Quick and Easy Homemade Kahlua

Kahlua is one of the easiest infused alcohol drinks you can make. There’s a ton of recipes out there on how to make homemade kahlua, some of which are easy and some aren’t so easy. Most of them all need to steep for at least a couple of weeks, but I’m honestly too impatient for all that. If I could wait that long, I’d just go buy it. Other than that, why would you make it? First, it’s about half the price if you make it yourself. Secondly, it makes a pretty impressive handmade gift. Oh, and it tastes really good!

Quick and easy method to make homemade kahlua in just a few minutes - no waiting before using!

Easy Homemade Kahlua Recipe


  • 4 cups of freshly made espresso (a French press makes THE BEST!)
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 1 liter of light rum


  • In a small sauce pan, mix together the fresh espresso and the sugar. Simmer until all of the sugar has melted into the espresso.
  • Add the espresso syrup and the vodka together into a large pitcher, stir together well. Put into jars or bottles. Flavor will improve with age, however it is amazing right after it’s made.
  • Tag and gift to all your friends (who will think you’re a total rockstar!)

Quick and easy method to make homemade kahlua in just a few minutes - no waiting before using!

Want some drink ideas? You can make the classic White Russian (shown above) which is 3/4 oz. kahlua, 1 oz. vodka and 1 oz. half and half.

Want more Kahlua recipe ideas?

Kahlua Coke Ice Cream Float is a fun twist on the childhood classic!

Kahlua chocolate cake – cocktail meets cake, the best power couple ever.

Kahlua fudge – a taste of the sweeter side of kahlua.

Kahlua mudslide – one of the best dessert cocktails!

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  1. I haven’t seen it made with espresso before… that is a nice shortcut I will have to try! I make mine with whole beans, and it takes about a month. And you are right: it’s SO much cheaper and makes an impressive gift. I don’t think I could ever buy store-bought again.

  2. Hi Gina
    I just wanted to ask if I may how you started your Food Blog….and any tips you might have. I have been watching
    Food Network since I moved to California in 2001. Until May of this year I was working 35 hours a week and
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    me. And then my financial situation changed, ( long story ) so that I am able to stay home. I am too young to “retire”, and I enjoy watching Ree Drummond; Nancy Fuller; Anne Burrell and a few other Food Network personalites, and trying new recipes. Recently, a close Friend suggested that I start a Food Blog, however I could
    use some pointers. Your experience, and any tips you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated! Thank You
    Take Care

  3. OMG!!! My fav! to make at home??? Uh oh!

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