Ruffled Book Page Sunburst Mirror

Earlier this week I shared my tutorial on how to make ruffled book page garland. Love the idea but don’t know what to do with it? Well you could make a sunburst mirror…

It’s so easy you’re going to curse the day you burned your fingers to the bone making every other version of a book page wreath. Besides your garland, you’ll need a round mirror (mine is a candle plate from Dollar Tree), mirror adhesive, a short piece of jute twine, a hot glue gun and a cardboard base.

To make my base I traced a plate on the side of a box and cut it out with my craft knife. {Gotta love free crafting supplies!}

Before you get started, fold the garland in half all the way down, right on the seam. Crease it with your fingers to help keep it folded.

Run a line of hot glue along the outer edge of the cardboard round.
Then glue down the garland.
Go round and round in an inward spiral. Mine took 4ish rounds.
Keep a’goin’ until your mirror will fit in perfectly.
Then slap a glob of mirror adhesive in the middle to “glue” the mirror in.
Put something heavy on top of the mirror and let it dry for 24 hours (or whatever your glue says.)
I used a few inches of jute twine for hanging, just by gluing it onto the back.
Anyone who drools over Pottery Barn will love it – so it’s a great gift idea!
All that style for less than $2? That’s the beauty of a ruffled book page sunburst mirror.
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  1. Oh, MY!!!! I love this idea!!! I want to make several different sizes!!! Thanks for the great gifting idea!!!

  2. LOVE! I will need a new wreath after Christmas for one of my walls.

  3. This mirror is so pretty… I love the idea!

  4. CUTE…Nice post!

  5. LOVE this! Thanks for the tutorial, I am sooooo gonna do this!
    Holiday Hugs,

  6. How pretty Gina!! It kinda reminds me a a big fluffy Dahlia..

  7. that’s really lovely!

  8. You are a crafting genius!!

  9. Super cute!!! Will try this!

  10. Loretta Andrade says:

    your such perfect person in crafting

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