DIY color block plant stand makeover

Anyone want to explain to me why it’s almost impossible to find a pretty plant stand? I looked in several places, and all I could seem to find was cheap, wonky ones. Nothing that made the decorating dork in me all giddy. While I could have DIY’ed one from scratch, I found an easier option that only took a few minutes of work but turned out pretty fab – I’m talking about a color block plant stand makeover. Fast, easy and trendy, too. That’s like my decorating trifecta.

plant stand makeover

plant stand makeover


I started with these cute little tables from Big Lots (a steal at only $20 each.) I chose them because they have a laminate top that will be great for water issues. They also have wooden legs, so they looked great and were built to hold enough weight to work as the plant stands.



I taped off the legs, using the bottom brace pieces to help me keep them all even. I also taped around the rim of the top, because I knew I would spray paint them upside down so the top would be ok. I wasn’t really worried about the underneath of the top, but didn’t want any overspray on the edge.

I taped it all off really well, because the point of color blocking is to have a bright, crisp hit of color, and overspray wouldn’t really lend itself well to that.



Then I used this stuff. This spray paint is THE STUFF. Montana Gold spray paint is meant for graffiti artists, so you need to look at true art stores to find it (not like Michael’s or JoAnn’s.) Think about like serious artists kinda stuff – that’s where you’ll find it.

Why do I love it? Resists drips, beautiful finish, dries pretty quickly and holds onto almost anything.

plant stand makeover


So I took them outside, turned them upside down and gave them a couple of coats of the awesome Montana Gold (I used Magenta).

Then let them dry and pulled off all the tape and it was done.

DIY plant stand

And that’s all it takes to make a color block plant stand makeover! In case you wondered, this is the first sneak peek of my friend’s home makeover – we’re starting with the dining room (which is now complete – YAY!) Stay tuned for more makeovers in the next couple of weeks along with the whole space reveal!

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  1. It’s cute as every and love the color. I have never heard of that spray paint before.

  2. I found the Montana Gold paint on the Dick Blick web page. I am looking forward to trying it out!

  3. Love it! So simple and clean.

  4. Great tip on the paint. I am familiar with the Dick Blick site so will have to check this out. I’m amazed at the plant – is that real? Love the curtains!

  5. Thank you so much Gina…running out to BL right now!!

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