Quick Kitchen Organizing Ideas

*This post is in partnership with Command™*

I have a love/hate relationship with organizing: I love it once it’s done, but the idea of organizing can be overwhelming. See, I’m all about quick and easy ideas (because, honestly, I’m lazy like that) – so spending hours meticulously organizing just isn’t going to happen. Command™ Brand products are the perfect partner to help get kitchens organized super quick, because they can be used on various surfaces, depending on the product. And bonus, I love the fact that you can put them up quickly on any surface and take them down without damage.

kitchen organization ideas #damagefreeDIY


First, gather all supplies and determine the various areas you plan to organize. Follow all surface prep instructions on the back of the packaging. See the before photo above? I did all of the things below in under half an hour:

easy kitchen organizing #damagefreeDIY

Start by de-cluttering cabinets! Following package instructions, adhere two Command™ Quartz Terrace Hooks to the tile backsplash. For strongest hold, avoid placing adhesive strips over grout (the strip part is only on the tile). Free up cabinet space by hanging strainers on the walls instead.

kitchen organizing (measuring cups and spoons) #damagefreeDIY

Take it one step further by using two Command™ Clear Medium Hooks on the outside of a cabinet to neatly store measuring cups and spoons.

Command Key Hanging Rack for Oven Mitts #damagefreeDIY

Then, clear out those drawers. Following package instructions, mount a Command™ Quartz Key Rail on the wall near the stove. Instead of keeping oven mitts in drawers or on countertops, hang them on the key rail for easy access when you need them.

organizing mail and shopping lists #damagefreeDIY

Whether you’re preparing for houseguests or just your weekly errands, staying organized is key. Follow package instructions to adhere Command™ Party Mini Spring Clips and never lose a shopping list, calendar or important receipt again.

add light to kitchen with Command light clips #damagefreeDIY

Finally, add a little more light to a small kitchen by using Command™ Clear Round Cord Clips to string simple bulb lights onto the edges of shelving or cabinets.

Small kitchen organizing ideas #damagefreeDIY

I’m definitely not going to start going crazy with organizing every nook and cranny of our home, but it’s really nice to have the things you need right at your finger tips.

quick kitchen organizing ideas #damagefreeDIY


*Thanks to 3M for partnering with me on this post. All ideas, words, images and opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. Great tips Gina these command hooks come in handy all over the house, I look forward to many more tips on organising have a blessed weekend off to put up my new stencil

  2. Wow I love these ideas, I have a very small kitchen with little storage. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Very clever! I love your ideas. Thanks.

  4. Love all your ideas Gina. I’m so gealous !:D Everything in its place, don’t know what that feels like, lol ! Love the aqua, especially your mixer 😀 very gealous of that too 😀 My husband bought me one (not that brand ) : ) and it’s no where near the quality of yours ! Anyway, didn’t know Command made so many different types of hooks ! I will definitely go check it out. Thanks. Diena <3

  5. I love the kitchen ideas and the turquoise accents with the white are so clean and sharp. I have extra command strips Already to use. Thanks for the ideas

  6. Gina I love all the bright fun colors I don’t even care if you organize it I just love looking around your kitchen. Beautiful girl it brightened my day 🙂

  7. Love it! I especially like the idea of using Command Hooks to hang extra lighting in the kitchen! I could use that!

  8. I use command in my kitchen we well, I have a small space and I love how they have a variety of styles to fit any decor too! Great post!

  9. YOU ROCK!

  10. Where did the adorable oven gloves come from? Just found you today and it’s sucked up an hour of my day! Great blog!

  11. Bridgette says:

    where is that utensil holder from?! Love it

    • Gina Luker says:

      Target – but its a few years old. They almost always have them in their spring collections, though!

  12. Love all the great ideas! Where did you find the cute turquoise storage for utensils?

  13. Is your mixer from Target? If not do you recall the color name? I love it!!! Thanks so much!!

  14. I love your turquoise dishes! I love that colour. The collanders are great too!

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