYer.

  79. Hey its so refreshing to see someone actually giving advice about mobile home remodeling!!! I have ugly green counter tops, and those Crappy fake wood cabinets that come with mobile home, and white floors, I’ve been wanting to update my kitchen by painting the walls and cabinets and maybe redoing the counter tops…I have no clue where to start though!! Any advice on color choice would be much appreciated!!! I would love to go dark with my cabinets

  80. I have a moble home 5 yrs old I have the regular moble home wall they are a cream color I want to do cream and soft gray vertical strips on the wall do I need to paint the whole walls then add the strips or can I just mark off the area and paint the gray stripes and leave the cream walls with no paint ????

  81. Darla Manns says:

    We have a 20 year old Park model and would like to paint over the vinyl paper, however, we have some area’s where the paper has bubbled. How do you suggested we proceed?
    Thank you

  82. Hi, I just bought a mobile home and I want to paint the walls. All the walls are that vinyl wallpaper stuff and each room different walls like the kitchen house something that looks like grapes vines or something and then the bedroom is like a different kind of wallpaper and it’s really hideous. The Gilden paint you used had that primer in it so I don’t have to prime it first then paint it? My trailer is a single wide, so how much paint would I need do you know for each room? I want different colors each room. Thank you

  83. I have a 26 year old home. I need to paint the walls in one of the bedrooms. There previously had been posters hung on the walls. When they were removed, some of the paper had come off. What do I need to do to be able to paint the walls? Do I need to sand the areas? Use some kind of primer? Just paint as is? Thanks for your help.

  84. Jacqueline Parisio says:

    My mobile had the bead board and then it was wallpaper by a professional person. The wallpaper looks as good as the day it was put up and it is a high end wallpaper with a sheen to it, it is high quality paper.
    This mobile was my moms and everything is cream color, can I paint over this.
    Trying to take it off would be a nightmare.
    The woman who put it up used a wallpaper paste or glue, 17 years ago.

  85. I painted my walls in my mobile home with Walmarts Color Place. It worked just fine. It’s been six years. The paint hasn’t flaked or chipped at all.

  86. I have given up trying to find the 3 in 1 paint in southern CA. nobody has the paint, though it is on the website.


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